Email Marketing: Key takeaways from an award-winning campaign that increased online sales 66%


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It’s a new year. Start it off right with an email marketing strategy that achieves results.

In this MarketingSherpa webinar, you’ll learn how an e-commerce company implemented a creative and audience-centric approach to increase online ticket sales by 66%.

Join Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, and Paul Ramirez, Vice President of Operations, Eventful, as they share an inspiring look back at what made a data-driven campaign into something great. This campaign earned Eventful an E-commerce Best in Show award in MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014, presented by ExactTarget.

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  • Paul has more than 20 years experience designing and executing multi-channel marketing, sales, and operating strategies for professional and consumer service companies. As VP of Operations for Eventful, he leads fulfillment for Eventful's advertising, promotions and sponsorship revenue channels and leads product development strategy for its content and commercial email platform.Prior to his arrival at Eventful, Paul was SVP of Marketing and Alliance Strategy at Client Shop, Inc., where he positioned San Diego's fastest growing company for acquisition by Internet Brands, Inc., an Idealab company. Before that, Paul served as GM and EVP for Affinity2, a Knowledge Universe Company, where he created and launched its online platform and community, substantially increasing the company's enterprise value. He is solely responsible for the creation, launch and success of Apple Computer, Inc.'s first authorized mail order catalog targeting consumer, home and small business users. Earlier in his career, he founded and led the marketing department for Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres' largest franchise division.Paul holds a BA and MA degrees from the University of California and was a research fellow at the Claremont Graduate School IAC. Ryan Blomberg:Accomplishments• Architect of Eventful's email platform.  Eventful's custom-built, high performance email platform supports data-driven, fully personalized email creation and delivery.  Eventful's email products range from weekly newsletters reaching millions of users every week, to personalized notifications about events users really care about, to commercial email targeted using Eventful's extensive knowledge about our user's preferences and behaviors.• Architect of Eventful's recommendations engine, which provides engaging personalized content to our email and websites.  Eventful recommendations draw from Eventful's extensive database on user preferences and behaviors, across web, email and mobile. EducationBachelors of Computer Science, University of California, San Diego
  • What specific, measurable goals should you shoot for as you start a campaign? – Cindy, Business Manager
  • Were the campaigns, SEarch, banner, video & Social or just a cop – Colleen, Digital Specialist Did you have to overcome any privacy or other legal requirement hurdles? – Sarah, Communications Specialist
  • What audience did the campaign target? – Susan, Director of MarketingDid you implement any sort of list segmentation? – Manhaaz, eMarketing SpecialistHow to properly start my marketing strategy if I'm new to social media and I don't have many followers or friends?and to be fast – Nikola, Student
  • With the average business person receiving more than 100 email a day, how do you get through all the clutter? – Bob, Director of MarketingWhat process did you use to optimize your digital marketing materials and website as the campaign progressed? -- Julie, Marketing Consultant
  • What kinds of campaigns speak to corporate audiences? -- Laura, PresidentHow to create effective submit lines – Hanoz, Digital Marketing Manager
  • How do you see edms evolving with more and more deliverability limitations ? – Ranil, Director
  • engaging non active readers – Julie, Information Systems
  • tips on how to get your boss away from the idea that more is better ?—Denae, Account Manager
  • How to appeal to diiferent personality types and lifestyles through different approaches?– Nelson, Marketing
  • To start off the new year, MarketingSherpa is partnering with Magento to conduct a study in Ecommerce for our 2014 MarketingSherpa Ecommerce Benchmark Study. We’re excited to share our discoveries that will come from this benchmark report, but this is where YOU come in! We need your feedback and insights to generate this report by taking this quick survey. For participating, you’ll be entered to win either an email summit tickets with 2 nights at the Aria in Las Vegas, or an ipad Air. For participating in the survey you will also get a copy of the 2014 E-commerce Benchmark Report once it is published. Visit to get learn more and get started.
  • How did the marketing and sales team work together in this campaign? – Alana, Digital Marketing Specialist
  • What software + hardware combinations were used to create, deliver, track and report on the campaign? -- William, Marketing Research Analyst
  • how do i create content for newsletters when there is nothing new to report? – Matt, PR
  • How did you know which sales were a result of the emails? Did you use a special coupon code? – Marcus, Marketing Assistant
  • Email Marketing: Key takeaways from an award-winning campaign that increased online sales 66%

    1. 1. Email Marketing E-commerce site increases online ticket purchases by 66% with relevant content
    2. 2. Ask questions and tell us what you learned on Twitter! #SherpaWebinar
    3. 3. Speakers Ryan Blomberg Paul Ramirez Director of Engineering Eventful Vice President of Operations Eventful Daniel Burstein Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein
    4. 4. Watch Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS interview Paul Ramirez, VP of Operations and Ryan Blomberg, Director of Engineering, Eventful, on Eventful’s Email Award winning campaign for email personalization and relevance. Watch it now! Access other webinars
    5. 5. Related Resources • Email Marketing: How a triggered alert program maintains 40% open rate, 60% click-toopen rate for millions of subscribers • Email Marketing: Weekly newsletter sees 400% lift in reactivation of inactive subscribers with personalization • Email Marketing: E-commerce site increases online ticket purchases by 66% with relevant content • Content Marketing: How to serve customers when they shouldn’t buy from you • Email Deliverability: Only 39% of marketers maintain an opt-in only subscriber list
    6. 6. It all started with a struggle
    7. 7. Results Open rate 44% Unsubscribes 25% Site visits Online sales 12% 66%
    8. 8. How did Eventful achieve this? • Eventful creates algorithms based on: • 7 years and 21 million subscribers to create recommendations • Now incorporates non-performer events (festivals, etc.) • 3 databases (Personal information, Events, Performer Info) – weekly newsletter • Increase sends with improved subscriber relevance • Track anonymous site visits
    9. 9. Eventful Site: Request a performer Pop-up style alert
    10. 10. “Demand it!”
    11. 11. Total demands
    12. 12. Tell Pearl Jam where to come
    13. 13. List Building: “Demand it”
    14. 14. You’re not done yet…
    15. 15. Confirmation email Subject Line: Please confirm – Pearl Jam demand in Jacksonville metro area
    16. 16. A web of recommendations
    17. 17. Increase sends with Performer Alerts Subject line: “Toby Keith coming to Empire Polo Club”
    18. 18. Personalization Personalized alerts
    19. 19. Opportunity for further preference Opportunity to select more artists
    20. 20. Opportunity for further preference Opportunity to select more artists 400% reactivation of inactive users
    21. 21. Performer Alerts More emails mean more opportunities to engage Opportunity to select more artists
    22. 22. What do these have in common? Wiki Commons Wiki Commons
    23. 23. What do these have in common? Non-performer events that should be alerted Wiki Commons Wiki Commons
    24. 24. After adding non-performer event alerts Site visits 12%
    25. 25. Weekly newsletter
    26. 26. Opens with preferences Personalized for performer preference
    27. 27. Opens with preferences I’m not interested
    28. 28. Incorporates non-performer events Non-performer event
    29. 29. Opportunity for further personalization “Tell us who you like”
    30. 30. Artist Tracker After sign up
    31. 31. Artist Tracker: After an artist is selected
    32. 32. Event requests Who’s in demand
    33. 33. Weekly newsletter Personalization increases CTR
    34. 34. Top takeaways 1 Turn a challenge into a strength by evaluating your resources 2 Keep customer preferences at the focus of your strategy 3 Innovate to keep ahead of changes
    35. 35. Thank you! Paul Ramirez Vice President of Operations Eventful Ryan Blomberg Director of Engineering Eventful Daniel Burstein Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein