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Marketing Automation Amazingness


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The future of marketing is sitting at our doorstep. It’s up to you as a modern marketer to take the first step and optimize the way you market to customers and prospects. Marketing automation is the …

The future of marketing is sitting at our doorstep. It’s up to you as a modern marketer to take the first step and optimize the way you market to customers and prospects. Marketing automation is the platform that will help you manage the workflow through this brave new world and its amazingness cannot be overstated.

What does marketing automation amazingness look like? Customers and prospects who have more automated yet personalized experiences, a marketing department that is sourcing pipeline, a much more productive sales team, and a happy CEO who is experiencing more revenue with less effort.

In order to reach a state of marketing automation amazingness you will likely need help. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go it alone. Marketo has created the Marketing Nation where people share best practices and ideas that help you quickly maximize opportunities within a powerful marketing automation ecosystem. It’s the best way to be sure that you are reaping the full benefits of marketing automation by having access to this powerful network of ideas, experts, and integrated solutions all in one place. The end result is faster time to value and a simplified world where you are surrounded by other great marketers along the way.

The slideshow below takes you on the journey to marketing automation amazingness. It showcases the power of marketing automation and what is possible when this platform is combined with the marketing nation.

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  • 2. Buying has fundamentally changed, and marketing is more important than ever. There is a confusing proliferation of new channels and tactics, processes are becoming more sophisticated (and more complicated), and companies need to measure and prove impact on revenue like never before.2
  • 3. marketing automation is how companies can respond te. Easy. Powerful. Comple3
  • 4. r ms Marketing A utomation Platfo Roi Ca n Deliver Amazing Companies that use Marketing Automation 25% Better source more pipeline from marketing, have more productive sales reps and 22% Better experience better revenue attainment. 45% Better Marketing Automation Users 67% 84% Non-Marketing Automation Users 62% 51% Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Pe rformance as of Sept 15, 2012 (N=489) 45% 31% % Revenue Plan Attainment % Sales Time Spent Selling % Pipeline Sourced from Marketing4
  • 5. Nearly 70% of respondents to the 2011 Focus Research Study on Marketing Automation noted that their marketing automation solutions met or exceeded their ROI expectations.5
  • 6. so what’s the problem6
  • 7. More than half of survey respondents still claimed their businesses had not realized “the best value possible” from their Marketing Automation systems. Companies are not getting maximum value out of Marketing Automation because they often lack the right mix of people, technology, process and ideas. “While there’s certainly value in using marketing automation solutions to send email, and create landing pages and website forms, it’s a bit like using a supercar to drive miss daisy around town. - Trip Kucera of Aberdeen - Author7
  • 8. don’t go it alone!8
  • 10. ion so what is the nat The Marketing Nation is where people share best practices, leverage technology and unveil the process and ideas that help you quickly maximize opportunities within a powerful marketing automation ecosystem. Marketo’s Marketing Automation platform combined with resources like LaunchPoint™ and The Marketo Program Exchange will help marketers like you get the fastest speed to results and increased ROI.10
  • 11. ideas and process The Marketing Nation delivers new ideas and industry experts that help you innovate and drive best practices and process for your business. Gain access to hundreds of online resources, an award-winning blog, insights from key marketing leaders and learn from our other customers in our growing regional user groups and our annual Marketo Summit.11
  • 12. Program Exchange The Marketo Program Exchange empowers your team to achieve value faster by sharing select programs in categories such as lead scoring, email campaigns, lead nurturing, webinar creation and search engine marketing. This resource executes proven applications for all key Marketing Automation functions with confidence. Draw on the knowledge and experience of more than 21,000 marketing experts worldwide to empower marketers everywhere.12
  • 13. people The Marketing Nation delivers trained, expert users that can help your company take your marketing success to the next level. Get questions answered, enjoy real-time support, and get ideas and inspiration from a truly vibrant community. Share tips, innovate with other users and work collaboratively with other members of the Marketing Nation to maximize results.13
  • 14. T E C H N O L O GY The Marketing Nation delivers integrated systems and keeps your customer’s user experience fluid as they move from the web to email to social channels and beyond. With the Marketing Nation, you gain access to a robust ecosystem of technology and speciality partners that utilize the latest and most relevant approach to hook everything up and make it all work seamlessly.14
  • 15. Launchpoint Marketo LaunchPoint™ is the most complete ecosystem of trusted marketing solutions from Marketo certified partners. If you are a marketer looking to drive engagement and revenue with the most relevant solution turn to LaunchPoint™, Marketo’s newest All-in-One Marketing Ecosystem. This powerful hub for marketing professionals brings the best technology, expertise and customer experience all together, so that marketers can drive better results in less time.15
  • 16. ! TRULY AMAZING ING AUTOMATION MAKE MARKET Extensible Time-Series Workflow Network Analytics Engine System of Record Engine ng Sales Insight Closed-Loop Reporti Integrated Lead Management Consultants Social Marketing Best Knowledge and Ideas Community and Experts Solutions Inbound Marketing Practices apps CRM , ERP and other16
  • 17. OM L INE SO WHAT’S THE BOTT With Marketo and the Marketing Nation, you get the most complete and extensible marketing platform available. “With the marketing nation, we’re giving marketers the ability to tap into the success of all the customers who’ve come before them to dramatically increase their own success” - Sanjay Dholakia, Chief Marketing Officer at Marketo.17
  • 18. ber s Mar keting Nation mem have access to • The wisdom of thousands of successful companies • n engaged community of over 21,000 marketing practitioners A with rich experience and institutional knowledge • est practices and processes through a shared library of pre-built B verified programs and the ability to exchange programs amongst users via an innovative cloud network • A broad ecosystem of integrated, validated marketing solutions • ormally trained and certified experts, consultants F and professionals • nowledge and thought leadership from key marketing K influences, user groups, and an annual Marketo Summit18
  • 19. STATEMENT Ready to join the Nation? BIG Visit to maximize your marketing automation success and increase your ROI!19
  • 20. About Marketo: Marketing Software – Easy, Powerful, Complete.Marketo uniquely provides easy-to-use, powerful and complete marketingsoftware that propels fast-growing small companies and global enterprisesalike. Marketo’s® marketing automation and sales effectiveness software –including the world’s first integrated solution for social marketing automation– streamlines marketing processes, delivers more campaigns, generates morewin-ready leads, and dramatically improves sales performance. With proventechnology, comprehensive services and expert guidance, Marketo helpsthousands of companies around the world turn marketing from a cost centerinto a revenue driver.Known for providing breakthrough innovation and fueling explosive growth,Marketo was recently named to The Wall Street Journal’s 3rd annual “Next BigThing List,” one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” “by Forbes, and the#1 Marketing Software Vendor on the INC 500. In 2011 Marketo ranked as the#1 fastest-growing private company by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, andin both 2011 and 2012 the company received the CRM Market Leaders AwardsWinner for Marketing Solutions by CRM Magazine.For more information, contact us at: +1.877.260.MKTOor designed by: