Brand Trust: Uspešno znamcenje za marketinške direktorje - 51. marketinški fokus: Kako danes gradijo uspešne znamke?

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»Proizvodno usmerjena podjetja verjamejo v prednosti proizvodnje, dober produkt, moč prodaje in v druge pomembne dejavnike. Razlika med tovarno in »tehnološko znamko« je ta, da slednja lahko pretvori …

»Proizvodno usmerjena podjetja verjamejo v prednosti proizvodnje, dober produkt, moč prodaje in v druge pomembne dejavnike. Razlika med tovarno in »tehnološko znamko« je ta, da slednja lahko pretvori kompleksen svet razvoja in izdelave izdelka v verodostojen, privlačen in razlikovalen sistem blagovne znamke, ki potem povečuje zaupanje v svoje "dobro ime".

51. marketinški fokus: Kako danes gradijo uspešne znamke? - več na

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  • 1. Enabling brands to attract people.1
  • 2. Successful branding for marketing managers How production-driven companies grow through branding 51. Marketinški fokus - Kako se gradijo najboljše znamke? Ljubljana - 27th September 2011, Jürgen Gietl2
  • 3. Who is Brand:Trust? Brand:Trust is the first management consultancy that is specialized on brand centric management.3
  • 4. The Brand:Trust Brand Competence Centers: Automotive & Energy & Public Assembly Materials Services Auslandsösterreicher- Weltbund Chemicals & Financial Services & Telecom, IT- Textile Real Estate Services, Media Consumer Goods Pharmaceutical & Travel & & Retail Healthcare Logistics4
  • 5. The Brand:Trust Brand Competence Centers: Automotive & Energy & Public Assembly Materials Services Auslandsösterreicher- Weltbund Chemicals & Financial Services & Telecom, IT- Textile Real Estate Services, Media Consumer Goods Pharmaceutical & Travel & & Retail Healthcare Logistics5
  • 6. Why do good products need brands?6
  • 7. 70s7
  • 8. 80s8
  • 9. Today9
  • 10. 500:110
  • 11. What makes brand management so difficult? Simplistic & Sluggish11
  • 12. Marketing efficacy breaks down 2x Today you have to redouble your invest to get the same perception than 10 years ago. Quelle:
  • 13. Even professional buyers are confrontedwith thousands of brand signals per day. 3,000 contacts with brands per day13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. Does your brand offer orientation? 9,500 products 1,300 suppliers from 54 countries15
  • 16. Are you cheap or unexchangeable? : The share of components purchased in low-wage countries is to rise by 50 %. : The number of suppliers is to decrease from currently 3,000 to 500. Source:
  • 17. Each customer of B2B brands wants to make his purchasing decision as secure and simple as possible. Brands offer orientation.17
  • 18. Simple and secure?18
  • 19. 1. Recommendation for production-driven companies Offer less, but better than anybody else19
  • 20. The relation between wish...20
  • 21. ...and reality.21
  • 22. 2. Inspiration Offer more than you promise22
  • 23. Why is brand management getting so important? In general, corporations are capable of higher performance (at higher cost) than they are able to bring across. If differentiation by means of performance does not occur, the last remaining possible differentiator is the price. As a result, these corporations sell their performance at a too low price and their profits are unsatisfying. Over time, customers get used to the low prices, and price increases are nearly impossible to implement. If costs can not be further reduced, this is the end of the corporation.23
  • 24. How to become the most valuable brand in the world:Express your peak performances Results 1-10 of about 101.000 for “wertvollste Marken”. (0,11 seconds) Brand Value 2007: $ 86.1 billion Quelle: Millward Brown24
  • 25. 25
  • 26. 0.40 EUR 1.19 EUR26
  • 27. High-end technology. But: no credibility – no sales! High-tech performance car but VW & Luxury? Result: 686 sold cars per year in the US 200627
  • 28. Strong brands are consequently followed throughout the whole value chain Varo POW X018 Drill Hammer Hilti TE 6-A Drill Hammer (max. drill diameter in concrete: 20mm) (max. drill diameter in concrete: 20mm) Price Premium: 583% 164.50 EUR 959.00 EUR 28Source: Hilti Deutschtland GmbH Customer Service;
  • 29. What does a kilo of coffee cost? Price Premium: 1,100% Amaroy Premium Nespresso Livanto Capsules from Aldi 5 g = 0.31 EUR 500 g = 2.79 EUR 1 kg = 62.00 EUR 1 kg = 5.58 EUR29
  • 30. You just have two options Price Value ?30
  • 31. More brand centric management – more profit 82% of brand centric companies show better profits than the industry average. Brand centric companies 82% 18% Other companies 56% 40% 4% Profits over average Average profits Performance under averageSource: Booz Allen Hamilton and Wolff Olins European survey among Marketing and Sales Officers, 8/2004; PlEON Kothes Klewes; *operativer Gewinn31
  • 32. Brands as a management system: Effective brand strategies enable sustainable double digit profit and growth. 1. Customers recognize the brand. 2. Customers are willing to pay price premium. 3. Customers are loyal. 4. Cross-selling takes place. 5. Customers recommend the brand.32
