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10 Tips for Using Slideshare for Lead Generation


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The rise of visual content marketing is forcing marketers everywhere to re-evaluate their overall strategy. No longer can a marketing professional rely solely on white papers and blog posts to get …

The rise of visual content marketing is forcing marketers everywhere to re-evaluate their overall strategy. No longer can a marketing professional rely solely on white papers and blog posts to get their message to prospective buyers and customers.

It’s now vital to include a visual element across all marketing campaigns. SlideShare is an essential part to any successful content marketing strategy. It’s much more than just a place to upload your webinar slides, it’s a powerful social community with a reported 60 million monthly visitors.

Download this ebook for 10 tips that can help you turn SlideShare into a lead generating machine for your business.

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  • 2. 2 /14The rise of visual content marketing is forcing marketers everywhere tore-evaluate their overall strategy.No longer can a marketing professional rely solely on white papers and blogposts to get their message to prospective buyers and customers.It’s now vital to include a visual element across all marketing campaigns.SlideShare is an essential part to any successful content marketingstrategy. It’s much more than just a place to upload your webinar slides,it’s a powerful social community with a reported 60 millionmonthly visitors.This ebook includes 10 tips that can help you turn SlideShareinto a lead generating machine for your business.10 Tips for Using SlideShareFor Lead Generation
  • 3. 3 /14Click Here for Kinvey SlideShare Example.#1Base Your Presentation on aTopic you are an Expert OnThe goal of content is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. SlideShareempowers the modern marketer to do this by using highly consumable visualelements. The idea here is to focus on creating SlideShare content that isrelevant to your target audience, but remember, you should always be lookingto push the boundaries a bit. Finding content topics that tie back to yourexpertise can be a great way to broaden the reach of your content and pull innew prospects on their journey to finding a solution to their problem.Below is a link to great example of this from Mobile App developer Kinvey. Ofcourse they have SlideShare content around their core topic of mobile apps, butthey also create content that pushes beyond that initial audience and greatlyexpands their overall reach on SlideShare.
  • 4. 4 /14#2Your Title Slide isYour HeadlineJust as with any form of content marketing, you have onlya brief moment to catch someone’s attention in the insanelyfast paced world of social. Make sure the first slide of your presentationis easy to read and well designed. Doing so will give your SlideSharepresentation a much better chance of garnering views, as the topic is nowreinforced as your title slide. Pull them in with the headlineand keep them clicking through with the content.
  • 5. 5 /14#3Optimize Each Presentationfor SEOIn some cases, creating presentations that rank for certain keywords can bemuch easier than ranking a post on your blog. It is important to include keywordrich titles, descriptions and tags in order to give your presentations a fightingchance in the world of search engines as well as inside the SlideShare searchresults. Make sure you are spending time writing your titles and descriptions withthese SEO factors in mind. The fact that your SlideShare presentation is easilyembedded into other sites will also drive SEO results. Each time someoneembeds your presentation it serves as an inbound link.
  • 6. 6 /14#4Integrate Your PresentationsAcross Multiple ChannelsSlideShare is especially useful across the social-sphere because it renderseasily within a blog, landing page and Twitter, keeping your audience engagedwithout having to leave their platform of choice for consuming your content. Onepresentation can be the core content piece to an entire campaign, as seen tothe right. In this example, the SlideShare presentation has been integrated andembedded across a company blog, a specific landing page, andembedded socially.
  • 7. 7 /14#5Come out of the Gates SwingingMaking an initial splash and gaining traction with a new presentation onSlideShare can be challenging. Make sure you have a promotion strategy inplace before you upload. Doing so will give you a much better chance for makingthe coveted front page of SlideShare and gaining “Hot on…” status. Before youpush that publish button, check with the rest of your marketing team tosee if there is any way they can utilize your presentation intheir campaigns. Then make sure you have a social planto drive shares and likes in order to make thebiggest impact possible upon posting.
  • 8. 8 /14#6Take it on the RoadAs with any solid piece of content you create, its’ important to have a planin place to make sure you are getting the most out of your content. This isespecially important with SlideShare since there are many opportunities torepurpose a presentation both on and offline. Make your presentation part ofsomething bigger by showcasing it at company meetings, user groups, socialmeetups, industry conferences, and use it in a webinar or two.
  • 9. 9 /14#7Repurpose and thenRepurpose Some MoreChances are you already have whitepapers and/or case studies that can berepurposed into visual presentations. This is a great opportunity to turn thiscontent into a visual SlideShare presentation.In the link below, Jay Baer turned a static white paper into an interactiveSlideShare presentation. This is a fantastic way to repurpose content and have ithosted in multiple formats. Jay offers this content as an eBook and a SlideSharepresentation giving his audience a choice on how they prefer to consume thecontent. In addition, the SlideShare presentation is easily shared and embeddedacross the web for extra SEO juice.Click Here for Jay Baer SlideShare Example.
  • 10. 10 /14#8Check the AnalyticsSlideShare has a fantastic analytics dashboard for its pro customers that showsome very helpful stats around each of your presentations. If you are planningon using SlideShare as part of your overall content marketing strategy, thenthe pro account is a great investment. Measuring the key metrics around yourpresentations is essential to see which ones are performing well. You can viewthe referring traffic, a breakdown of where the audience is coming from, andmuch more. This type of info is vital for guiding the decision making aroundwhat type of content to produce.
  • 11. 11 /14#9Turn on the Forms OptionThis is where SlideShare shines for lead generation. SlideShare has the abilityto embed a lead generation form at the end of your presentation. You have theoption to have a form pop up after your presentation is complete where userscan enter their information to download the presentation and learn more aboutyour company.You can then export these names and follow up accordingly. If you are usinga marketing automation platform, you can sync these names directly intoyour database and trigger alerts based on keywords that indicate the user isinterested in buying.
  • 12. 12 /14#10Add Your Presentations toYour Personal LinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn’s purchase of SlideShare last year was a brilliant move. 2013 willlikely see many more integrated features. For now, you can easily embed yourpresentations on your personal LinkedIn profile for additional viewsand credibility.
  • 13. 13 /14ConclusionWith a bit of careful planning and cross functional alignment of your goals, theresults are tremendous. Here are the highlighted results from Marketo’s recentSlideShare efforts.Visuals are vital for breaking through the noise by reaching prospects andcustomers in today’s “attention economy” with a unique message. UtilizingSlideShare and implementing the tactics mentioned above can both complementyour static content, while offering up yet another way for your content to beconsumed in a much more interactive and visually stimulating way.Combine that with the rich analytics and SlideShare’s overall flexibility, andyou have a fantastic channel to pull in new leads while nurturing the onesyou already have.
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