10 Tips for the Ultimate Dreamforce Experience


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  • All you need to know about DF on your phone! This is great to utilize when you have arrived at the show and need to view your agenda, post to Chatter, find sessions, etc. View your agenda, schedule, and Chatter with attendees
  • Know where your sessions are – DF campus is much larger than just Moscone center. Know where you are going so you can allot enough time to walk there (on that note make sure you have comfy shoes on!)
  • There are some huge names this year for keynotes – Benioff, Mayer, … so get there early to grab a seat!
  • Your chance to get closer to the folks that really know about SFDC – the inner workings of the company
  • You will be meeting tons of peers, SFDC staff, and vendors that understand your pain points and want to help get your company on track so make sure you follow up with the conversations you have! -in context
  • A little bit about Marketo - Marketo is a cloud-based marketing SW platform that enables modern relationship marketing.The platform was built for marketers by marketers.
  • Marketo has attended Dreamforce since 2008. There is a lot of collective experience on our team and understanding around the event. Definitely check out blogs on our website and on Bluewolf’s site for some additional cool tips.Dreamforce is different than a lot of larger events. There is definitely a feeling of excitement and high energy. This is evident from the speakers – this year there is Marissa Meyer, Cheryl Sandberg. Also, Dreamforce is really a hub for new cloud technologies. You will see new products, new companies and that creates a very dynamic atmosphere.So, although it is exciting, fun, and high energy it is also VERY big.
  • DF is a lot like Disneyland. You are not going to see everything. As Bluewolf as already touched on, you need to have a plan and a map.If you are completely new to DF, to get a feel for the event – if you haven’t already – definitely set up automatic searches through Twitter with the appropriate hash tags. You can learn a lot that way. #df13 , @dreamforce, @salesforce and definitely follow people like Jeremiah Owyang  and companies like Marketo and Bluewolf--- can get a lot- Engage in Dreamforce’s Chatter Org to connect with other like-minded individuals before the big event, especially if you are new. So, today my tips (in addition to what Bluewolf reviewed) are to help you focus in and get the most out of such an exciting event.
  • So, the good news is you are already doing some pre-event research which is very important with an event as large as Dreamforce.If you’re going to attend Dreamforce, clearly you’re making a significant investment. With the money you’ll spend on airfare, hotel and registration fees, you really need to make sure you have a game plan and set objectives prior to arriving. That way, you can maximize your time and investment effectively. You need to ask yourself why you are attending and what is the ROI you want from the event?
  • Here is some data I found that illustrates why most of us attend events. You can see the top reasons include seeing new products and keeping up on industry trends.
  • So why are YOU attending? Is it to learn about new products or technologies? If so, map out the key vendors and get demos.Is it to learn about new trends you can bring back to your office? Know what sessions you want to attend. Plan out your goals for the conference and try to match your plan with the sessions offered. Start mapping now. On this slide I am showing a nice chart (courtesy of MarketingProfs) – gives you a good sense of how to think through your objectives and the value you want to derive.
  • So, if you remember one thing from this webinar, it is to have a plan and do not go into DF unprepared.Now that we have discussed goals and what you want to accomplish – consider these 5 tips to ensure your time spent is effective.
  • The first tip is TALK TO VENDORS.So, to be clear vendors will want to sell you something and that is why they are there. That being said, they also can be immensely helpful.As we already discussed, most of us attend shows to learn about new products and technologies. Map out AHEAD OF TIME what you are interested and then figure out the vendors you want to visit. During your conversations with them, be able to clearly and succinctly articulate your business pain points. They can be more effective if they understand what you are looking for.
  • Here I am showing Xactly’s booth from last year – see how friendly these guys are!Specifically – you should do the following:Ask vendors about their recommended sessionsGet a feel for the company – especially if you are considering a productGreat time to see a demo (get it from a product manager or sales consultant) – many companies send invites before DF – Marketo does – and you can sign up for meetings and demos ahead of time. This is good to do.Find out about new products and servicesGet their perspective on upcoming trends
  • Tip 2 is to Take Notes. You will be exposed to a lot of great content, ideas, and conversations. Make sure you capture it! You think you will remember a lot, but once you get back to daily life in the office it is really tough. The trick is not to record everything. Focus on what is helpful for your organization – such as: Key trends that can impact your businessTechnologies you are considering for 2014 – check out all the optionsIdeas you can repurpose
  • Some easy ways to keep notes:Recommend doing this electronicallyTry to also COLLECT information that way can look at tools like EvernoteTake pictures or add notes on your phone – but keep them in one spotKeep information in a format you can present back at your company
  • Tip 3: Go to the talks – especially keynotes. This is where you can learn about the latest and greatest – key trends, new products, industry announcements
  • Tip # 4 is BE SOCIAL. Even if your natural tendency is to be introverted – it is important for these few days to get out there and meet people. It is an incredible opportunity to meet thought leaders in your field, technology experts, and if you can’t find those folks – find people like yourself.
  • So specifically try to:Set up quick meetings with people – lunch is a great time.Invite someone new to dinnerSet up a demo or meetings with key vendors ahead of timeDon’t cling to your mobile device
  •  And lastly, Tip #5 – USE WHAT YOU LEARN for a better 2014 – don’t let the goodness disappear with your receipts.
  • Mention the meeting and the conversation.Refer to something specific that came up in the conversation, especially a mutual interest.Suggest a way to continue the conversation.Attach an article or include a link that will please the other person (not a hard-selling piece).Mention a next step you will take.
  • To me, this is the most important tip. You are investing a lot of time and dollars. If you are successful, you should have the information to make a new product or technology decision. You ideally went into the event with an objective – you should have what you need to Try new idea to try for your business. Make a decision on a new technology.Pick a subset of what you learned and pick one thing you can do differently or get implemented
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