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Agile Content Marketing for Increased Conversions

Agile Content Marketing for Increased Conversions






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  • Step one – know WHO you are selling to <br /> <br /> I have seen people go crazy on this exercise, but I recommend keeping it simple. <br /> While it’s ideal to have specific personas for every person involved in the buying process – it is fine to start with two or three key personas, and work through the process. <br /> <br /> For example, for if you are selling technical software - you will have the user, the influencer and the buyer. <br /> <br /> This is a really important step to go through is the exercise to really get to know your buyers. <br />
  • Step 2: Map out what the journey of your buyer persona looks like <br /> <br /> This is a very important exercise and as you can see from this image, the process can be complex --- but boil it down to something manageable: <br /> <br /> Awareness <br /> Consideration <br /> Purchase <br /> <br />
  • Step 3: Once you have the stages for your personas –ask, what do they need at that stage?? Put yourself in their shoes and think about what information you would need. <br /> <br />
  • Step 4: Map your content to the right buying stage.
  • I really like thinking of the dating analogy for this exercise. You would not ask someone to marry you on your first date. <br /> <br /> Think about what you are asking your buyers. The majority are probably not ready to sign up for an online trial if they are unfamiliar with your company.
  • Step 5 – Lastly, - Understand what you ALREADY have. Perform a content audit. You may find you have a lot of great early stage content, but maybe you have less for late stage. <br /> <br /> Also, make sure to be honest – if an asset is very out dated – you may need to retire it. <br /> <br />
  • >>At this point a lot of people freak out because it can feel like you need a lot of new assets for lead gen <br /> Many of us are faced with limited resources, time, etc. and the thought of developing a lot of great content is overwhelming. <br /> <br /> <br /> How do you plan what content you need for your programs? <br /> How should you think about content per channel? <br /> How do you optimize it? <br /> <br /> <br /> That’s where lean content creation comes in….. <br />
  • Let’s go over a few tips!
  • Keep in mind, content is not just white papers or eBooks! <br /> <br /> Can be simple and short blog posts, 4 minute videos, infographics, etc.
  • 1. Subject line – from convince and convert 33% open on subject line alone <br /> <br /> 2. We know emails do better if they are personal, human, and timely – so think how your content offer fits into that framework <br /> <br /> Relevant and vetted offer for the audience - have an understanding of what your buyer has done and where they are in the buying cycle <br /> Test! <br /> A/B split – offer one and offer two - A/B Testing isn’t about what YOU like, it’s about what your audience responds to <br />
  • Think about your blog. Do you have a good methodology for collecting names? By adding the sign up for email updates we saw a nice lift. <br />
  • From average 14 a week to 145/week - 10X growth! <br />
  • Demand Generation <br /> Engagement with database <br /> Keep Marketo top of mind <br /> <br /> Specifically – content: <br /> Strategies and tips from thought leaders, partners, and industry veterans <br /> Exposure to new marketing paradigms and practices <br /> Interactive networking with similar companies in the marketing community <br /> <br /> <br /> 14,000 registered!
  • Lastly, I will touch on content syndication. Content syndication is another popular channel used to generate leads online. Content syndication is a method by which pieces of content, they can be articles, white papers, ebooks, are shared with permission from the writer. <br /> <br /> Here are some tips for consideration: <br /> 1. Use mid-stage content – this way you are selecting leads that are further along in the buying cycle. <br /> 2. Gate content – using forms <br /> 3. Have system integration. I set up all Content Syndication programs this way to names instantly are updated in Marketo – versus waiting for a vendor to send you and Excel doc. <br /> 4. Get credit. What I mean by this, is just make sure your content is branded so there is no confusion about who it is coming from. <br /> 5. Double check your names to make sure they are new. You do not want to pay for names you already have. <br /> 6. And lastly, check in with your vendors to see how often they get fresh prospects so your content is not circling the drain with the same folks. <br /> <br />
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApzbS2Hifm0ZdE54bmo4N2ozLVN1aF9pNU9qYl9jYUE#gid=0
  • Here we see what works for Marketo over the last 12 months to generate prospects. (great place to start – need to then dive in further and understand where content is performing or underperforming) <br /> <br /> ------------------------- <br /> <br /> Explain columns… <br /> <br /> Website+Blog = 38% of all opps <br /> <br /> But I’d be a bad stock picker if I put all my money in one stock, and I’d be a bad marketer if I bet all my prospect generation on one source. <br /> <br /> The reality is you need a portfolio of prospects and channels to achieve the best results. In fact, Marketo runs an average of 40 different Prospect generating programs each and every month across all these sources.