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Tollgrade Smart Grid LightHouse 4.0


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  • 1. Smart Grid Solutions Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions LightHouse® 4.0 Platform with Predictive Grid® Analytics © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. - Confidential
  • 2. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Overview Corporate Overview Smart Grid Opportunity LightHouse 4.0 Platform Why Tollgrade? © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 3. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Tollgrade is a Trusted Partner  World Leader in Access Network Test Systems  Incumbent positions in many of the world’s largest telecommunications providers  Perform the automated test process for over +200 million copper access lines worldwide  Expertise in Algorithms, Data analysis, correlation and dispatch in large networks  Leading Edge Smart Grid Portfolio  Key Utilities – Duke Energy, CenterPoint, First Energy, Iberdrola, National Grid  International Expansion - Western Power Distribution (UK), Partnerships Latin America  Leverages large Telco expertise in fault analysis and data accuracy monitoring 200M+ lines © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. - Confidential
  • 4. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions #1 Smart Grid Sensor Market Leader © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. - Confidential
  • 5. Smart Grid Solutions Opportunity
  • 6. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Grid is a $360B Asset Little Visibility
  • 7. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions
  • 8. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Tollgrade LightHouse Platform Software-Defined Smart Grid Sensors Integrated Communication & Data Plan SMS with Predictive Grid® Analytics Software © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. - Confidential
  • 9. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Medium Voltage (MV) Line Sensors Operations:  Low current operations to 3 amps  Inductively powered, battery-free operation  4KV to 69KV  Clamps directly to conductor (#6 AWG to 795 MCM)  Operating temperature: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)  GPS: location, timestamp, Auto-phase ID, Time Synchronization  20 Year MTBF Measurements:  Current (0-17,000 RMS amperes)  Nominal RMS current  Fault and Surge current  Conductor temperature  Power quality (sags, swells, harmonics)  Power factor  Voltage (Electric field strength) First Sensor to pass Homologation in Brazil © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 10. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Lightweight, “Hot Stick” Deployable Solution © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 11. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Sensor Management System (SMS) Software Configurable Reporting, Actionable Intelligence • Substation, circuit and sensor views • Google® Maps • Event summaries • Dashboard reporting • Waveform display Remote Sensor Management • Configuration templates / auto configuration • User defined thresholds / parameters • Diagnostics • Remote upgradeable firmware • Seamless integration via DNP3 to SCADA, DMS, OMS Predictive Grid® Analytics • Fault analytics: Fault detection, correlation and location • Event analytics: Peak current, inrush • Operations analytics: Vegetation management, cap bank blown fuses • Asset management analytics: Recloser counting, fuse operations • COMTRADE or .csv waveform export Only Sensor with Predictive Grid® Analytics © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 12. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Raw Data Capture Classification Planning, Reporting, Trending & Alarms Predictive Grid® Analytics 4 Layers of Analytical Processing for Improved Accuracy & Grid Intelligence 1 2 3 4 SMS – The Intelligence Behind Our Sensors © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. Only Sensor with Predictive Grid® Analytics
  • 13. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Competitive Differentiator – Analytics Filtering 4-month period: 87 FCI Events Only 6 True FCI Events Reduced False Alarms Accurate regulatory reporting Eliminate wasted time Faster location of faults LightHouse Analytics Filtering: 81 Normal Operations Load Switching Capacitor Bank Operations Adjacent Phase or Feeder Fault © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 14. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Why LightHouse Is a Better Investment LightHouse Sensors Capture Data Alternative Solutions False Alarms Bloated Databases More OpEX SMS Filters Suppresses False Alarms Only Real Events Shared via DNP No Analytics; False Alarms Not Filtered DNP Data Directly from Sensor © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 15. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Tollgrade LightHouse Architecture Substation Monitoring Fault Detection Distributed Generation Load Monitoring © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 16. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions “Highest functionality” “Working better than other Fault Current Indicators” “It is a complete and robust solution where others are lacking” © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. - Confidential
