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Griša Šoba (Flaviar): Zasnova in lansiranje nove evropske znamke na področju alkoholnih pijač.

Griša Šoba (Flaviar): Zasnova in lansiranje nove evropske znamke na področju alkoholnih pijač.






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    Griša Šoba (Flaviar): Zasnova in lansiranje nove evropske znamke na področju alkoholnih pijač. Griša Šoba (Flaviar): Zasnova in lansiranje nove evropske znamke na področju alkoholnih pijač. Presentation Transcript

    • The design and launch of the new European alcohol brand · Flaviar - first experience · GRIŠA ŠOBA grisa.soba@flaviar.com www.flaviar.com
    • · WHO IS THIS GUY? ·
    • would you buy a £100 bottle without tasting it first?
    • Discover Exciting DrinksIn The Company Of Your Friends. Five New Flavors Delivered Every Month.
    • · TRENDS · Subscription-basedSocial shopping businesses
    • · TRENDS · Wine clubs & niche marketplaces800.000 users. 1M users. Revenues $1M per monthEstimated revenue of Selling some 2M bottles in 2011. in the end of 2011.$25M in 2011. Revenue $56M in 2011 - a 25% Investment $10M.Investment $43.5M. increase over FY2010.10M users.$300M valuation in 2010. 600.000 users (jan. 2012). 2M users in less than a year.Expected revenue (fees) from Revenues $1.5M per month. Estemated revenue of$72M in 2011 to $201M in 2016. Investment $41M+. $100M in 2012.Investment $27M in 2008. Investment $51M+.
    • · TRENDS ·On-line grocery in Europe in 2009 Total revenue €8.4bn CAGR 2009-2014 11,3% Alcoholic beverages €2.6bn
    • · WHAT’S MISSING? · ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?CONSUMER CRAFT PRODUCERWhat to drink? Where can I find new customers?  I know and trust only  Brand awareness is low. mainstream brands.  My reach is just local (no  Buying a bottle online, is a international or global big deal. partners and logistics).  Too many options.  Major brands rule.AFICIONADOWhere can I find new products?  Not available in my local MAJOR BRANDS shop/town/country. How do I get more fans?  I can’t afford every bottle.  Alcohol advertising  I only want to taste and see if restrictions. it’s really that good.
    • NEWBIES AFICIONADOS PRODUCERS• Learn to appreciate spirits. • Discover new flavors. • Access to aficionados and• Engage in a social activity. • Show off my knowledge and opinion leaders.• Improve your smarts. collection. • Global customer base.• Socialize with aficionados. • Meet others like me. • Create a new generation of • Buy as a gift. informed drinkers. • Teach newbies. +MAKE IT SOCIAL! • Invite 2 more friends. • Organize tasting parties. • Create a habit of meet-ups. • Return to website, enter ratings.
    • Discover new flavoursWhisky, Rum, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Grappa, Tequila,... 5 new flavours every month!
    • · WHERE ARE WE NOW · Registered users· Fans From All Over The World ·
    • · WHERE ARE WE NOW · EU subscribers(shipping to... alphabetical order) Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Italy Netherlands Slovenia UK
    • · WHERE ARE WE NOW ·· bootstrapping · hustling · grinding ·
    • · WHERE ARE WE NOW · Spreading The Word Social Media PR Co-branding Talking to customers and getting feedback Social shopping, game mechanicsTesting media buy - measuring KPI, CPA, CR...
    • · LESSONS LEARNED ·· Talk to your customers ·
    • · LESSONS LEARNED · · Measure ·
    • · LESSONS LEARNED · · Make it social ·
    • · LESSONS LEARNED ·· Nice content and a QL product help :)
    • mmm, definitely single barrel!
    • · LESSONS LEARNED ·· Surround yourself with smart people · who disagree with you
    • · LESSONS LEARNED ·· It isn‘t easy to bootstrap on foreign ground · but local ecosystem can help
    • · LESSONS LEARNED · Stop whining and deploy! · BE AWESOME ·
    • · THE FUTURE ·· Everything about the Flavour ·
    • GRIŠA ŠOBAgrisa.soba@flaviar.com www.flaviar.com