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Create Conversations, Not Campaigns


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Published in: Marketing, Technology

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  • This is why we’re here. On any given day, the average customer will be exposed to 2,904 media messages, will pay attention to 52 and will positively remember 4 – SuperProfile 2010  
  • In an ideal world…For each individual…
  • But the problem was this: Nobody wants to get “blasted”.
  • So, marketers started with demographic segmentation. And that got us closer. Here’s a good example…
  • But the real to relevance is behavioral targeting. Because whereas demographics tell us who we are, behaviors tell us what we want.
  • So you want relevancy and engagement – but this requires sophisticated targeting that combines online body language (web traffic, search behavior, email response) plus transactional data plus with lifestyle and demographic data (personas)When behavioral cues are not used, email can be experienced as a dissonant interruption. What the sender considers a coordinated "drip campaign" may feel more like water torture to the receiver.
  • Result: Big lift!More on our blog about this:
  • While this may be straightforward for programmers, it’s a foreign language to most marketers…This makes the marketer reliant on technical resources for anything that’s not simple, especially anything that incorporates behaviors beyond email open and click
  • While this may be straightforward for programmers, it’s a foreign language to most marketers…This makes the marketer reliant on technical resources for anything that’s not simple, especially anything that incorporates behaviors beyond email open and click
  • While this may be straightforward for programmers, it’s a foreign language to most marketers…This makes the marketer reliant on technical resources for anything that’s not simple, especially anything that incorporates behaviors beyond email open and click
  • While this may be straightforward for programmers, it’s a foreign language to most marketers…This makes the marketer reliant on technical resources for anything that’s not simple, especially anything that incorporates behaviors beyond email open and click
  • Every interaction is a link within the context of a communication supply chain.
  • ----“'Sense and respond’ communication in the digital world requires automation that monitors for explicit and implicit behavioral cues, captures that data (senses) in a rich behavioral database, and then uses the data to customize a valuable response (responds). ----------------------A romantic date goes badly if all you do is talk about yourself. The same holds true for marketing conversations. If you don’t listen — really listen — to your prospects and consumers, you’ll never earn the chance for a “second date,” let alone a long-term commitment. To start a two-way conversation, you must provide content relevant to a consumer’s interests. Then, you must be willing to adjust your content based on how that consumer responds. It’s great to automate workflows that map to a buyer’s journey, but they can’t be static workflows; you must be willing to adjust them as you observe how your buyer actually navigates across channels. Here’s how to listen and adapt in email marketing:Use behavioral filters to target. As discussed in Part 3, behavioral filters ensure relevance in your email marketing. So, start a conversation with a smart subset of your contact list based on unique profiles and behaviors. Then, continue to watch your subscribers’ behaviors as the campaign progresses and your conversation with each recipient diverges down its own unique behavioral path. Trigger messages and adjustments based on behaviors.When a prospect does something meaningful on your website, in social channels, or offline (such as making a purchase at a physical store), you need to be able to respond with a relevant, timely email. When you automatically send a prospect a message based on an action she took (or didn’t take), you allow for the message to be delivered at the moment your brand is on her mind. You are communicating with her on her terms, not yours. But if you miss these triggers, and simply blast emails to your entire list as your promotional calendar dictates, you ignore your potential customers and their buying signals.
  • This is more like what you want your communications to be….
  • You think it’s easy, draw a simple diagram on the whiteboard
  • Hard to developComplexError proneHard to change
  • Today’s consumers move seamlessly across digital and offline channels. According to a recent Experian QAS® survey, 36 percent of U.S. organizations interact with customers and prospects in five or more channels.In retail banking, 61% of consumers use three or more channels each month (e.g. branch, phone, online, and mobile – in addition to email). However, Companies Not Prepared to Deliver Integrated ExperiencesQUOTE: “Fewer than 10 percent of brands are executing true cross-channel communications informed by one view of the customer.” - The 2013 Digital Marketer, Experian = Big opportunity to increase relevancy.Organization silos:Traditionally, marketing organizations are made up of either product or channel teams. Within this structure, each team works hard to optimize their siloed marketing efforts — and, in most places, have gotten really good at delivering their individual marketing programs and defending their individual marketing budgetsTechnology silos: Many of the tools are focused on a channel — email, mobile, catalog or Web. The big challenge for marketers is that message delivery within channels almost always happens via disparate platforms. Especially a problem with ESP. Email “grew up” with companies using stand-alone email service providers (ESPs) and outside agencies. This legacy hangs over email today. Traditional email service providers (ESP) = not multi-channel, not channel agnosticThe modern, digitally-empowered consumer doesn’t think in terms of channels and doesn’t care about your silos.Uses whatever device they have in the moment… web, mobile, tabletSo, companies shouldn’t expect the consumer to adapt; companies should adapt. This means moving from channel- or promotion-centric marketing plans to customer-centric marketing plans, and enabling those plans with marketing technology that is ready to deliver.
  • Many marketers are perceived as a cost center. You can’t expect your organization to place value on something you’re unable to quantify. But when you do use the right metrics and processes, there is nothing more powerful to help marketing earn it’s rightful seat at the revenue table.Here I show you how Marketo does it.
  • Some basic metrics. But… doesn’t really tell you what’s causing engagement. If you’re like most marketers, you’re likely wading through many different email performance metrics trying to determine the impact of your content…. Email A got opened, but email B was clicked, and email C drove conversions… which is best?
  • Engagement Score enables marketers to quickly judge how effectively each piece of content is engaging prospects and customers over time. This proprietary metric takes many factors into consideration, and outputs a single number that gives marketers a fast, apples-to-apples method of measuring content performance…See trend over time, how updates to program improve engagement.
  • Transcript

    • 1. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns CONVERSATIONS, NOT CAMPAIGNS
    • 2. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Source: Adbusters, 2011
    • 3. Matt Zilli Senior Product Marketing Manager Marketo @mattzilli
    • 4. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns The Perfect Campaign Do the right thing Wait David Raab, Customer Experience Matrix Blog
    • 5. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns We’re bad at this…. And here’s proof • A typical email campaign… • 19% Open Rate • 3% Click-Through Rate • 0.5% Unsubscribe Rate • And if this email is “the right thing,” is a click the right result? * Representative stats from various email service provider reports
    • 6. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns 1. Trustworthy 2. Always Relevant 3. Conversations, No t Campaigns 4. Coordinated Across Channels 5. Strategic
    • 7. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns TRUST
    • 8. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns I opened [your email] because I knew it was your weekly email and I wanted to see inside -- the subject had no influence. That’s what happens when you become a trusted resource or an expected one. --Meryl K. Evans, “Content Maven for Hire””
    • 9. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Pros Cons Implicit Opt-In • Low effort • No place for a subscriber to drop the ball • Quickly leads to a big list • Consumer has not asked to receive email communications • Lowest trust and engagement • May be illegal Explicit Opt-In • Consumer explicitly requests communications • No dropped balls • Time delay between subscribing and first message • Risk of spambots Explicit Opt-In With Welcome • Provides opportunity to engage and set expectations • If email bounces, you know to filter out that address • Less effort from subscriber may equal less engagement Double Opt-In • High engagement – they really want your email • Filters out spambots • Subscriber may miss confirmation email = lost subscribers • They want your email, asking again might annoy them
    • 10. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 11. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns The key to getting opt-in is to show the subscriber ‘What’s In It for Me’ (WIIFM)
    • 12. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns List Building Tactics
    • 13. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns ALWAYS RELEVANT
    • 14. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns When it comes to marketing, nobody wants to get blasted
    • 15. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Demographic Segmentation • Gender • Age (or birth year) • Geography • Income • Interests • Job title • Industry • Company size
    • 16. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 17. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns The Key to Relevance is Behavioral Targeting Tactics to Increase Email Engagement
    • 18. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Standard Nurture Triggered Interests Lift Open % 21.7% Open % 34.0% 57% Click to Open % 23.4% Click to Open % 37.1% 59% Click % 5.1% Click % 12.6% 147%
    • 19. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Listening & Responding to Behaviors
    • 20. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Listening & Responding to Behaviors
    • 21. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Listening & Responding to Behaviors
    • 22. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Listening & Responding to Behaviors I can do this myself! No trips to see IT – yay!
    • 23. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns CONVERSATIONAL
    • 24. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns What is an engaging conversation? • Listens and adapts • Communications flow one to the next
    • 25. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Email Website Social Campaigns Transactions
    • 26. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Welcome! Here’s what to expect Check out this article Here’s a cool video See our latest offering Share this with friends Here’s what others like! Happy birthday Hi, are you ready to buy? More cool content
    • 27. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns OK, why aren’t more marketers doing this?
    • 28. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 29. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 30. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 31. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns This is way too complicated.
    • 32. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Drag and drop new content
    • 33. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Not just email campaigns – Social, Direct Mail, SMS, etc…
    • 34. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 35. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns COORDINATED ACROSS CHANNELS
    • 36. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 37. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns STRATEGIC: BEYOND OPENS AND CLICKS
    • 38. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 39. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns • Open • Click • Unsubscribe • Bounce • Etc.
    • 40. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns Italian Workspace  Joe Smith: Acme Inc.  Community Help Search… + Search… + Recently Updated Practical B2B Lead Generation Added Mar 30, 2013 Sent 12,105 82 Thought Leadership Edited Mar 25, 2013 Sent 12,105 70 Lead Scoring Best Practices Edited Mar 22, 2013 Sent 12,105 55 Lead Management Best Practice D… Added Mar 18, 2013 Sent 12,105 35 Lead Scoring Best Practices Edited Mar 10, 2013 Sent 12,105 9 Engagement Over Time Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 100 80 60 40 20 0 Summary 1.5% Unsubscribe 65 Engagement 55d Next Cast Members In Track Exhausted Paused 3,450 50 35 Mar 18, 2013 Engagement: 60 2013 Marketo’s Secret Sauce Definitive Guide to Events Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Best Practices Lead Management Best Practic Practical B2B Lead Generation Thought Leadership Email Performance Report Program Performance Lead Nurturing Streams Setup My Tokens Members View: Dashboard ▼ Streams: All Streams ▼
    • 41. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 42. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns
    • 43. #RevEngine #ConvosNotCampaigns