  • 17. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Why Tollgrade? Good for Utilities Good for Consumers  Avoid Outages  Restore Service Faster  Better Quality of Service  Fewer Outages Reduce OpEx Lowers Carbon Footprint Ensures Crew Safety Better Customer Service © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc
  • 18. Smart Grid Solutions LightHouse 4.0
  • 19. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Key Features New in LighHouse 4.0: Substation Monitoring Reporting Enhanced Accuracy & Crew Safety  Auto-phase ID  Sensor Time Synchronization More Integrated Communications  GSM sensors International Deployment Update © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 20. Smart Grid Solutions Substation Monitoring
  • 21. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Why Monitor Substations Transformers? Helps Avoid Failure: • Avoid overloading • Aging transformer fleet • Monitor for phase imbalance Business Case: • Eliminate truck roll • Have a record of events that are leading indicators for failure • Replacing before failure costs less than replacing after failure © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 22. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Growing Risk by 2020 “The average age of transformers is rising worldwide. There is likely to be a significant increase in the number of failures by 2020” © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 23. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Distribution Network © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 24. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Substation Monitoring © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 25. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Substation Monitoring Why? • Prevent overloading failures • Detect phase imbalance • Have reports to show regulators (needed to replace substations prior to fail) • Aging transformers Benefits • Save operating expenses (reduced truck rolls, man hours) • Its less expensive to replace a transformer before it fails • Fraction of the cost of substation automation project • Deployable in minutes not days or weeks • Comms integrated (no fiber) • Immediate benefit, low investment, low risk © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 26. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Configurable Reporting Dashboards © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 27. Smart Grid Solutions Enhanced Data Accuracy & Crew Safety
  • 28. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Distribution Networks Becoming More Complex  Human errors  Storm restoration  DMS systems require accurate data to automate switching and to speed restoration  Without accurate data, crews don’t know where to go  False positives / false alarms © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 29. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Tollgrade Offers Best-in-Class Accuracy Auto-Phase ID  Sensors know what phase they are connected to  Utilities will know when their records are incorrect  Improves fault location, enhances crew safety, speeds restoration GPS Time Synchronization  System wide time synchronization of data using GPS  Precise coordination of interval measurements for accurate reporting  Key for integration into other back office systems © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 30. Smart Grid Solutions Integrated Communications Expands global footprint
  • 31. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions GSM Expands Tollgrade’s International Footprint Support for GSM Networks  Expands Tollgrade’ footprint into international markets UK & Europe  Western Power – Project Falcon  Expansion in UK  Product trials in Europe Latin America  Deployments in Brazil and expansion in Latin America  Partnership with ELO (#1 Meter Manufacturer)  Homologation Certification for Brazil © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
  • 32. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Why LightHouse?  Only sensor to provide single fault location to DMS  Only sensor to operate in low current (3 amps)  Only sensor to provide location data  Only sensor to provide automatic phase ID  Easiest integration to SCADA, EMS or DMS over DNP3  Easiest deployment (e.g. can install before summer peak) North America’s #1 Smart Grid Sensor Leader © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.Slide 32
  • 33. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Low Risk Deployment for the Utility  Favorable costs when compared with other SG  No comms cost for 5 yrs with bundled offering  No contracts to engage in for data service  No technology obsolescence  Remote firmware upgrades  If a better technology comes around, use it  ROI captured 6 – 18 months  Unlike AMI, does not touch every customer  Mobile, so not a stranded investment.  If substation retired or automated, reuse sensors elsewhere  Favorable maintenance contracts © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.Slide 33
  • 34. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions Conclusion: Smart Grid Sensor Leader  LightHouse is an award-winning platform  DA is next big growth engine; requires best-in-class accuracy  We are the #1 Smart Grid Sensor Market Leader  Proven deployments at world-leading utilities on 3 continents © 2014 Tollgrade Communications, Inc
  • 35. Smart Grid Solutions Thank You Learn more by visiting