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Search Marketing: Insights on keyword research and customer personas
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Search Marketing: Insights on keyword research and customer personas


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See the video replay here: …

See the video replay here:

Join this MarketingSherpa webinar to hear how Christina Brownlee, Director of Marketing, and Jacob Baldwin, Search Engine Marketing Manager, of One Call Now, used keyword research and customer personas to form a new marketing strategy that increased conversions by 81%.

Come have your questions answered live!

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Christina Brownlee is the Director of Horizontal Marketing & Creative Services for voice, text and email notification company, One Call Now. Over the last five years, Christina has helped drive the company's 20-30% YOY growth—as well as the marketing team's— from her initial solo efforts to the fantastic team of twelve it is today. Christina and her MarCom team are responsible for the award winning strategy and execution of their digital marketing program, participation at over 50 yearly events, and the creation, coordination and distribution of company, industry and client-focused marketing content. She is an active member of her community—a recipient of the William Henry Harrison Volunteer of the Year award, a member of the local Arts Council, and volunteers with the Troy Civic Theatre.Jacob Baldwin is the search engine marketing manager for One Call Now. During his time there, Baldwin has spearheaded major projects such as the radical redesign of its marketing site, the construction and application of the digital marketing testing and strategy programs and the implementation of its persona-based content marketing program. Baldwin is an active member of his community, serving on the Board of Directors for the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as on the leadership committee for his region’s young professional networking group, HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Emerge).
  • Suzanne,Marketing Manager:what are the tactics and time commitment required to develop buyer personas?
  • AtTask is the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions for marketing teams. This provides a single, central place to better manage and control the chaos of all marketing work, which improves visibility and productivity by eliminating wasted time dealing with fragmented, siloed tools and processes. With AtTask, marketing teams, managers and executives receive visibility into work and campaign planning, prioritization, resourcing and sequencing to help everyone work more efficiently toward achieving the organization's goals. AtTask has a broad range of Global 500 and other top marketing customers, such as Nike, REI, Red Bull, Cisco, Adobe, and the House of Blues. To learn more, visit and join the conversation on Twitter, using the #AtTaskMKTG.
  • Stacey,Account Manager/Marketing:What keywords do you leverage when verticals have different focus words?
  • Christian, Cro: Should modalities be considered with personas and if so how might this impact search?
  • Madis,Manager:Should I concentrate selling on my customer persona's needs or their wants?
  • Johnny,digital media planner:What are some of the ways you explore how to locate your audience using data from your site and blog?
  • Judy, Director of Marketing: is there a minimum threshold of monthly spend where the campaign should not even begin until it meets that level?
  • Stephanie, Inbound Marketing Manager: Does your research indicate buyers (B2B) increasingly use search to find answers to their business process issues?Chris, Sr Technical Writer:best practices and tools for key word/phrase searching?
  • Michele,Manager, Promotions, Ecommerce:How much time is spent researching keywords? What tools do you use to research them? Can you do a sample live?
  • Vincent,MD:easy question: how do you determine the right keywords for your business in a very competitve international environment?
  • April, SEO/SMO manager: What online tools do you use? What changes have you detected in search algorithms post-Panda/Penguin updates?
  • Julie,Digital Marketing Specialist:Since adwords has updated their Keyword tool, what differences have you seen in search volume and keyword idea relevancy?David,Internet Marketing Specialist:have the "buy" phase keywords changed over the last 10 years?Martin,Internet Consultant:How do you encourage small companies to adopt a web analytics strategie that includes Google Analytics and AdWords?
  • Isabelle,Executive Director:How much time is required to learn and implement this strategy^Lyn,Principal:How do you project cost and revenue for using keywords before going to market? I.e. how to project customer acquisition cost when you're starting a business.
  • Transcript

    • 1. See Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, interview Jacob Baldwin, Search Engine Marketing Manager, and Christina Brownlee, Director of Marketing Communications, One Call Now, and answer questions from the audience! Watch it now! Access other webinars
    • 2. Insights on keyword research and customer personas Search Marketing:
    • 3. Presenters Christina Brownlee Director of Marketing Communications One Call Now @OneCallNow Daniel Burstein Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein Jacob Baldwin Search Engine Marketing Manager One Call Now @OneCallNow
    • 4. Join the conversation #SherpaWebinar
    • 5. Further Resources Website Redesign: Message notification provider combines SEO with LPO, retargeting to drive 81% increase in conversion Local SEO: How geotargeting keywords brought 333% more revenue What is the Easiest Tactic to Improve SEO? Content Marketing and SEO: The world doesn’t need another blog post Marketing Research Chart: SEO most effective tactic for lead gen, but also among the most difficult
    • 6. Challenge: Homepage before Navigation H1 tags wrong/missing No long-tail, all very broad keywords targeted Navigation Calls to Action
    • 7. Challenge: Vertical page before No clear conversion path H1 tags, keyword density lagging Calls to Action Navigation Navigation Navigation
    • 8. 11% 20% 20% 14% 44% 55% 38% 47% 27% 62% 72% 11% 17% 26% 27% 29% 31% 37% 39% 42% 48% 53% Improving public relations Increasing offline sales revenue Integrating search marketing data with CRM and other marketing systems Integrating search marketing analytics into a single dashboard Increasing online sales revenue Improving brand/product awareness or reputation Integrating with social media Achieving or increasing measurable ROI Developing an effective and methodical strategy Increasing lead generation Increasing website traffic Challenges from last 12 months Objectives for next 12 months Increasing website traffic Increasing lead gen Develop a strategy Increase measurable ROI Integrate with Social Media Improve Brand awareness Increase online sales revenue Integrate search marketing to a single dashboard Integrate search marketing data with CRM or other systems Increase offline sales revenue Improve public relations What is the most frustrating SEO challenge? What is the most important objective? Challenges Objectives Source: ©2011 MarketingSherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded April 2011, N=1,530
    • 9. “ ”– Jacob Baldwin Adopted Mantra: … the goal of marketing is not to persuade, it is to discover, educate and solve.
    • 10. “Spock Project”: The four personas Humanistic Methodical Competitive Spontaneous
    • 11. MARKETING DEPARTMENTS TRUST ATTASK Visit to learn how AtTask kills the chaos of marketing work.
    • 12. Visit: Agenda Announcement Jacob Baldwin Save $100 Save $100 10 DAYS Left Before August 31
    • 13. Audience: Vertical level Education Business Religious Sports Emergency Management Other
    • 14. Audience: Sub vertical level Education K12 Higher Ed Private Online
    • 15. Audience: Personas Education K12
    • 16. Audience: Personas Education Buy now Case studies; white papers Testimonials Pricing information; Industry articles
    • 17. Education K12 Creating a page structure that accommodates customer interest Audience
    • 18. Targeting content for personas
    • 19. Targeting content for personas
    • 20. Targeting content for personas
    • 21. Content Production: Blog post Company-related content Industry-related content
    • 22. What percentage of your SEO budget is allocated to each of the following line items? 47% 22% 11% 14% Staff salaries and staff-related expenses Agency, consultancy, or other outsourced services For-fee SEO marketing and analytics tools Other expenses directly related to SEO Source: ©2013 MarketingSherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded February 2013, N=583
    • 23. Search Optimization 199.16% more traffic generated than 4 keyword searches 20.41% higher conversion rate than 3 word keyword searches
    • 24. Stage 1: 5,000 Keywords from a consultant List of 5,000 keywords from consultant
    • 25. Stage 2: Filter through keywords Picked keywords based on: ∙ search traffic ∙ competition level ∙ relevancy to specific vertical
    • 26. Stage 3: Monitor changes in performance levels Monitor general keyword performance levels Traffic Trendline for “Automated Calling System” 18 Month Period
    • 27. Expanding Content Offering
    • 28. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements Meta descriptions
    • 29. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements “Meeting” “Appointment” “Conference” Use of strong tags to highlight keywords in the body copy
    • 30. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements “Protect, Inform, En gage Students, Parents and Staff” Page Title
    • 31. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements Alt=“One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline is an anti-bullying tip line students can use to anonymously report bullying. Click to learn more” Image Alt Tags
    • 32. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements Alt=“One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline is an anti-bullying tip line students can use to anonymously report bullying. Click to learn more” Use of H1 Tags
    • 33. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements Alt=“One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline is an anti-bullying tip line students can use to anonymously report bullying. Click to learn more” URL Structure
    • 34. Keyword Maps: Optimized Elements Alt=“One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline is an anti-bullying tip line students can use to anonymously report bullying. Click to learn more” Keyword Density
    • 35. Measuring Metrics
    • 36. Remarketing Ads: Targeted ads, religion Relevant picture Vertical: Religious Sub-vertical: Churches
    • 37. Remarketing Ads: Targeted ads, education Relevant picture Vertical: Education Sub-vertical: K-12
    • 38. Remarketing Ads: Targeted ads, businesses Relevant picture Vertical: Business Sub-vertical: Consumer relations
    • 39. Vertical: None Sub-vertical: None Remarketing Ads: General banner ad Relevant picture
    • 40. Remarketing Ads: General banner ad Relevant picture Consistently the top performer!
    • 41. Conversion Optimization: Call to action panel 7 Calls to Action 3 Calls to Action
    • 42. Conversion Optimization: Call to action panel 6 Calls to Action 3 Calls to Action Conversions nearly doubled (3,801 in 2011 vs. 6,902 in 2012)
    • 43. Conversion Optimization: Call to action panel 6 Calls to Action 3 Calls to Action Requests for a quote
    • 44. 3 Calls to Action 4 Calls to Action Conversion Optimization: Call to action panel
    • 45. Conversion Optimization “The number of free trials remained high, and the number of RFQ completions began blowing last year’s numbers out of the water.” – Jacob Baldwin 4 Calls to Action
    • 46. Results: April 2011 – April 2012 Conversion activity 81% Paid Search Traffic 48.7% Organic Search 32.3% Revenue from Web-related activity 24% Overall traffic 9.3%
    • 47. Top 3 Takeaways 1. Perfection is impossible 2. Driving online conversion is critical in building in conversion and lead attribution 3. Never compromise user experience for internal processes 1 2 3