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Comvita and Marketo: Natural Health gets Savvy - Kylie Glover


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Kylie Glover, Vice President of Marketing for Comvita, shares her company's customer experience using Marketo's marketing automation software and discusses how it enabled Comvita to nurture …

Kylie Glover, Vice President of Marketing for Comvita, shares her company's customer experience using Marketo's marketing automation software and discusses how it enabled Comvita to nurture prospective leads and build strong relationships with their audience.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. Comvita and Marketo Natural Health gets Savvy
  • 2. About Comvita Comvita produces natural health and skincare products based on pure ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Olive Leaf, Propolis and Omega 3. ! At 63, our founder, Claude Stratford started making and selling a range of bee products from his basement in his home. His vision was ‘to produce natural products that work, and act in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come’. ! We are now the world’s largest manufacturer of UMF Manuka Honey products and own the largest Olive Leaf Grove in the southern hemisphere, with half a million trees. ! We deliver first-class, globally distinguished brands to a vast range of retailers and consumers alike. ! Share nature, share life.
  • 3. The Environment First global e-commerce website launched in late 2010. ! This coincided with the first staff member being appointed in Australia, with a focus purely on direct and digital marketing. The second member of the team joined in 2012. ! acquired in late 2011.
  • 4. The Environment - Cont. • Email tool from within custom CMS • Quickly outdated • Non-user friendly interface • Low technical capability • Low visibility of metrics • Very low design capability • Poor user experience • Poor representation of the brand • No opportunity to explore and extend customer journey • Limited integration with
  • 5. The Opportunity In the face of strong price competition in the market, we wanted to engage prospective leads in an email facilitated journey, dependant on their ‘relationship stage’ with the company, to maximise their affiliation with brand and their opportunity to convert. ! We needed to shift the conversation away from price as the main reason to buy. ! We also wanted to recognise regular and involved customers that already had a high affinity with the brand. ! We recognised that we needed to begin moving a lot faster in the digital space.
  • 6. Interface: Snapshot of previous screens
  • 7. Creative: Previous
  • 8. The Strategy • Upgrade and trial Marketo platform in Australia, New Zealand and United States in 2012 • Integrate with • Invest in well designed and well executed marketing automation, in an industry that has yet to widely capitalise on the opportunity • Segment leads and contacts within channels; provide targeted communications based on stage and preferences
  • 9. The Execution • Prospect Lead Nurturing (goal to convert to account) • Sales, Informational + Operational Programs • Surveys B2B
  • 10. The Execution • New Lead Nurturing (goal to convert) • Engaged Lead Nurturing (goal to convert) • Static Lead Nurturing (goal to re-engage, then to convert) • New Customer Nurturing (goal to repurchase) • Lapsed Customer Nurturing (goal to re-engage, then to re-purchase) ! • Monthly promotional programs • Split testing • Surveys ! • Integration of forms and landing pages with all lead generation and sales campaigns, and for all data capture opportunities. B2C
  • 11. Planned • Further exploration of B2B nurturing and scoring • Integration with internal and external training platforms • B2C Nurturing for repeat customers (goal to become loyal customers, loyal customers (goal to become brand champions/lifetime customers), restored customers (previously lapsed, goal to become repeat)
  • 12. The Outcome Previously, Comvita was basically limited to sending an email blast once a month with little insight in to the success of the communication. ! We relied heavily on paid fax or individual emailing for B2B communications. ! Just on a program in Marketo we can view basic campaign statistics at a glance. ! With Marketo Analytics, and Sales Insights and Reports inside of, we now have more insight than ever. ! As well as that, the design of the communications and the journeys on which we can take our customers now accurately reflect our brand story as well as our business objectives. ! All of this has been executed by a team of two - three people; previously we took more of a ‘divide and conquer’ approach via a much wider team.
  • 13. The Present The real transformation doesn’t just lie with the new look, or the ease of use, or even the basic metrics. ! The biggest improvement is that, by creating flows and using the automatic functions, we are able to segment, nurture and convert leads based on their actions, lead stage and preferences. ! We can garner trend information by looking at how leads and contacts move through defined stages, and further optimise our nurturing at points where it’s common for customers to become ‘cold’ or ‘static’. ! It’s finally putting the needs and interests of our customers at the forefront.
  • 14. Campaigns Now, we probably wouldn’t consider running a lead generation or sales campaign that didn’t have an automated marketing program to support it. ! The following slides will illustrate the use of Marketo in a recent campaign, The Super Antioxidant Challenge, which ran across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. ! This was also the first time we could take a much broader view of the customer journey post-campaign, by moving acquired leads in to pre-existing streams based on customer stage. ! We can already see that 54% of leads acquired during the campaign are engaging with our new prospect flow, highlighting the quality of leads obtained. ! !
  • 15. Transitional EDM
  • 16. Nurturing ! This is the first time as a company that we can take a much broader view of the prospect journey, and continue to guide them through a series of strategic communications. ! Nurturing enables us to continue incentivising conversion, and further educate customers about us - our brand, our products, our quality, our science. It also helps encourage the sharing of further information, through invitations to register on the website and surveys. ! ! ! !
  • 17. Nurturing: New Prospects
  • 18. Nurturing: Product Lifecycle
  • 19. Customers:! Promotional Campaigns ! Using campaign attribution reporting in Salesforce, together with general statistics like click-throughs, we can take a much more accurate approach to delivering specials and offers that our customers are more likely to continue purchasing. Or, we can educate further about products that our customers don’t seem to be buying. !
  • 20. The Super Antioxidant Challenge - Concept! The campaign introduced Sardinia as one of the worlds’ Blue Zones, a place where people live longer and experience less disease. The campaign utilised compelling messaging and storytelling to challenge consumers to live like a resident of the Mediterranean for 4 weeks. Their secret? A plant-based diet rich in olive based dishes and a full, vibrant, active lifestyle – a simple way of life we should all take lessons from. ! All media drove traffic to the Super Antioxidant Challenge landing page for each respective market, the platform from which customers could either join the “challenge” by purchasing a product and / or sign up to the competition. In both cases, people entered one of the two eDM flows, Challenge or Product Push
  • 21. The Super Antioxidant Challenge - Additional Steps At the completion of their campaign lifecycle, all leads received a transitional step - contextualising olive leaf as part of a wider product offering, and giving background on Comvita’s brand and philosophy. ! Leads that completed Stream 1 (product push) were then moved to an existing 8 week new lead nurturing program.
 Leads that completed Stream 2 were moved in to a monthly promotional campaign cycle. !
  • 22. Creative: Stream 1
  • 23. Creative: Stream 2
  • 24. The Super Antioxidant Challenge - Results Throughout the duration of the campaign, the US landing page received 36,251 unique visitors, Australia received 15,324 unique visitors and New Zealand received 9,127 unique visitors. ! 33,634 clicks on the landing page overall. ! 7,041 net new names acquired (8,412 entries overall)
  • 25. The Super Antioxidant Challenge - Results Cont. The overall eDM results display an above average open rate of 21.1% (industry average 20.77%*), indicating positive engagement with the brand and the campaign. ! Engagement rates, in terms of opens and click throughs, was highest in both the US and AU markets, with an average open rate of 39% in AU and 37% in US, and an average click through rate of 3.38% in AU and 9.15% in US. ! The unsubscribe rate was low at 1.2%, particularly since the majority of leads were new customers.
  • 26. Forecast 12 month value of acquired leads ! = $81,547.78* Forecast lifetime value of acquired leads ! = $1, 566, 601.20* ! *Figures based on conversion statistics without nurturing
  • 27. Results from an internal perspective ! 204% more leads generated in this campaign to date, than in the last quarter through general activity. ! Most successful lead generation campaign to date. ! High volume and high quality leads generated for olive products. ! The best execution of transition from campaign to general brand content - a much wider view of the customer’s continued journey. ! Best collaboration between all platforms and support teams.