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IWA SEO Presentation - So Effin` Overwhelming
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IWA SEO Presentation - So Effin` Overwhelming


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Made it to the IWA meeting July 22nd, 2014 but was too confused to retain the information? No worries! Now you can view, re-view, and review the entire presentation. …

Made it to the IWA meeting July 22nd, 2014 but was too confused to retain the information? No worries! Now you can view, re-view, and review the entire presentation.

Wasn't able to make it? Go ahead and view the presentation and see what topics were discussed. There is a lot of information that was discussed so go ahead and contact me for anything questions.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. Fundamentals of SEO A Big Nose Marketing production Directed and Narrated by Ryon McCamish (who really has no idea what he’s doing)
  • 2. What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is optimizing a website to be shown in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to a user for the relevant keyword or key phrase that is being searched for.
  • 3. What is SEO really? An online marketing campaign or strategy that needs to be heavily tracked, researched, and adjusted at a moments notice that requires hair pulling outing, not understanding anything, and rocking back and forth in a corner crying when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself in to.
  • 4. or as I like to call it…
  • 5. So Effin` Overwhelming
  • 6. Topics of the Hour • SEOing Factors • Internal & External Factors • Your Website • Your Blog • Online Directories • Reviews • Social Media • Backlinks (Link Juice) & Co-Citations • Google Analytics • Google Algorithms • Spam • Spotting a Fake SEO Guru
  • 7. SEOing Factors SEOing Factors • Neuroscience • UX & Design • Keyword Research • Screen Responsiveness • PR • Social Media • Reviews • Backlinks • Website Copy • Blog Copy • Website Auditing • Performance Tracking • Online Directories • Content Marketing • YouTube • Brand • Co-citations • Landing Pages • Email Marketing • Algorithm Knowledge • Site Speed • And much, much more…
  • 8. SEOing Factors SEOing Factors Or as Rand Fishkin from MOZ says: “Anything that affects input directly or indirectly is SEO.”
  • 9. SEO: Ranking Factors SEOing Factors: Ranking Factors There over 200 of them. If you print this infographic out, it would measure 11 in wide x 23 FEET long! algorithm-infographic Ranking Factors Importance Ranking Factors Description (Infographic source)
  • 10. Internal & External Factors Internal & External Factors Internal Factors: Website, Hosting Provider, Entire Online Marketing Strategy, Landing Pages, Site Performance External Controllables: Backlinks, Online Directories, Social Media posts, Outbound Links External Uncontrollables: Backlinks, Hosting Provider, Social Media engagement, Algorithm Updates
  • 11. Your Website Your Website Title Line URL Path Website
  • 12. Your Website and Google Your Website and Google Title Line Page or Meta Description – 512px long (~65 characters) - ~160 characters
  • 13. Responsive Website Your Website: Responsive Website What is it? A responsive website is a website that scales according to screen size. Not to be confused with a mobile site.
  • 14. Responsive Website Your Website: Responsive Website
  • 15. Responsive Website Your Website: Responsive Website What makes them so special? Loves Them!
  • 16. Your Blog Your Blog Is a content holding, thought sharing, lead generating powerhouse that Google eats up. Your blog should have per post: • 1,500 words • SEO’d title line • SEO’d permalink • SEO’d blog title • SEO’d page description • SEO’d content • Lead generation
  • 17. Online Directories Online Directories
  • 18. Online Directories: NAP Online Directories: NAP Name Address Phone number
  • 19. Online Directories: NAP Online Directories: NAP The key to with Local SEO is consistency. John’s Shop 123 Johnson St. (651) 123-4567 St. Paul, MN 54321 Johns Shop 123 Johnson Street 651.123.4567 Saint Paul, MN 54321
  • 20. Reviews Reviews Man, am I EVER going to shut up?? I’m thinking the same thing, “What is this guy TALKING about?” I really have no idea what I’m doing…
  • 21. Social Media Social Media There is: And then there is:
  • 22. Social Media and SEO Social Media and SEO Compelling Content Creates Engagement For More to See WANT to Follow You Gets Web Traffic To Convert
  • 23. Backlinks & Co-Citations Backlinks & Co-Citations Backlink: A link to your site from another site Co-Citation: A mention of your business on another site Quality Vs. Quantity
  • 24. Google Analytics Google Analytics Nothing to see here. Just more mindless babble…
  • 25. Google Algorithms Google Algorithms Panda Penguin Hummingbird
  • 26. Spam Spam • Duplicate Content • Too Many Keywords • Full Screen Ads • Duplicate Business Listings • Backlinks • Too Many Errors(404) • Heavily SEO’d Landing Pages • If it feels wrong, it probably is
  • 27. The secret sauce recipe is… Spam
  • 28. Spotting a Fake SEO Guru Spotting a Fake SEO Guru 1. Promising Page 1 2. Talking Up Backlinks 3. All about keywords 4. Get you on hundreds of directories 5. Can’t/won’t explain tactics 6. All you need is SEO 7. Can fix SEO for a flat rate 8. Don’t worry about algorithms 9. “Hi, this is Google.”
  • 29. Fin
  • 30. Q&A Time Q&A Time • (Coming Soon!)