Optimization: A discussion about an e-commerce company's 500% sales increase


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How was a one-man team able to use a radical redesign to achieve these radical results? Thanks to the power of compounding multiple wins over time, Steve Parker saw big results.

This webinar will cover:

-The first step to a 500% sales increase was a 3,566% increase over the control page. Clearly, Steve didn’t stop there. Hear his thoughts on the next step to take after such a big win.

-What a 15% increase from a button test taught Steve

-How a to get a better grasp of consumer thinking, which, for Steve, led to a 46% conversion rate increase on a homepage

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  • DAN
  • Here are some further resources. I’ll be tweeting them out through the #SherpaWebinar, and you can pause your screen in the YouTube replay to see them.
  • Let’s start at the end with the real attention grabbing stuff – let’s talk about results. How have sales been at firstSTREET?
  • Now that we’ve talked about the results, let’s rewind. The past is prologue. So let’s go all the way back to the beginning. Before you ever joined firstSTREET. Your career started in consumer package goods, but you were also involved in Web 1.0. I see your current job as the perfect combination of these two roles. What have you learned in your previous roles that helped inform your current optimization work?
  • Now let’s talk about your current job. Before we get into your optimization efforts, let’s get an understanding of the lay of the land. How big is your team? What roles do they play and what are their skills? How do you work with IT?Did you have any management resistance to optimization and testing? If so, how did you handle it?
  • Here is a look at some of your early optimization efforts. And if anyone in the audience is not familiar with that heuristic at the top, it is the MECLABS Conversion Heuristic.Let’s get back to talking about design, an important element for optimization. In our last webinar, we had a question from Matthew, “How do I get other web-designers excited about testing and how can it make them better designers?”You’ve been very active on your website, but we have a question here from Peter, “What steps should be taken when my site has been somewhat abandoned for a time?”So what we have here, these types of conversion-focused markups, are not exactly a creative designer’s dream. So how did you get designers excited about the Web optimization changes you wanted them to make, and focused on conversion?You also say, and you’ve got that big red “Oops” in there, that “It’s OK to fail a lot along the way.” Tell us about some of your failures and what you learned from them.So it looks like you just jumped right into it on this landing page. Janet has a question here, “What is the first step a company takes when trying to increase online sales? Our company's sales are currently driven by sales people and we want to build a bigger online presence so we are not so reliant on the team to bring in monthly sales.”
  • Here is the experiment control. One thing I notice, a little different from many landing pages we see, is there are no social sharing icons. Aileen wanted to know, “Did you combine website improvement/testing with social media? Or content marketing?”
  • Here’s a look at how you optimized one of your landing pages. One of the elements you optimized was the call-to-action. Matt has a question here, “I'd like to hear about Call To Action buttons - color & size of the button, font color & size of the text on the button.  Thanks.”
  • Now we see the two pages side-by-side. We’ve already talked about your team somewhat, but let’s get specifically into design. Do you have a Web design firm/department in-house or out source it?Margaret asked, “How did the redesign affect Google ranking, backlinks, etc. and if not, what steps were taken to minimize negative ranking effects?”
  • We see here the results of one test. There were many more tests in your case study, and we’ll take a look at more in just a moment.But first, how do you organize the results and keep track of them?Terry wants to know “What was your most important web site change?”
  • Now here is an example where you optimized the pricing. I would think the way people find your website has a huge impact on how you present price, and other optimization factors as well. How do you optimize people finding your online store that is part of your website and let potential customers know about your Web presence? What is worth spending money on and what is a waste of money?
  • So here is a follow up test you ran, where you tested content length.
  • The winner was the middle length homepage. Changing a homepage can be a significant hill to climb in many companies.
  • Let’s take a look at one more optimization page. In this case, traffic came from off the site. And you can see the change, the headline at the top of the right-hand treatment.
  • Don wants to know about “Optimization…from landing pages to leads.” And actually, Steve will be talking about that very topic next week at Optimization Summit 2013 in Boston. I hope you can join us.
  • What special considerations should marketers take when driving offline traffic to a web page?Ariane asks, “Would love to hear more about large, expandable jQuery nav menus.”
  • Now the overall success, thanks to compounding. Very impressive. What advice do you have for other small companies interested in testing and optimization? Seems like you were very persistent.
  • What advice would you give to other marketers to help with their optimization efforts?What’s next? How are you going to maintain the momentum and perhaps expand your testing?
  • DAN
  • Optimization: A discussion about an e-commerce company's 500% sales increase

