Webinar Marketing: How Adobe saw a 500% lift in conversion from changing its webinar strategy


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See the video replay here: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/video/webinar/adobe-conversion-lift-webinar-strategy

Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, interviews Shelby Britton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe, on how it was able to revamp its webinar strategy for a huge lift in conversions, placing webinars as its second largest generator of sales.

Watch as Daniel and Shelby answer your questions about using webinars to drive conversion.

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  • Shelby has been in high tech marketing for nine years, having led the marketing departments for channel partners of IBM and Adobe, and, most recently, implementing programs in field marketing, demand generation and product marketing directly for Adobe. Previously she ran a small business in professional sports entertainment in California. She has a BA in Literature and Writing from the University of California San Diego, Revelle and an MBA with a dual-focus in Marketing and Management from San Diego State University. Currently, Shelby lives in Denver, CO where she enjoys equestrian show jumping and snow skiing.
  • When does the conversion occur? – Peter, director
  • What's your promotional strategy to attract people to the webinar in the first place? – John, producer
  • How can you tell if attendees to you webinar are sales ready ready or not? Meaning ready to talk with a sales rep? If you choose to do a marketing nurture campaign, what's the best method? – Sean, business development director
  • How much did you utilize the AOL (free 30-day trial) approach or was that insignificant in terms of how you targeted your markets and took Adobe to the artists/agencies who buy/use it? – Corey, Marcom manager
  • How do you provide quality content that leads to a sale without coming off as pitching even though that is what you're doing? – Sean, president
  • What is the best way to invite folks to a webinar that will entice them? – Bonnie, director of marketing
  • Are giveaways a good tool or does it make you look cheesy? – Bonnie, director of marketing
  • How far in advance should you start informing people of your webinar and how many follow up emails marketing it is best practice? -- Brooke, marketing exec
  • What is the most effective way to drive people to sign up for your webinar? – Laurel, marketing director
  • How do you track the conversion to the sale? What process/tools? – C, Marketing
  • What are some effective presentation ways (slide layout; what font size is best, what Webinar provider features are effective...) to keep attendees interested and engaged during the Webinar? Thank you. Looking forward to this event – Mark, president
  • How do you keep viewers attention during a Webinar, knowing they are probably being interrupted and distracted? – Vanessa, marketing manager
  • Is there a size of audience that is ideal? – C, Marketing manager
  • How did you train your webinar speakers? – Erin, Owner
  • What should a company do to create engaging and dynamic webinars and avoid boring the audience and loosing their attention? – Patricia, Channel Marketing Specialist
  • What are the specific takeaways that participants can use immediately after this session? It's great to come away with actionable info. Thanks. – Ellyce, client services
  • Webinar Marketing: How Adobe saw a 500% lift in conversion from changing its webinar strategy

    1. 1. Watch Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS interview Shelby Britton, Senior Product Manager, Adobe on webinar strategy. Watch the live recording now! Access our other webinars
    2. 2. Webinar Marketing How Adobe saw a 500% lift in conversion from changing its webinar strategy
    3. 3. SPONSOR LOGO Speakers Daniel Burstein Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein Shelby Britton Senior Product Marketing Manager Adobe
    4. 4. SPONSOR LOGO • Webinar Marketing: Adobe revamps strategy and achieves a 500% lift in conversion to sale • Marketing Research Chart: Webinars, webpages, e-books among most effective places to create content • Webinars are effective lead generation programs but many don’t reach their full potential Further Resources
    5. 5. SPONSOR LOGO 75% increase in Open Rate 120% increase in Clickthrough Rate Webinars became the second driver of sales behind free trial offers. Average Open Rate Average CTR 2008 17% 5% 2013 30% 11% ! Results: Evolution of webinar marketing
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    7. 7. SPONSOR LOGO Promoting Webinars: Identifying problems Marketing Webinars eLearning Web Conferencing Virtual Collaboration Security Sales
    8. 8. SPONSOR LOGO Promoting Webinars: Create order in the strategy Registers for “Best Practices” webinar “Product” webinar Competitive comparison Email List Structured sales process
    9. 9. SPONSOR LOGO Promoting Webinars: Down the funnel “Best Practices” or “Solution” webinar “Product” webinar Competitive comparison Marketing PlayeLearning Play Trial/ training webinars 37% eLearning moved from “Solution” to “Product” webinar 23% marketing moved from “Solution” to “Product” webinar
    10. 10. Promoting Webinars: Titles Old Titles 2013 Titles Introduction to Acrobat Connect Pro Next Generation Web Conferencing New Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7 for Virtual Classrooms and Rapid Training Web Conferencing Tips for Training and Education How to be a Great Webinar Moderator How to Generate Leads with Webinars that Sales People will Love Creating Engaging and Fun Virtual Learning From Blah to Aha: Engaging Learners in the Virtual Classroom
    11. 11. Promoting Webinars: Old Strategy Email
    12. 12. Promoting Webinars: Old Strategy Email Landing Page
    13. 13. SPONSOR LOGO Promoting Webinars: New Strategy Email
    14. 14. SPONSOR LOGO Email Promoting Webinars: New Strategy eLearning Landing Page
    15. 15. SPONSOR LOGO Promoting Webinars: Process Email
    16. 16. SPONSOR LOGO Promoting Webinars: Process Email Landing Page
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    21. 21. SPONSOR LOGO Lead Strategy: Organizational tools and analysis
    22. 22. SPONSOR LOGO Lead Strategy: Organizational tools and analysis Overall Partner vs. Lists $85,000 List Rental Cost 1407 List Rental Inquiries $60.41 Cost per Rented Inquiry $88,000 Partner Cost 2266 Partner Inquiries $38.83 Cost Per Partner Inquiry
    23. 23. SPONSOR LOGO Lead Strategy: Conversion rates Registers via email for “Best Practices” webinar “Product” webinar Competitive comparison 2% - 3% (stopped sending to sales) 20% 30%* Trials 30% * (Supported by daily training) * Conversion rate increase as high as 500% Compare to 5% conversion rate from the previous one- off strategy Conversion Conversion Conversion
    24. 24. SPONSOR LOGO Creating Webinars: Webinar tips Ditch the PowerPoint (at least some of the time) Provide passive product information Interact with your audience Deliver a solution at the end of the webinar Webinar-ize your PowerPoint Use behavior to determine leads http://blogs.adobe.com/adobeconnect/tag/webinar-best-practices
    25. 25. SPONSOR LOGO Creating Webinars: Audience engagement methods Chat Emoticons/Status Icon Polling Annotation Tools Audio/Video
    26. 26. SPONSOR LOGO Creating Webinars: Engagement with small groups
    27. 27. SPONSOR LOGO Creating Webinars: Speaker training sessions ADOBE CONNECT “Sharing a personal story” “Working together to build the process” “aha moment” Thinking of your past webinar you delivered, what was the most memorable THING, and ACTIVITY? How did your participants feel TRANSFORMED as a result? Memorable THING Memorable ACTIVITY TRANSFORMATION
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    31. 31. SPONSOR LOGO Creating Webinars: Top takeaways Live webinars are important Answer questions immediately Engage with audience On-demand webinars decreased interest