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Getting the Message Out - Social Media and Content Marketing Tips and Tricks, as presented by Maria Pergolino at the 2010 Marketo User Summit


You’ve created a new white paper, now what? Listing it on your website is just the start. Learn best practices for business marketers to promote …

You’ve created a new white paper, now what? Listing it on your website is just the start. Learn best practices for business marketers to promote
their content to create awareness and drive demand. This session won’t just focus on the basics; instead, it will reinforce best practices while
giving creative tips and tricks to get more out of every piece of content written. Attendees should expect to walk away with new ideas for social
media, content re-purposing, and word-of-mouth campaigns.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Getting the Message Out – Social Media and Content Marketing Tips and Tricks Maria Pergolino @inboundmarketer Page 1
  • 2. Presenter Maria Pergolino  Director of Marketing, Marketo  Author of The Definitive Guide to Social Media  Frequent Blogger and Speaker  Salesforce Certified Admin Page 2
  • 3. Objectives In this session, you will learn about:  Creating Content that Sells  Creating a Content Map  Optimizing Content for Search  Repurposing Content  How to Succeed with Little or No Content Page 3
  • 4. Why do I need content? Nurturing Lead Solution Scoring Risk Mitigation Page 4
  • 5. What is Content? Page 5
  • 6. Types of Content Articles Presentations Blog Posts Press Releases Books/eBooks Product Data Sheets Brochures/manuals Reference Guides Case Studies Resource Libraries Email RSS/XML Feeds Images Videos Information Guides Webinars/Webcasts Microsites/Web Pages White Papers Online Courses Widgets Podcasts/Videocasts Workbook Page 6
  • 7. Content Consumption Source: Techtarget + Google Page 7
  • 8. 1. Non Promotional 2. Relevant to Reader 3. Closes a Gap 4. Well-Written 5. Relevant to Your Company 6. Gives Proof Page 8
  • 9. Good content is not enough Promotion, Promotion, Promotion Email + Lead Nurturing Social Media Content Syndication Press Search Engine Marketing Website Sponsorships Events Page 9
  • 10. When To Ask For Registration? Example: SiriusDecisions Early Stage Thought leadership and best One: Loosening of the Status Quo practices to build brand and awareness Two: Committing to Change Middle Stage Three: Exploring the Possible Solutions Buyers guides, RFP templates and industry information to Four: Committing to a Solution help structure research Five: Justifying the Decision Late Stage Company-specific information to help evaluate Six: Making the Selection and reaffirm selection Page 10
  • 11. Forms: Ask Only What You Really Need Short Form (5 fields) Conversion rate: 13.4% Cost per: $31.24 Medium Form (7 fields) Conversion rate: 12.0% Cost per: $34.94 Long Form (9 fields) Conversion rate: 10.0% Cost per: $41.90 Page 11
  • 12. Test, Test, Test Page 12
  • 13. Content Mapping BUYING STAGES • Early (Pre-MQL) • Mid (MQL) Stages 1 2 3 • Late (Opportunity) • Customer A CONTENT B 1. Map your existing content 2. Blank cells determine your content roadmap 3. Short content is good! (YouTube approach) C 4. Test and optimize 5. Start small, think big and adapt quickly D BUYING PROFILES • Industry: 82% • Role: 67% • Company Size: 49% • Geography: 29% Page 13
  • 14. Content Library Use for easy reference Note created date Label by role, category, gated, author, etc. Keep track of copyrights or other dated info If 1000’s of assets consider a more formal system Page 14
  • 15. Content Optimized for Search Plus: • Keywords • Meta Descriptions • Title Tags Page 15
  • 16. Social Content Page 16
  • 17. Social Media Networks Blogging Widgets Microblogging Bookmarking Social networks Podcasting Online video Social CRM Presentation and Photo sharing Document sharing More+++++ Page 17
  • 18. Campaign Integration Page 18
  • 19. Social Sharing: Customized E-mails and Landing Pages Page 19
  • 20. Social Validation: A Closer Look Adds transparency and credibility Page 20