  • 33. From facts to beliefs: through brands you get healthy Average improvement of headache after a study gone 4 much much 3 2.7 better 2.48 much 2.18 2 better 1.78 branded better 1 branded unbranded unbranded tablet with tablet tablet with tablet effect with effectno change 0 with placebo placebo worse -1 Source: British Medical Journal, Study with 835 user of heardache tablets. 33
  • 34. The Brand is a business asset, not a playground for creativity!34
  • 35. 35
  • 36. 36
  • 37. 37
  • 38. 38
  • 39. 39
  • 40. 40
  • 41. 41
  • 42. Tropicana USA42
  • 43. “Big Bang” design43
  • 44. Back to the roots44
  • 45. The difference between creativity and brand value Brand Value 2008: Billion USD 13,249 1898 1905 1940 1950 1962 1973 1991 1998 2008 1885 2008 Brand Value 2008: Billion USD 66,667Quelle: Interbrand 45
  • 46. 46
  • 47. 3. Inspiration Be more consequent than your competition!47
  • 48. What is a brand? “A brand is the condensed expression of corporate peak performances.”48
  • 49. Beispiel Audi Who was the first man on the moon?49
  • 50. Beispiel Audi Who was the second?50
  • 51. No.1 ? ”Establish a monopoly position in the customers mind” and thus achieve sustainable profit and growth. Brand:Trust, following the idea of Hans Domizlaff51
  • 52. 52
  • 53. 53
  • 54. If you can not occupy your category,define or find a new category.54
  • 55. Volvo Safety55
  • 56. Geox Respires56
  • 57. Caterpillar Tough57
  • 58. 4. Inspiration Focus. Focus. Focus!58
  • 59. What do a famous orchestra andan attractive brand have in common? One single musician could damage the sound of the entire orchestra. One bad brand experience could damage the entire reputation of the brand.59
  • 60. Are you urban, are you IQ, ... …are you reliable and safe?60
  • 61. Self-similarity at its best61
  • 62. 62
  • 63. Don’t discuss taste!63
  • 64. Hilti is everywhere Hilti...64
  • 65. …in all of the 200,000 brand touchpoints, theyhave trough 13,000 employees 200,000 Brand touchpoints every day trough 13,000 employees with direct customer contact. “Nevertheless, Hilti is Hilti, all over the world” Hilti Vorstandsmitglied Marco Meyrats*Quelle: www.hilti.de65
  • 66. 5. Inspiration Manage all brand touchpoints.66
  • 67. 5 steps from a production facility to a successful brand Brands grow from the inside out! 01 Brand: Analysis. : What are the talents of the brand? : How can we describe the style of the brand? Brands may not pursue anyone! 02 Brand Resonance: : Who is attracted by the brand and why? : Who are the fans of the brand? Analysis. : Which trends and developments help? Brands must be incomparable! : What can this brand do better than others? 03 Brand: Positioning. : What do the fans want? : How does the brand differentiate? Brands are not created in a day! : What will the road to the end-user be like? 04 Brand: Strategy. : What is the architecture behind? : Which principles and programs are needed? Brand Management: strict rules and freedom! : What rules let the brand be itself? 05 Implementation: Strategy. : How much freedom is needed? : How is the strategy brought to life?67
  • 68. Was unterscheidet Marketing von Marken?68
  • 69. Thank:You. Enabling brands to attract people.69
  • 70. CopyrightAlle in dieser Dokumentation enthaltenen Strategien, Modelle, Konzepte und Schlussfolgerungen sind ausschließliches geistiges Eigentum(Ausnahme bei Quellenangaben) von Brand:Trust - Brand Strategy Consultants – und urheberrechtlich geschützt. Sie werden dem Auftraggeberzu dessen ausschließlicher Nutzung zeitlich unbefristet überlassen. Alle hierin enthaltenen Informationen unterliegen der Geheimhaltung undsind nur für den Auftraggeber bestimmt. Der Auftraggeber ist nicht berechtigt diese Dokumentation zu verändern oder außerhalb seinesUnternehmens zu veröffentlichen oder zu verbreiten. Diese Bestimmung kann ausschließlich mit schriftlicher Zustimmung von Brand:Trust -Brand Strategy Consultants - abgeändert oder widerrufen werden. Mündliche Vereinbarungen besitzen keine Gültigkeit.All the strategies, models, concepts and conclusions incorporated into this documentation are the exclusive intellectual property (exceptions aresource referenced) of Brand:Trust Brand Strategy Consultants and are protected under copyright. They have been turned over to the clientexclusively for his own use for an unspecified period. All information included in them is to be kept confidential and is intended for the client’s Mastertitelformat bearbeiteneyes only. The client is not permitted to change this documentation, make it public outside his own company or disseminate it in any way. Thisrule may only be amended or revoked with the express written consent of Brand:Trust Brand Strategy Consultants. Verbal agreements shall notbe deemed valid.Brand:Trust Brand Strategy ConsultantsFindelgasse 10, 90402 Nürnberg, GermanyTel.: ++ 49 (911) 933 5780 .: Fax: ++ 49 (911) 396 066Internet: .: email: 70 BDT290610Standard.ppt