    1. 1. Watch all the video replays from past webinars!www.marketingsherpa.com/webinars
    2. 2. A discussion about an e-commerce companys 500% salesincreaseOptimization
    3. 3. Today’s presentersDaniel BursteinDirector of Editorial ContentMECLABS@DanielBursteinSteve ParkerVice President, Direct Marketing DivisionfirstSTREET
    4. 4. Join the conversation#SherpaWebinar
    5. 5. PPC Marketing: Two accidents reduce cost-per-lead 20% –http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/ppc-marketing-reduce-lead-costThe WOW! Computer: How firstSTREET applied a radical redesign to deliver a 500%sales increase (video) – http://www.marketingsherpa.com/video/optimization-summit-2012-wow-computerLanding Page Optimization: Radical redesign leads to 3,566% increase in conversion –http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/radical-redesign-leads-to-3566Optimization Summit 2013, May 20-23, 2013, Boston –http://www.meclabs.com/training/marketing-summit/optimization-summit-2013/overviewFree Excerpt from the Website Optimization Benchmark Report –http://meclabs.com/training/publications/benchmark-report/website-optimization/free-excerptFurther Resources
    6. 6. Results500% Increase in sales
    7. 7. BackgroundCurrentVice President, Direct Marketing Division, firstSTREETPreviousSVP, Marketing, MyPointsDirector of Category Management & New ProductDevelopment, Keebler CompanySenior Brand Manager, Kayser Roth Hosiery
    8. 8. • Little budget• Little time• No coding or graphic skillsSteve’s Resources
    9. 9. Time for the audience to commit• Write down the one best thing you learn from thenext 30 minutes• What one action will you commit to taking in thenext 5 business days to put this learning into action?Tweet it on #SherpaWebinar to motivate yourself tofollow through and commit
    10. 10. C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-F) -2A• Navigation options• Sub-header copy• Image on left or right• Longer copy• Different copy• Guarantee seal vs. words• Incentive and ROI• Minimize anxiety• Thought sequenceOops!
    11. 11. Experiment: Control
    12. 12. The Redesign“firstSTREET meets Apple”• Where, What and Why answered• Big visuals, big type (old eyes)• Thought sequence sub-headings(benefit phrasing)• Strong call-to-action (“Get yourWOW! Computer. Easy. Safe.Guaranteed.”)• Incentive and ROI• Minimize anxiety• Long page layout
    13. 13. The Redesign
    14. 14. The ResultsIt’s a winner!• Crushed a veryweak controlUp 3,566%• Conversion ratenow acceptablein the absolute• I love testing!
    15. 15. The Party’s Over - More Testing…Price and the Thought Sequence:Which version won – A, B or C?Control wins in a landslide!• It’s what they want to know• It’s not what I want to tell themjust yet
    16. 16. Removed Easy &Simple and It’sPowerfulandNo duplicatedimages on pg.Removed Easy &Simple, It’sPowerful, andIt’s a TouchScreenandNo duplicatedimages on pg.Thought Sequence, RevisitedHow much is too much?• Test content length• Balance controllingunsupervised thinkingwith not “shutting up”
    17. 17. Thought Sequence, RevisitedWinner is ‘B’• New control• Big Earning:– Up 46%• Big Learning:– Better grasp ofwhat ourconsumer isthinking
    18. 18. “Where Am I?” Revisited• Vast majority of traffic from print ads and catalogs• Added control print ad headline to top of homepageWhich version won? Vote now…
    19. 19. Learn to test, analyze, and optimize your entiremarketing funnel online
    20. 20. Where Am I, RevisitedWinner is ‘B’• 48% increase inengagement• Conversiontracking failed– 30% Add-to-Cart gain(validated)
    21. 21. Compounding SuccessEinstein said the compounding power ofmoney is the 8th Wonder of the World• PessimistWhat a difference a year can make…• Initial sales rate per period 10• Original site testing gains 30% 13• Radical Redesign (only counting 1X) 100% 26• Price disclosure no gain 26• Add-to-cart buttons 15% 30• Thought sequence 46% 44• Headline test 30% 57Over a 5x increase in one year…and still growing!
    22. 22. Top Three Takeaways1 Apply what you’ve just learned23It’s OK to fail a lot along the wayOptimization is tribal – find your peers
    23. 23. Today’s presentersDaniel BursteinDirector of Editorial ContentMECLABS@DanielBursteinSteve ParkerVice President, Direct Marketing DivisionfirstSTREET