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B2B Social Media Cheat Sheet


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The B2B Social Media Cheat Sheet includes everything you need to know in order to start incorporating social media in your B2B marketing strategies. Review these essential glossary terms and learn …

The B2B Social Media Cheat Sheet includes everything you need to know in order to start incorporating social media in your B2B marketing strategies. Review these essential glossary terms and learn techniques, both basic and advanced, to help you better engage with your prospects and customers.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. B2B Social Media What is B2B Social Media? Glossary Terms B2B social media refers to the various channels of the social web B2B Social Media – Refers to the various channels of the social (Twier, blogs, social networks, wikis, etc.) as they pertain to busi web (blogs, social networks, wikis, etc.) as they pertain to busi nesstobusiness interacons—how prospects, customers and busi nesstobusiness interacons—how prospects, customers and nesses use the social web to research, listen, communicate and businesses use the social web to research, listen, communicate and engage with each other through the exchange of content engage with each other through the exchange of content. While the term “social media” includes a variety of online communies, B2B Blog – An online journal, with new entries appearing in sequence social media focuses specifically on the use of the social web to drive as they are wrien revenue and engagement along the revenue cycle in B2B sales and Groundswell – A social trend in which people use technologies interacons. to get the things they need from each other, rather than from tradional instuons like corporaons Hashtag – A communitydriven convenon for adding addional context and metadata to tweets Why parcipate in B2B Social Media? Inbound Markeng – A type of markeng characterized by prospects and customers finding companies rather than vice versa Although it is considered by many to be more consumeroriented, Influencer – A person who is highly recognized in an online com social media is having a real impact on the B2B world. The B2B munity and has the ability to sway others’ thoughts or opinions buying process has fundamentally changed, and prospects spend Lead Scoring – The process of determining the sales readiness of more me on the web doing independent research, obtaining leads using a predetermined scoring methodology and ranking informaon from their peers and third pares via social media. them accordingly The tradional method of selling no longer applies—today’s sales LinkedIn – A businessoriented social networking site teams must engage in social selling, or use Web 2.0 technologies to beer listen and engage with prospects. Meme – A catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet More and more prospects are relying on the content found in social Microblogging – A type of blogging that allows users to send brief media channels to educate themselves about a company’s brand, text updates or micromedia such as photos or audio clips and products and services. As a result, social media plays an influenal publish them. The most popular microblogging plaorm is Twier role in the B2B decisionmaking process. Therefore, today’s B2B RSS – (Really Simple Syndicaon) A web standard for the delivery companies should use social media to monitor what prospects are of content — blog entries, news stories, headlines, images, video saying about their company, capture interest from prospects looking — enabling readers to stay current with publicaons without for their products and soluons, and coordinate the markeng and having to browse to their content sales followups to social media interacons. Senment – A level of assessment that determines the tone of an arcle, blog post, a company, etc.; usually posive, negave or neutral Short URL – An alias short URL used for redirecon of long URLs What B2B Social Media is NOT Social Media – Any strategy, soware system or media outlet that relies on social interacon and the parcipaon of individuals or B2B social media is NOT a oneway conversaon from B2B communies to create and publish content marketers to prospects. At the very heart of social media is the idea of community, relaonships and onetomany interacons. Social Media Monitoring – The use of search engine technology to ‘listen’ for specific keywords as defined by your organizaon This concept resonates in B2B social media as well. B2B social media oers marketers the unique opportunity to listen to how Social News – Websites where users submit and vote on news individuals perceive their companies’ brands, products and stories or other links, thus determining which links are presented services in real me, and enables companies to use this insight Social Proof – The determinaon of what is right by finding out to further their objecves in markeng, public relaons, product what other people think is right development and more. Social Selling – Also referred to as Sales 2.0, the merging of Web 2.0 technologies with tradional sales strategies, enabling sales Addionally, B2B social media is not using the social web and its people to beer priorize their me and serve as experts— applicaons in an adhoc manner or without having a greater not just negoators— in the product selecon process sense of social media’s role as a genuine markeng channel. Social Twier – A social networking and microblogging service in which media has already proven to be a revenue generator for many B2B users send and read other users' updates known as tweets that companies. As such, it should be treated as any other part of the are 140 characters or less markeng mix, with welldefined strategies, goals and success Twebinar – A mashup between a live podcast/audio broadcast metrics ed to it. and Twier as the backchannel for discussion
  • 2. B2B Social Media – Basic Techniques Social Media in Marketo • Crawl, walk, and then run. If you’re just geng started with social media, think about why you’re geng into it in the first place (and make sure the reason is more than “because other companies are doing it”). • Social media is just as important as your other markeng channels—develop similar objecves, strategies and success metrics that you’d like to achieve with it. • Monitor what your prospects, customers and competors are saying on social media sites. • B2B social media reaches beyond just markeng and PR—leverage the insight you gain across other departments in your organizaon including product development, customer service and more. • Use and publicize hashtags for every online or oine markeng event and commit a resource from your team to monitor and Incorporate social media sites such as Twier into your lead scoring promote discussion. and nurturing iniaves. • Start to incorporate social media into your tradional markeng programs (e.g. transform your regular webinars into Twebinars). Social Media: More than Twier Social media is not just Twier. It is any website or online commu B2B Social Media – Advanced Techniques nity where people ulize Web 2.0 technologies. Don’t just use • Trigger followup campaigns based on social media interacons. the social networks that are popular today, like Twier. Instead, • Opmize your lead nurturing by segmenng and responding to choose the social networks your prospects and customers are prospects based on their social media conversaons. using. These may include Twier, Facebook and LinkedIn, but may • Use what prospects say on social media to idenfy hot leads also include your blog, industry blogs, industry forums and more. and route them to sales at the right me. • Nofy the sales teams when prospects post interesng comments on social sites. Top Metrics to Measure ROI with B2B Social Media • Increased number of qualified leads per social media campaign Social Media - Analyst Facts • Increased revenue per social media campaign • Increased number of blog readers and subscribers “If you're a B2B marketer and you're not using social technologies in your markeng, it means you're late.” – Josh Berno, • Increased number of Twier followers and retweets “New research: B2B buyers have very high social parcipaon,” Groundswell Blog, 2009 • Increased posive menons of your company, products, or services in usergenerated content “Social media use is about creang dialog and relaonships with a community. The community says what is important, not the markeng folks.” – Laura Ramos, ““B2B Marketers Eye Social Media, Web 2.0 Taccs” The Forrester Blog for Interacve Markeng Professionals, 2008 Top Resources “A new report by Aberdeen Group found that 68% of best-in-class companies (those demonstrang markeng excellence) plan to increase • Marketo Lead Management Blog: their markeng budgets this year for social media.” • PowerShi – The Radian6 Blog: – Kate Maddox, • Social Media B2B: “Aberdeen finds marketers increasing social media budgets,” BtoB, 2009 • Groundswell Blog: Informaon for this B2B Markeng Cheat Sheet was taken from Marketo and Radian6 thought leadership including: • Marketo’s Secret Sauce for Twier –markengresources/marketotwier.php • Integrated Social Media Tracking Using Markeng Automaon – integratedsocialmediatrackingusingmarkengautomaon.html • Using Digital, Web 2.0 Taccs to Boost B2B Markeng Results” –markengresources/videosocialmedia.php • Geng Started with Social Media –ngstartedwithsocialmedia • The Top 10 Reasons to Monitor Your Brand in Social Media –content/uploads/2009/09/Top10Reasons.pdf