  • 21. Developing a B2B Social Media Policy How do you define social media? Ground rules for participation – Who will participate and how? Importance of confidentiality Page 21
  • 22. Social Media Monitoring (“Listening”) Start by monitoring the most popular social media sites Make best use of alerts As activity increases consider using 3rd party tools Page 22
  • 23. Developing a B2B Social Media Plan WHO: Who are you targeting? HOW: Which social media tactics will you employ and how will you measure success? WHAT: What goals or objectives do you want to accomplish and what are the action items? Search Social Media Template on the Marketo Website for a sample of mine! Page 23
  • 24. Pitfalls to Avoid in Social Media Don’t dive in until you’re ready Don’t be a big brag Don’t be afraid to try it because the metrics are new and different Don’t treat social media like advertising or try to do what B2C is doing (you aren’t Pepsi) Don’t assume every social media tool is right for you Page 24
  • 25. Social Media Lead Scoring Capture originating sources and score on these interactions Require higher scores for leads in social media before passing to sales Increase or decrease scores based on what a prospect is saying in social media Page 25
  • 26. Sample Scoring Rules Demographics:  30 points based on manual Prospect review  0-8 points based on title  -20 to 0 based on inferred country Source and Offer:  Website lead source: + 5  Thought leadership offer: -5 Latent Buying Behavior:  Attend webinar: +5  Download thought leadership: +3  Visit any webpage : +1  Visit careers pages: -10 Active Buying Behavior:  Install AppExchange app: +15  Download Marketo reviews: +12  Visit website 2X in one week: +8  Download buyers guides: +8  Watch demos: +5 each  Search for “Marketo”: +5  Visit pricing pages: +5 No activity in one month:  Score > 30: -15 points  Score 0 to 30: -5 points Page 26
  • 27. Social Media Across The Revenue Cycle Seed Nurturing: Developing relationships with early-stage prospects before they enter your database Lead Nurturing: Building and maintaining relationships with known prospects as they educate themselves Customer Nurturing: Deepening and expanding relationships with existing customers Page 27
  • 28. Lead Nurturing & Social Media- Marketing Automation Page 28
  • 29. Nurturing without Content IDEA EXAMPLE Blog posts Yours or others Testimonials Success Story 3rd party content Analyst, Press, Paid Product documentation Benefits, Guides Fact sheets Best Practice Document Demo offers Amazon $50 3rd party sources Salary info, upcoming events, etc Key to Success: What is important to my reader? Page 29
  • 30. Repurposing Content • Website ARTICLE • Blog • Guest Blog • Use all types for • Website nurturing and WHITEPAPER • Slideshare scoring • Sribd Webinar • Use all types to SLIDES • Website drive traffic to • Slide Share your website and in social media VIDEO CLIP • Website promotions • Youtube • Website PODCAST • iTunes Page 30
  • 31. Example of Repurposed Content < This Presentation > Content from my Content Marketing White Paper Some content repurposed from a webinar in August for Marketo customers 2 Slides taken from Definitive Guide to Social Media Webinar Also, used same content to create 2 September blog posts Page 31
  • 32. Content Optimization 3 Rs: Reorganize Rewrite Retire Page 32
  • 33. For More Information Check out these resources: Vendors/Services Mentioned: Content Creation for Demand Definitive Guides: Velocity Partners Generation Webinar Editing: MindYourMedia Content marketing resources: SEO, TopRank Online Marketing  Content Marketing Institute PPC, Enquiro  Alltop Content Marketing Resource Center: Flickerbox  ClickInsights Content Creation: Junta42, Avitage Page 33
  • 34. Contact Me Maria Pergolino Marketo, Inc. Director of Marketing 901 Mariners Island Suite 200 maria@marketo.com San Mateo, CA 94404 @inboundmarketer @marketo Direct: +1.650.376-2312 Mob: +1.415.710.2008 blog.marketo.com www.marketo.com Page 34
  • 35. Thank You! © 2010 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential Page 35