Getting Liftoff With Lead Nurturing

Getting Liftoff With Lead Nurturing



In this presentation, Jon Miller (VP of Marketing, Marketo) shares tips for creating successful content-based nurturing programs

In this presentation, Jon Miller (VP of Marketing, Marketo) shares tips for creating successful content-based nurturing programs



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  • Our #1 secret is that we believe that buying has changed forever, and that marketing and sales need to change as well.Not that long ago, there were few 3rd party sources of information – information scarcity – which meant that a buyer had to get most of their information from sales. In this world, it made perfect sense for marketing to pass all leads over to sales. It also meant we lived in a world of attention abundance, with fewer channels competing for a buyer’s attention. Traditional marketing, characterized by Mad Men-style marketing, grew up in this era.
  • But now, there is an explosion of readily available information… This is a recent phenomenon… The web as a mainstream solution is only 13 years old Over the next 4 years, we will generate more data than the entire previous history of the world Social creates even more sources of information Mobile is transforming not just our access to information – but how we interact with people. When did it become OK to look up info at the dinner table?All this access to information changes the power dynamics between buyer and sales people. Today buyers get most of their information themselves and don’t want to talk to a sales person until they are much further along. [Example: last time I bought a car.] SiriusDecisions says that 70% of the buying cycle has already taken place before buyers are willing to engage with a live sales person.
  • “The art of maintaining permission to stay in front of your buyers as they educate themselves”
  • What I want to focus on here is two models that you can use to calculate the ROI yourself. In the first, the key is to estimate
  • Map content to the buying stage {keep it short}
  • Since nurturing is all about relevance, it’s important to target your content based on your buyer profiles. This most often means customizing your content by industry or by buyer role. Buyer role can mean creating content based on users versus executives, or content for IT versus line of business. At Marketo, we have different nurturing content for marketing managers and sales reps, since they have different needs and interests.

Getting Liftoff With Lead Nurturing Getting Liftoff With Lead Nurturing Presentation Transcript

  • Getting Liftoff with Lead Nurturing: How to Create Successful Content- Based Nurturing Programs Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-Founder Executive Editor of Modern B2B Marketing blog @jonmiller© 2013 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential
  • Page 2© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • INFORMATIONABUNDANCEPage 3© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller View slide
  • <25% of All Leads Are Sales-Ready 25% Marketo Data: •% new Targets not Opp ready: 98% 50% •Target to Opp time: 123 days avg. 25% •% Slow Leads: 80% Source: Marketo actual data Source: RainTodayPage 4© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller View slide
  • Lead Nurturing Plugs the Leak Building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. MQL SAL All Names Recycled Target & Engaged SQL Lead Sales Lead Lead Opportunity Nurturing Relevance!Page 5© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • The ROI of Lead Nurturing Marketo ROI Results Fast Leads Slow Leads Total Leads Cost / Lead ( MQL <1 mo) (MQL >1 mo) (MQL) (MQL) Without Nurturing 20% 6.67% 26.67% $206.00 With Nurturing 20% 20.0% 40.0% $137.50 Source: Actual Marketo data; assumes $55 per prospect Results: 50% more marketing qualified leads from lead nurturingPage 6© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • Map Content to Buying Stage Early Stage Thought leadership and Research, funny videos, curated entertainment to build lists, infographics, thought brand and awareness leadership, definitive guides Middle buyers find Tools that help Stage Buying guides, RFP you when they are looking templates, ROI for solutions calculators, whitepapers, analyst reports, webinars Late Stage Company-specific Pricing, demos, services information to help evaluate information, 3rd party and reaffirm selection reviews, customer case studies Content must always be relevant and helpfulPage 7© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • Buyer Profiles % Saying Content Customized By Category is More Valuable • By Industry: 82% • By Role: 67% • Doers vs. Buyers • Job Function • By Company Size: 49% • By Geography: 29% • By Product Source: MarketingSherpaPage 8© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • How Marketo Does It Stages 1 2 3 1. BUYING STAGES A • Early (4.1.1 candence) • Mid and Late B • Customer C 2. BUYING PROFILES • Persona D • Personalize by: • Industry • Geographic • Company SizePage 9© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • Content - Don’t Panic! Stages 1 2 3 A 1. Short content is good! (YouTube) B 2. Don’t always require a click 3. Stay ahead of the drip C Start small, think big and adapt quickly DPage 10© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • Lead Scoring Defined “Shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales readiness” Nurture Pass to Pass to Nurture Disqualify Sales Sales Fit Interest Buying StagePage 11© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller @jonmiller
  • Behavioral Scoring: Examples • Early stage content +3 • Attend webinar: +5 • Visit any webpage / blog : +1 • Visit careers pages: -10 • Pricing pages: • +10 regular, +15 detailed • Watch demos: • +5 overview, +10 detailed • Mid-stage content +8 • Late-stage content +12 • Searches for “Marketo” +8Page 12© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • Automate processes at scalePage 13© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @JonMiller @jonmiller
  • Additional Resources The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation 14© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • Contact Me Marketo, Inc. JON MILLER 901 Mariners Island VP Marketing Suite 200 San Mateo, CA 94404 @jonmiller Direct: +1.650.376-2310 www.marketo.comPage 15© 2013 Marketo, Inc. @jonmiller
  • © 2013 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential