5 Steps to Creating a Lead Gen Machine & the Predictable Rev that CEO's Love

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  • 1. 5 Steps To Creating A Lead Gen Machine & The  Predictable Revenue That CEOs Love Twitter: @brianjcarroll @motoceo Twitter Hashtag: #b2bleadgen Sponsored By:
  • 2. From A Salesforce.com Alum: 5 Steps To Creating A Lead Gen Machine &  The Predictable Revenue That CEOs Love 2
  • 3. About Aaron Ross • High school coding geek (NASA) • Stanford Undergrad + GSB dropout • CEO of LeaseExchange: ‐$5 Million • Ironman Triathlon, Boulder Outdoor Survival School • Created Salesforce.com’s Inside Sales Leadgen Team (&  $100 Million In Recurring Revenue) • ‘Entrepreneur‐in‐Residence’ at Alloy Ventures ($1B) • Author, “CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini‐CEOs” Now: I consult with companies on creating predictable  revenue & sales. 3
  • 4. Created A $100M Inside Sales Team At Salesforce.com A“Cold Calling 2.0” process and team that helped increase recurring revenue for Salesforce.com by $100 million & grew F5000 bookings by more than 60% 4
  • 5. And Years Of Consulting/Advising 5
  • 6. “Build A Sales Machine” Client: WPromote Michael Stone, VP Sales, Wpromote #1 ranked Inc500 Search Marketing Firm: • “Working with Aaron Ross has been nothing short of  amazing… • His methods produced a profitable and scalable new stream  of predictable revenue.  • We saw at least 40+% new business growth.  • Deal size is still growing.  • We’re getting in the door with big brands like Overstock,  AT&T, IBM, etc. – people that would have never come to us.  • The best part is, we had a blast while doing it!” 6
  • 7. Book Coming Fall 2010: “Predictable Revenue” Early reviewer comments: “entrepreneurial crack”, “I couldn’t put it down”, & “freaking awesome” Register for a free excerpt at: BuildASalesMachine.com/book 7
  • 8. A Wave Of Change 8
  • 9. What Works In Sales Has Changed 1.0 2.0 All salespeople prospect Dedicated prospecting team ABC / Always Be Closing Is there a mutual fit? Measure activities (Dials) Measure results (qualified leads) Cold calls Research, referral calls Manipulative selling Short and sweet text emails CRM hurts productivity CRM multiplies productivity Long letters & emails Authentic selling 9
  • 10. 5 Steps To A Lead Gen Machine & Predictable Revenue… 1. Discover Your ‘Unique Genius’ 2. Distinguish Your Leads: ‘Seeds, Nets & Spears’ 3. Specialize Sales To Ensure Every Lead Gets The  Attention It Deserves 4. Build An Outbound Sales Machine (Cold Calling 2.0) 5. Become Indispensable To Your CEO 10
  • 11. STEP 1 Discover Your Unique Genius,  “Your Purpose, Translated Into  Customer Success & Trust” 11
  • 12. What Is Your Purpose, & How Is It Different? 12
  • 13. Customer Trust => Extraordinary Growth 13
  • 14. Unique Genius Attracts Results 1. What is your purpose that is bigger than  you? – If your company is on the cover of BusinessWeek for changing ____, what did you do? 2. Do you only say it or do you LIVE it? – Salesforce.com “No software” – Zappos: “Provide the best customer service  possible” – Google: “Organize the world's information and  make it universally accessible and useful” 14
  • 15. Forget About What You “Do” • Customers care less about what you do than  the results you create – “We are the leading application platform for widget  integration on the social graph…blah blah” • My example:  – “I am a sales & management consultant” vs.  – “I help companies create predictable revenue” & “I help  leaders turn their employees into Mini‐CEOs” 15
  • 16. Homework • When someone asks “What do you do?”, pretend  they asked “How do you help customers?” • What is your Ideal Customer Profile? • Talk to your customers & ask them: – What difference have you made to them? – Why did they do business with you?   – Why do they continue to do business with you? – Why would they refer others to you? 16
  • 17. STEP 2 Distinguish Your Leads: “Seeds, Nets & Spears” 17
  • 18. Distinguishing Lead Types 18
