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Three Strategies to Covert New Subscribers to Loyal Buyers
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Three Strategies to Covert New Subscribers to Loyal Buyers


While your competitors are still sending generic blasts, you have a unique opportunity: take your email welcome campaign to the bank. Utilize it as the beginning of a positive and lasting relationship …

While your competitors are still sending generic blasts, you have a unique opportunity: take your email welcome campaign to the bank. Utilize it as the beginning of a positive and lasting relationship with your new subscribers.

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  • 1. The webinar will start in just a few moments…After please take our Mobile Marketing Survey! Open today thru 8/16/2012 http://sherpa.bb52fb6a3099.sgizmo.com/s3/Receive a complimentary copy of the 18-page30 Minute Marketer “Start Mobile Marketing”for completing this survey. ($47 value) #sherpawebinar
  • 2. Three Strategies to Convert New Subscribers toLoyal BuyersBased on research by MarketingSherpa Sponsored by:
  • 3. Introductions W. Jeffrey Rice Senior Research Analyst, MarketingSherpa Email: jeffrey.rice@MECLABS.com Twitter: @WJeffreyR Meghan Lockwood Senior Research Analyst, MarketingSherpa Email: meghan.lockwood@MECLABS.com Twitter: @meghanllockwood #sherpawebinar
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  • 7. Annual research-based process leads toimproving email marketing performance • Benchmark Report - Find what really works for thousands of email marketers • Handbook - Identify best practices and formulate a methodology • Knowledge transfer - Teach email marketers how to apply best practices #sherpawebinar
  • 8. Benchmark Research Library – since 2008• The collective wisdom of more than 48,000 marketers• Nearly 5,000 pages of analytical commentary and marketer insights• More than 6,000 charts and data tables to validate what’s working – and what’s not – in marketing today #sherpawebinar
  • 9. Research background 2,735 organizations surveyed on: – Challenges and goals for email marketing programs in 2012 – Email tactics, list growth, relevancy, deliverability, and metrics – Testing and optimization methods for 2012 – 170 charts and tables #sherpawebinar
  • 10. Chart: CMOs top objectives for email marketing • 85% of CMOs recognize Driving website traffic 27% 65% sales as a priority Increasing lead generation 55% 19% • Only 21% of CMOs report Qualifying leads 27% 18% it is very effective increasing revenue Nurturing prospects 52% 31% Increasing sales conversion/ 85% revenue 21% Completing post-sales transactions 9% 41% Improving customer retention 48% 22% Source: ©2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded July 2011, N=2,735 #sherpawebinar
  • 11. Address the problem How do I create the optimal onboard experience to build a long-term customer relationship with the subscriber? #sherpawebinar #SherpaWebinar
  • 12. 3 strategies to convert new subscribers to loyalcustomersI. Invest in long-term relationshipsII. Increase responsivenessIII. Reduce readers anxiety #sherpawebinar
  • 13. #sherpawebinar
  • 14. Be ready to improvise3 keys to make a long-terminvestment in a newsubscriber:1. Make a good first impression2. Gradually learn more about subscriber3. Extend the conversation with a welcome series "Yes And..." The First Rule of Improvisation #sherpawebinar
  • 15. Make a good first impression
  • 16. A flawed analogy g = 9.81 m/s2 #sherpawebinar
  • 17. It’s a climb #sherpawebinar
  • 18. Start by giving a handThe manner in which a companycommunicates when a sales transaction isnot eminent speaks volumes about itscredibility and brand truth“Rather than focus on being interesting,be interested “ Brian CarrollExecutive Director, Revenue Optimization, MECLABS #sherpawebinar
  • 19. Humanize your content“Effectiveengagement isinspired by theempathy thatdevelops simply bybeing human.” – Brian Solis Author of Engage and The End of Business as Usual #sherpawebinar
  • 20. Single opt-in welcome message(s) • Remind the new subscriber of where and how they opted-in to your list • Deliver value immediately • Start with a sincere “thank you” • Give more than expected • Share evergreen content (past newsletters, video links, webinars, or podcasts) • Give a discount or exclusive access • Confirm content and frequency expectations #sherpawebinar
  • 21. Single opt-in welcome message(s)• Ask to be whitelisted• Offer links to unsubscribe and privacy policy #sherpawebinar
  • 22. Gradually learn more about subscriber
  • 23. Take it slow “The truth must dazzle gradually” - Emily Dickenson #sherpawebinar
  • 24. Ask follow up questions • Take advantage of welcome emails high open rates to harvest more data • Remind subscriber of the win-win proposition #sherpawebinar
  • 25. Write as you would a friend “…And finally, to nurture our Friendship, I’m keen to hear what offers and events you’d like to be invited to. Please take 2 minutes of your time to tell me what you’d like to see.” #sherpawebinar
  • 26. Extend the conversation with a welcome series
  • 27. Audience Question: “How many welcome touches performbest? Should you suppress a new address until they complete a welcome series, or send to them in tandem? - Ben #sherpawebinar
  • 28. Case Study• The Company: StudentBeans.com• The Marketplace: University students• The Product: online portal with a variety of offers and content• The Channel: Email• The Campaign Objective: Drive more revenue from its email program by encouraging new subscribers to make a first purchase sooner Read the full case study at http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=32212 #sherpawebinar
  • 29. Step #1. Set the audience and timing • Opt-ins receive a confirmation email immediately and a welcome email 24 hours later • The welcome series would span six straight days #sherpawebinar
  • 30. Step #2. Set the offer strategyExcept for the first email,each email features a singleoffer to spur actionBased on• Popularity• ProfitabilityCustomized by• Location• Self-reported gender #sherpawebinar
  • 31. Step #3. Design the first welcome email The first email alerts subscribers to the up coming messages • Welcome series note - "over the next six days, you will receive a bonus bundle of fantastic free stuff and brilliant offers." • Subscription reminder - "we’ll send our Top Twenty offers to your inbox every week." #sherpawebinar
  • 32. Results • 13% increase in revenue compared to the original welcome email • 66.7% higher average open rate for the newsletters delivered after the series #sherpawebinar
  • 33. Welcome series• The goal of the series of emails is to move the subscriber quickly from "kicking the tires" to an educated buyer• Give the new opt-in something to look forward to with a five-week education course #sherpawebinar
  • 34. Common campaign categories • Education • Address unanswered questions and concerns • Metrics, testimonials, and third-party data help calm fears • Recipient can better represent brand to an unseen committee • Entertainment • Connect with funny or emotional stories • Life transition • B2C examples: birth, first home, retirement • B2B examples: installation steps, activation #sherpawebinar
  • 35. #sherpawebinar
  • 36. Case Study – Automated welcome campaign • The Company: Gander Mountain • The Marketplace: Retail • The Product: Outdoor equipment • The Channel: Email • The Campaign Objective: Leverage its rich subscriber data to improve its deliverability and conversion rates #sherpawebinar
  • 37. SolutionStart by focusing on welcomeemails:1. Instituted automated welcome emails2. Sent welcome email with in 24 hours3. Simple “thank you”4. Coupon code offer active for a week #sherpawebinar
  • 38. Results • Gander’s typical email sales- per-delivered rate is at $0.03, but the welcome email is at $1.85 • The average order value from their welcome email is $20 more than the overall ($126 vs. $106) • The welcome email responses represent 30% of all email marketing revenue #sherpawebinar
  • 39. Poll question:How quickly will a new subscriber receive an emailcommunication after he or she registers for your email program?  Immediately  1-24 hours  2-7 days  8-30 days  More than 30 days #sherpawebinar
  • 40. Chart: Response time after registration 50% The best time to send is now 23% 10% 7% 4% Immediately 1-24 hours 2-7 days 8-30 days More than Source: ©2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey 31 days Methodology: Fielded July 2011, N=2,735 #sherpawebinar
  • 41. Automate emails• A single or series of emails created by a defined set of rules based on dates, events or behaviors that are automatically sent to a subscriber• Consistently achieve higher open rates due to timing and relevancy• Make up 22% of organizations overall email volume #sherpawebinar
  • 42. Chart: Most popular automated email messages Welcome 63% Thank you 54% Transactional (e.g. bills, receipts) 48% Post purchase (e.g. product review) 32% Upsell (e.g. product recommendations) 26% Activation (e.g. how to) 24% Date triggered (e.g. renewals, reorder) 22% Win back/ reengagement 17% Event countdown 16% Triggered based on website behavior 13% Shopping cart abandonment 11% Source: ©2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded July 2011, N=2,735 #sherpawebinar
  • 43. #sherpawebinar
  • 44. Case Study • The Company: SavvyMom • The Marketplace: Digital publishing • The Product: Exclusive email devoted to practical solutions for moms in Canada • The Channel: Email and mobile • The Campaign Objective: Educate new subscribers on the choice of five separate city newsletters editions and a website packed with mom-centric content Read the full case study at http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=32168# #sherpawebinar
  • 45. Step #1. Define the messages and timing with the reader’s perspective in mindThe overall goal of the series was to gradually warm the reader up to thebrand and then teach them how they can best engage with it.Message 1: Guide subscribers to their next stepMessage 2: Enhance the subscriber expérienceMessage 3: Increase awarenessof future emails #sherpawebinar
  • 46. Step #2. Personalize the content The personalization is in how they became subscribers. • Website – dynamic text fills in readers name and simply thanks them • Contest - dynamic text is used remind readers of the contest name and show appreciation #sherpawebinar
  • 47. Step #3. Make engagement natural for readers• Kept a consistent look and feel with both the email and website so there was no surprise once a reader clicked through• Leveraged technology to ensure emails rendered correctly • Cascading Style Sheet 3 for small screen • Use of Alt text to display alternative text with a functioning link when a image doesn’t render #sherpawebinar
  • 48. Results Improvement of subscribers’ long-term engagement • The open rate for the subscribers who received the new welcome series was 63% higher than for those who didn’t. • The clickthrough rate for this group was 117% higher. #sherpawebinar
  • 49. Communicate cautiously• Immediately sending a welcome message can prevent future spam complaints• Reinforce expectations set during the opt-in process • Confirm subscription • Restate the frequency• Separate new subscribers • Send a double opt-in welcome message from a separate server until you determine the addresses are accurate #sherpawebinar
  • 50. Establish explicit expectations 1. WHAT - Clearly state what type of content you will be sending 2. WHEN - Identify how often you will be sending email communications 3. WHY - Spell out the features and benefits to crystallize your value proposition 4. WANE WORRY- Add a link to your privacy policy #sherpawebinar
  • 51. Review registration page design• Creativity consistency • The registration page’s style should be similar to the style of the ad or email that brought visitors to it • A consistent brand image, language and tone will give the potential subscriber comfort in knowing he or she landed on the correct page #sherpawebinar
  • 52. Review registration page design • Similar to homepage, sets expectations • Single minded focus to capture email address • No distractions, only reinforcement of the value proposition • Testimonials and third- party endorsements reduce anxiety #sherpawebinar
  • 53. Audience Question:“How many registration fields should I ask the new subscriber to enter? - Matt #sherpawebinar
  • 54. Confirm registration with welcome email• Thank you and welcome emails confirm the opt-in• Continue to set content expectations• Subscribers know what to look for in their inboxes #sherpawebinar
  • 55. Put yourself in a subscriber’s shoes A brand’s definition of compelling content may differ from its recipients’ • Are you delivering what you promised? • Has the brand message or email design been altered since the subscriber has opted in? #sherpawebinar
  • 56. Be considerate Other notable brands include: Avon, NASCAR, PETCO and Sears #sherpawebinar
  • 57. #sherpawebinar
  • 58. Our research indicates email marketers extractthe greatest value from their opt-ins when they… Invest in the long-term Increase responsiveness Reduce reader anxiety #sherpawebinar
  • 59. Automatically receive new Bronto white papers, blog posts, case studies and webinar invites by subscribing to the monthly Tips & Tricks newsletter. Sign-up at: bronto.com/resources #sherpawebinar
  • 60. This handbook report includes: • 252 pages focused on top email marketing strategies • 65 Real-life examples of what works • 13 Marketing Research charts with analytical commentary • 7 Worksheets and 4 exercises • 5 elements for effective Welcome emails • 10 mobile design tips Get your copy for an additional $100 off Visit MECLABS.com/100-bronto and use the promo code 302-HB-5004 #sherpawebinar
  • 61. Sherpa’s new Mobile Marketing Survey• Open today thru 8/16/2012 http://sherpa.bb52fb6a3099.sgizm o.com/s3/Receive a complimentary copy of the18-page 30 Minute Marketer “StartMobile Marketing” for completingthis survey. ($47 value) #sherpawebinar
  • 62. Thank you! W. Jeffrey Rice Senior Research Analyst, MarketingSherpa Email: jeffrey.rice@MECLABS.com Twitter: @WJeffreyR Meghan Lockwood Senior Research Analyst, MarketingSherpa Email: meghan.lockwood@MECLABS.com Twitter: @meghanllockwood #sherpawebinar