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How to make a 'banksy' style image in powerpoint
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How to make a 'banksy' style image in powerpoint


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business

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  • 1. How to make a ‘banksy’ style image in Powerpoint
    A content making tutorial from:
  • 2. Step one: Find some images
    A content making tutorial from:
    I did some image searches and found...
    A pretty young girl dressed for the 4th of July holding a blank blue sign.
    Cassette image
    Please note:
    Remember that some
    images are copyright
    Protected. So any sale
    use may be prohibited.
    These images are purely
    for example.
    Brick walls...
  • 3. Step two: Layer up your images
    A content making tutorial from:
    I then used the contrast and colour settings to make the images appear like a two tone stencil.
    Use right click and format picture.
    This will bring up the menu for your chosen layer. I then moved the brightness down and the contrast up until I achieved my desired effect.
    N.B. I also added a soft outline to the girl, cassette and a white circle images I used to allow the brickwork to show through. See below for the tool bar choices.
  • 4. Step three: Add a tag line
    A content making tutorial from:
    Use the in-built text and drawing tools to create your tagline. I used the speech bubble tool with a soft edge effect on the outline to look like it was sprayed. The text was layered above the red bubble.
    Text Gradients:
    I added a gradient fill to make the text look like it was sprayed with a stencil. Try using the inbuilt options to see what effects you can achieve.
  • 5. Step four: Create your image
    A content making tutorial from:
    Once I was happy with the design, I used the different export functions in Powerpoint to create a jpeg image file.
  • 6. Step five: Use you image
    A content making tutorial from:
    You can use your image in a variety of ways:
    • Create a T shirt print online
    • 7. Upload to Flickr or online shareinglocations
    • 8. Add to Google Picassa
    • 9. Use this in your print communications
    • 10. Use this on your blog
    • 11. Make in into a poster print
    • 12. Make a stencil and use this to create your own
    work of art on canvas.
    Please note:
    Use your imagery within the law, avoid any copyright infringement, and try to be original!
    Marketingwu cannot be held responsible for any images which are created and the use of that imagery once this tutorial has been followed.
  • 13. And finally...
    A content making tutorial from:
    Marketing Wu is all about making content for your small business, online endeavours and any other area of your life that you need content for.
    You can find out more by visiting:
    Or by following me on Twitter @marketingwu
    What to do next.?..
    Please feel free to forward this tutorial out to anyone who you think would find it useful and interesting. It is useful as social media links and content for your blogs.
    This tutorial is not for sale, and is offered for free under the creative commons licence. Please remember to offer a link back to my website : www.marketingwu.comreferencing Marketing Wu as the creator of this content. Many thanks in advance!