  • 19. Distinguishing Lead Types •Lower volume •Highest value/lead •Lower volume •Harder to increase •High value per lead •Medium work to increase •Grew Salesforce.com Revenue 60%! •Higher volume •Low value per lead •Easiest to increase 19
  • 20. Example Nets Funnel ___ Website MARKETING Visitors __% Conversion ___ Leads SALES (Registrations) DEVELOPMENT __% Converted Cost per Lead ___ Qualified $___ Leads __% Accepted ___ Qualified SALES Opportunities $___ Avg /Oppty __ Lead Qualification Reps per __ Leads per Month $___ Pipeline ___% Close __ Account Execs per $__ Pipeline per Month Sales Cycle 20 Length ____ $___ Bookings
  • 21. Example Spears Funnel (Cold Calling 2.0) Define Ideal Target Profile Prepare Add Target Accounts Add Contacts Send __ Cold Emails / Make __ Mapping Calls Work Responses (9% Response Rate) Prospect __ Call Conversations __ Demos/Appointments Begin Sales __ New Opportunities Cycle __ Closed Deals 21
  • 22. STEP 3 Specialize Sales Roles To Ensure  Every Lead Gets The Attention It  Deserves 22
  • 23. Layers Of The Onion 23
  • 24. Critical Success Factor: Specialize Four Sales Functions Organic & Frontline Customer Marketing Leads Sales Sales Success “Outbound” Qualified New “Inbound” Opportunities Customers 24
  • 25. 3 Keys To Making Contact 1. Train salespeople to be “business people  who can sell, not sales people” – Use role‐playing 2. Keep initial emails/vmails short & relevant – Make it about giving them value, not about you – If they pick up: “Did I catch you at a bad time?” 3. Propose a specific time to talk – Wrong: “Reach out when you have time” – Right: “Are you free Thursday at 9a PST?” 25
  • 26. 6 Step Qualification Call Agenda “Did I catch you at a bad time? 1.Introduction (SHORT) 2.Be curious 3.Current challenges?  4.Position your solution 5.Probe/confirm/qualify 6.Next step recommendation Total Time < 20 minutes 26
  • 27. The Simplest Ways To Nurture Leads • Two SIMPLE options that require < 4 hours – An email newsletter (email out your blog posts) – Hold a monthly webinar (or teleseminar)  • Guidelines:  – Share your expertise ‐ TEACH them something  beyond your product – How can you help them do their job better? – Be interesting / authentic (don’t be boring) • More trust = more sales 27
  • 28. STEP 4: Build An Outbound Sales Machine (Cold Calling 2.0) 28
  • 29. 29
  • 30. You’ve Been Doing It Backwards Cold Calling 1.0 Cold Calling 2.0 1. Cold CALL 1. Cold EMAIL (9% response rate) 2. Cold Email 2.  Warm call people who  respond (internal referrals) 30
  • 31. Prospecting Emails: Less Is More 1. You can get a 9%+ response rate asking  for referrals 2. State simply why you are reaching out – and be honest! (In every way) 3. Make the first email SHORT & SWEET:  easy read & respond to on a blackberry 31
  • 32. 5‐Step Outbound Process Ideal Build Run Email Sell The Pass The Customer List  Campaigns Dream Baton Profile Highest  Import  Generate  Connect  Seamlessly  Revenue  Into  Internal  Their Handoff To  Potential &  Sales/Mar Referrals Need To  Quota‐ Close Rates keting  Your Solution Carrying  Systems Salesperson 32
  • 33. STEP 5 Become Indispensable  To Your CEO 33
  • 34. Law Of Reciprocity • If you work to make others successful, they  will work to help you succeed • Do you know what’s important to your CEO?  – It’s not leads • All quality CEOs care about: 1.Money (Revenue, finance, metrics, investors) 2.People (Attracting, developing, turning them into  Mini‐CEOs) 34
  • 35. CEO Sweet Spot 35
  • 36. The CEO Is The Pebble In The Pond 36
  • 37. What’s The Value Of… • A clear, step‐by‐step plan to create predictable  revenue? • The ability to repeatedly source sales‐ready leads  from ideal clients who aren’t calling you? • The ability to attract and develop driven sales  talent? • Peace of mind and freedom of predictable results  and self‐managing systems?
  • 38. Contact Best address for speaking, consulting or  partnering: info@pebblestorm.com or  emily@pebblestorm.com (My personal email: aaron@pebblestorm.com)  Thank you! 38