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Using Interactive Marketing To Reach Your Target Demographic
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Using Interactive Marketing To Reach Your Target Demographic


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1.
  • 2. Using Interactive Marketing to Reach Your Target Demographic:Harnessing the Power of the Internet One Friend at a Time
    Brad Gibbs
    Chief Growth Officer
    PlattForm Higher Education
    Joe Mulvihill
    Search Engine Optimization Manager
    PlattForm Higher Education
  • 3. Bumper Slide
  • 4. Time Line of Internet Marketing
    1998 -
    Starts PPC Ads
    2006 – Facebook
    Opens Doors
    2008 – Mobile Apps
    Gain Popularity
    2004 – Google
    Goes Public
    2003 - Launch
    of MySpace
    1997 - Schools
    Launch Web Sites
    2007 - Schools Start
    Social Marketing
    2001 – Beginning
    of CPL Leads
    2005 – Increase of
    SEM Marketing
  • 5. Pay-Per-Click Marketing Trends
    Conversion Based Site Development
    Focus Schools and Programs
  • 6. CPI Campaign Trends
    Stabilizing CPI and CPE
    Cost-Per-Enrollment Tracking by Source
    Growth of Call Center Leads
  • 7. Old School SEO Tactics
    Search Engine Friendly Development
    Detailed Keyword Research
    Proper Meta Tags
    Dynamic, Targeted Title Tags
    Clean H1 and H2
    Integrate Keywords
    Site Architecture
    XML Site Maps
  • 8. New School SEO
    Off-page Optimization
    Video Optimization
    Mass Content Distribution
    Social Media Presence
    Become the Authority
    Enable Access to Your Message
  • 9. What everyone REALLY wants to talk about…
  • 10. Why Do People Engage in Social Sites?
    Connecting with Friends
    Sharing Common Interests
    Meeting New People
    Professional Research
    It’s Fun and Rewarding
  • 11. Where Are We Headed?
    Dedicated Social Groups
    Social News
    Everything On-demand
    Mobile Is The Medium
  • 12. Mobile Applications
  • 13. Facebook Me
    Dominant Player Currently
    Growing in Older Demographics
    Strong Social Norms
    Has Become a MUST
    *250 million active users, 120 million login at least once daily
  • 14. Facebook Example
  • 15. Come Visit MySpace
    Previous Dominant Social Site
    More than Just Friends
    Still Loyal Following
    Allows More Customization
  • 16. MySpace Example
  • 17. Lets Get Linkedin
    Professional Networking Site
    Fast Growing
    Most Underutilized Network
    Personal Networking
    Connecting with the Business Community
    Alumni Relations
  • 18. Linkedin Example
  • 19. Check It Out on YouTube
    2nd Largest Search Engine
    More than just Entertainment
    Re-use Video Creative
    Channel Your Efforts
    Don’t Forget Your Site
  • 20. YouTube Example
  • 21. Follow Me on Twitter
    Extremely Trendy
    Focused on Short Snippets
    Allows MySpace-type Customization
    Potential Uses
    Enterprise Messaging System
    Hardcore Followers
  • 22. Twitter Example
  • 23. BYOSN
    Create Your Own Community
    Showcase for Students
    Encourages School Engagement
    Develop Alumni Network
  • 24. Proprietary Network Example
  • 25. Building the Case for Going Social
    Budgeting for Social Networking
    Building the ROI Case
    Tracking Results
  • 26. Questions to Ask
    Who Owns Social Networking?
    How to Involve the Whole Institution?
    How Do I Build Community?
    How to Control Content?
    Centralized vs. Decentralized?
    Who Is My Evangelist?
  • 27. Implications of Social Networking
    Impact on Communications with Students
    IT Infrastructure Support
    Involves Releasing some Control
    Ownership of Internal Teammates
  • 28. Social Networking in Admissions
    Additional Contact Method
    Stay in Touch with Shoppers
    Changing Method of Communication
  • 29. To Dos
    Should Do
    Must Do
    Post Every Video to YouTube
    Get Linking With Your Business Community
    Develop Alumni Groups
    Engage on Twitter
    Assign Responsibility
    Fan Page on Linkedin
    Profile on MySpace
    Start Developing Friends
    Post Consistently
    Next Years To Dos
    • Develop Integrated Social Strategy
    • 30. Integrate Social Media Into Your Site
    • 31. Hire a Social Butterfly
  • Questions?