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Flood Your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Search Marketing Leads


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Learn proven strategies to amplify the effectiveness of your search marketing efforts and ultimately shorten the sales cycle.

Learn proven strategies to amplify the effectiveness of your search marketing efforts and ultimately shorten the sales cycle.

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  • 1. Flood Your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Search Marketing Leads© 2013 Marketo, Inc.
  • 2. Today’s Speakers: Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-Founder Marketo @jonmiller Paul Taylor, Founder and CEO Webmarketing123 @webmarketing123#FloodYourPipeline
  • 3. Topics • Search Marketing Role in Lead Generation • Quantify Search Opportunity: “Cost Of Not Ranking” • Client Success Stories • The Conversion of Search Leads • How To Nurture and Score © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline
  • 4. Search Marketing Role in Lead Generation
  • 5. Who are we? / Fast growing. Award winning. Top 10 in Bay Area’s 100 Top 500 Fastest Growing Fastest Growing Companies Private US Companies
  • 6. Who are we? / Global digital marketing agency providing:  Search Engine Optimization  Paid Search Advertising  Display Advertising  Social Media  Website Design  Content Creation  Custom Measurement and Attribution * We’re heavy Marketo and marketing automation advocates
  • 7. Clients / Experts at growing revenue for clients with cost-effective digital marketing.
  • 8. We surveyed 500+ marketers In our 2012 State of Digital Marketing Survey Top objective for B2B: Generate Leads Top objective for B2C: Generate Awareness When compared to Social Media and Paid Search, SEO has the biggest impact on Lead Generation
  • 9. But that’s no surprise.4 Billion Daily Searches on Google 4 Billion 3 Billion (2012) (2011) 2.4 Billion (2010) *SEOmoz
  • 10. 90% of clicks happen on Page 1 Eye tracking data from official Google blog Position CTR 1 45.46% 2 15.69% 3 10.09% 4 5.49% 5 5.00% 6 3.94% 7 2.51% Optify Study, 2011
  • 11. How has SEO evolved?4 results (0.20 seconds)Buyers are moving further through the purchase processBuyers are 57-70% of the way through the purchase process before they contact you (Google)They’re visiting your site, reading reviews, checking pricing, etc.More emphasis on unique, timely, and quality contentAre you creating it and syndicating it through multiple channels? Complement with Social.Algorithm changes require a more agile SEO programSocial Media signals play a bigger roleGoogle+ impacts your natural rankingThe jury is still out on what impact will come from “social search”Mobile search growing rapidlyFrom 2010-2012, 163% growth in mobile share of total traffic worldwide (Pingdom)Surprisingly, only 10% of websites are optimized for mobile users (Mongoose Metrics)
  • 12. What does this mean for you?Potentially a HUGE andquantifiable opportunityfor you to acquire qualifiedleads through Search. …but just how big?
  • 13. The Cost of Not Ranking
  • 14. For a B2B Software Provider,The Cost of Not Ranking onPage 1 of Google is:$32 million/year
  • 15. First, identify your primary keywordsMake sure to include a mix of high volume as well as high converting. Factors to consider: • Monthly traffic volume • Analytics data • Competitor rankings • Conversion rate
  • 16. Next, determine the average CTR of Page 1 ResultsPage 1 averages range from 2-35%, based on position. Let’s use a conservative 7%.
  • 17. Now, multiply total monthly searches by CTR to getpotential monthly visitors 71,729 new website visitors 1,024,700 monthly searches x 7% average CTR ___________________________ =71,729 new website visitors
  • 18. Now, we calculate the number of potential monthly leadsUsing the Google B2B average visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 3%. 71,729 new website visitors 1,793 new leads 71,729 monthly visitors x 3% conversion rate ___________________________ =1,793 new leads * For a more accurate number, insert your conversion rate.
  • 19. Now, we calculate the number of potential qualified leadsLead to qualified lead percentage varies, but in our example, we’ll use 15%. 71,729 new website visitors 1,793 new leads 269 new qualified leads 1,793 new leads x 15% qualfication rate ___________________________ =269 new leads * For a more accurate number, insert your qualification rate.
  • 20. Now, we calculate the number of potential closed dealsQualified lead to closed deal percentage varies business to business. We’ll use 10%. 71,729 new website visitors 1,793 new leads 269 new qualified leads 27 new deals 269 new qualified leads x 10% close rate ___________________________ =27 new deals * For a more accurate number, insert your close rate.
  • 21. Now, calculate the amount of potential monthly revenueFor this client, the average value of a new customer is $100,000. 71,729 new website visitors 1,793 new leads 269 new qualified leads 27 new deals $2,700,000 monthly revenue 27 new deals x 100,000 avg. sales price ___________________________ = $2,700,000
  • 22. Now, calculate the amount of potential monthly revenueFor this client, the average value of a new customer is $100,000. 71,729 new website visitors 1,793 new leads 269 new qualified leads 27 new deals $2,700,000 monthly revenue $32,400,000 annual revenue 2.7 million monthly revenue x 12 months ___________________________ = $32,400,000
  • 23. Step-by-Step Calculationof the Cost of Not Ranking on Page 1 of Google1. Keyword Search Volume2. CTR on Search Results (New Visitors)3. Visitor Lead Rate4. Raw Lead Qualified Lead Rate5. Qualified Lead Closed Deal Rate6. Average Deal Size7. (# of Closed Deals) x (Avg. Deal Size) = Revenue Potential Knowing the opportunity is step 1. Are you closing the loop?
  • 24. Success Stories
  • 25. Zenprise doubled lead flow by leveraging anintegrated Paid and Organic Search Acquired byMarketing programPROBLEM• Extremely competitive keywords• Lacked bandwidth to manage SEO and Paid Search campaignsGoals: Increase lead volume (maintain quality), outrank competition, and speed up execution ofsearch marketing campaigns.SOLUTION: SEO, PPC• Set unique KPIs and benchmarks, as well as established Search as a company-wide endeavor• Developed action plan to leverage in-house strengths and identify obstacles to fast resultsRESULTS RESULTSIn less than 60 days, #17 to #3 on Google for the primary keyword behind Apple and Wikipedia. 51% Increase in non-branded organic traffic 8x Return on Search Marketing investment 2x conversions volume, ½ cost per conversion
  • 26. 273% Increase in online sales revenue forCamille La Vie by targeting “Homecoming”related keywordsPROBLEM• Relied heavily on in-store sales revenue• Minimal site traffic and online salesGoals: Boost traffic and conversions, as well as visits to product pages, online sales,catalog downloads, and “Find a store” on-site searches.SOLUTION: SEO• Developed a strategic SEO program targeted around high opportunity keywords• Recommended and executed content strategy – creation and syndicationRESULTS 283% Increase in overall organic traffic 3,265% Increase in traffic (YOY) for “homecoming dress” (july-sept.) 273% Increase in revenue from organic traffic
  • 27. The Conversion of Search Leads
  • 28. Search Is Marketo’s Top Driver of Pipeline Top programs (all time) as of 1/7/2013 Screenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 29. © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline
  • 30. <25% of All Names Are Ready To Go To Sales Marketo Data: 25% •% new Prospects not MQL-ready: 81% 50% •Prospect to MQL time: 123 days avg. •% Slow Leads: 66% 25% Source: Marketo actual data Source: RainToday © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 31. Marketo Data by Source Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, February 2013 © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 32. How To Nurture and Score
  • 33. Lead Scoring Defined “Shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales readiness” Nurture Pass to Pass to Nurture Disqualify Sales Sales Fit Interest Buying Stage © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 34. Hard ROI of Lead Scoring 35% Revenue Growth vs Peers 70% Sales Time Spent Selling 30% 60% 25% 50% 20% 40% We score We score leads leads We pass based on We pass based on 15% everything fit as well 30% everything We score fit as well We score as interest to sales leads to sales leads as interest and let and let based on based on them fit them 10% cherry fit 20% cherry pick pick 5% 10% 0% 0% Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Performance as of May 10, 2012 (N=300) © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 35. A Framework for Lead Scoring Explicit Inferred What the prospect tells you What you observe or infer • Data append Fit • Demographics Are you • Data quality • Firmographics interested in • Corporate email • BANT them? • Location Interest • Latent behaviors Are they (engagement) • BANT interested in • Active behaviors (sales you? readiness) Get The “Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring” © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 36. Behavioral Scoring: Examples • Early stage content +3 • Attend webinar: +5 • Visit any webpage / blog : +1 • Visit careers pages: -10 • Pricing pages: • +10 regular, +15 detailed • Watch demos: • +5 overview, +10 detailed • Mid-stage content +8 • Late-stage content +12 • Searches for “Marketo” +8 © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 37. One Way to Identify Marketing Qualified Leads Super- 21+ Target Lead Lead Lead 9-20 Target Lead Lead Fit 2-8 Other Lead <2 Interest Engagement <20 20+ 45+ 90+ Buying Intent <6 6+ 13+ 19+ © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 38. Sales Development Reps (SDRs) Pass The Baton from Marketing to Sales Best place for dramatic improvements in business performance are handoffs between functions • Faster, more consistent, & better quality follow-up on leads • Better economics • The human touch enhances lead nurturing • Better data and more metrics • Talent development for sales © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 39. Lead Nurturing for the 97% Building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. MQL Prospect & SAL All Names Recycled Engaged SQL Lead Sales Lead Lead Opportunity Nurturing “The art of maintaining permission to stay in front of your buyers as they educate themselves” © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 40. The Value of Lead Nurturing Marketo ROI Results Fast Leads Slow Leads Total Leads Cost / Lead ( MQL <1 mo) (MQL >1 mo) (MQL) (MQL) Without 20% 6.67% 26.67% $206.00 Nurturing With 20% 20.0% 40.0% $137.50 Nurturing Source: Actual Marketo data; assumes $55 per target Results: 50% more marketing qualified leads from lead nurturing © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 41. Lead Nurturing Relevance 1. BUYING STAGES • Early (Pre-MQL) 2. PERSONA • Mid (MQL) • Molly Marketer • Late (Opportunity) • Sam Sales • Customer • Jack Executive 4-1-1 cadence for content 3. DYNAMIC CUSTOMIZATION • Industry Wrappers • Size Specific Examples • Localization Get The “Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing” © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline @jonmiller
  • 42. Key Takeaways 1. Search done correctly is one of the most effective drivers of lead generation 2. Quantify your revenue opportunity from Search 3. Attribute opportunities and closed deals back to search campaigns 4. Use interest (behaviors) as well as fit to qualify sales leads 5. Nurture relationships with the 98% of targets that are not sales ready © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline
  • 43. More Resources: Personalized Benchmark on Email Marketing The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & ROI 2012 State of Digital Marketing Report Marketing Attribution for Dummies Visit our homepage – © 2013#RevEngine Marketo, Inc. #FloodYourPipeline
  • 44. Questions? Jon Miller Paul Taylor @jonmiller @webmarketing123 paul@webmarketing123.comSubscribe to
  • 45. Thank you!