Interactive Content Marketing: The Future of Your Funnel


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Do you want to increase conversion rates, accelerate initial inquiry to sales-qualified leads, and substantially boost lead quality by combining interactive content with the power of marketing automation? Of course you do.

Find out how SilkRoad, a leading HR platform, generated thousands of leads and over $250K of new pipeline value. Plus, learn how leveraging SnapApp and Marketo can help you deliver the right experience to the right person, at the right time.

Discover how to:
- Deliver valuable content experiences across channels
- Increase lead volume and generate more inbound leads
- Score and route leads more efficiently and effectively through marketing automation and engaging content
- Create various types of interactive content to educate prospects and keep them moving through the funnel

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  • Talking points for John:
    Getting real results form content
    Driving great engagement but more importantly driving pipeline growth and sales
    A few months in and already proof of success that can be replicated and ROI justification
  • Talking points for John:
    Have built a number of pieces of content quickly
    Very easy to repurpose existing thought leadership and ideas into consumable content
    Plans to continue rolling out content
    Low resource commitment
  • Talking points for John:
    Calculators are are particularly compelling and successful due to the nature of SilkRoad products
    Well received by audience and gives actual hard number calculations to audience
    Collects amazingly deep data about users
    A core part of the SilkRoad resource center going forward
    Easy to update and maintain
  • Talking points for John:
    Assessments great starting point for SilkRoad audience to understand their HR strategy
    Drives audience down a specific journey
    Collects deep data
    Feels less formal and more casual than calculators but no less powerful
    Everygreen content
  • Talking points for John:
    Created a big experience that leverages existing metrics and through leadership
    Made it interactive by peppering it through out with questions so that the audience can directly benchmark themselves from industry leading research and data
    Benchmarking is another way for the audience to understand where they are strong or weak
    Larger content like this can serve as the central point of longer campaigns
  • Talking points for John:
    Polls, quizzes and surveys can be quick hits
    These serve to just create engagment- it doesn’t always have to be about lead generation sometimes it is about building trust and credibility or simply building a relationship with the audience
    Quick and easy to duplicate and post anywhere
    Fun and simple
    Also can provide rich audience data or collect research for the next report/infographic etc.
  • Talking points for John:
    SnapApp is really easy to integrate into our Marketo instance
    We can map question and answer data directly to Marketo fields
    We can pass hidden data like campaign ID or other information all the way through to Marketo and then SalesForce if we want
    SnapApp can sit inside of Marketo landing pages, SilkRoad CMS and works on mobile devises so we can quickly and easily get data from experiences actionable in Marketo
  • Talking points for John:
    SnapApps can be tagged with Marketo campaigns for attribution
    Set it and forget it- SilkRoad can connect SnapApp and Marketo APIs one time and then the integration and data flow is seamless
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