Social Media: How one company operationalized social for replicated worldwide success

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See the video replay here: …

See the video replay here:

In this MarketingSherpa ( webinar, you’ll learn from real-life experiences of Todd Wilms, Head of Social Business Strategy, SAP.
Todd will discuss how he was able to create a social business strategy for all of SAP's 65,000 employees worldwide. This program focuses on how to be successful both on the local/regional level, as well as how to support and grow corporate programs that drive the company toward their strategic goals and initiatives.
In this session, you'll learn:
• How to develop replicable best practices
• The process that SAP made sure was repeated everywhere
• How SAP was able to scale out its social media outreach

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  • 1. Watch the live recording of this webinar to see Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, interview Todd Wilms, Head of Social Business Strategy, SAP and answer questions from the audience! Watch the live recording! Access our other webinars
  • 2. How SAP replicated its successful social media processes across the globe Operationalizing Social Media:
  • 3. Join the conversation #SherpaWebinar
  • 4. Daniel Burstein Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein Todd Wilms Head of Social Business Strategy SAP @ToddMWilms Presenters
  • 5. @ToddMWilms Todd Wilms, Head of Business Strategy, SAP Todd Wilms is currently the Head of Social Business Strategy for SAP. He is responsible for helping SAP and their 65,000 employees world-wide utilize social and digital tools and technologies to better meet the needs of their customers and the marketplace. A 20 year marketer, Wilms has held executive product and marketing leadership roles with some of the world’s best known brands like eBay, PayPal, Citrix, PeopleSoft, and agency George P. Johnson. He is an avid writer, and is currently writing on Forbes and other major media publication. He lives in the bay area with a wife, two small boys and is currently seriously considering getting a dog.
  • 6. • Video of Todd Wilms' B2B Summit 2011 Session - How SAP replicated its successful social media practices across the globe – summit • Operationalizing Social Media: How SAP replicated its successful social media practices across the globe – media-todd-wilms • B2B Summit 2011: 5 takeaways on social media, lead generation, building a customer-centric approach, and more – • Social Media Marketing: How SAP identifies and replicates successful tactics across a global company– identifies-replicates-successful • Think Social, Act Personal – social-act-personal/ • Who are the Best Marketers? – Further Resources
  • 7. • 716,000 fans (combined) The social DNA of SAP • 270,000 followers • 553,000 followers (combined) • 1.46 million video views SAP Community Network: •2,500,000 members •20,000 new posts per month •4,000 new blog posts per day • 77,000 views SAP Social Engagement in 2012: •140,000 likes, comments, retweets, etc. •1,400,000 clicks
  • 8. • 716,000 fans (combined) The social DNA of SAP • 270,000 followers • 553,000 followers (combined) • 1.46 million video views SAP Community Network: •2,500,000 members •20,000 new posts per month •4,000 new blog posts per day • 77,000 views SAP Social Engagement in 2012: •140,000 likes, comments, retweets, etc. •1,400,000 clicks Facebook has 716,000 fans combined
  • 9. • 716,000 fans (combined) The social DNA of SAP • 270,000 followers • 553,000 followers (combined) • 1.46 million video views SAP Community Network: •2,500,000 members •20,000 new posts per month •4,000 new blog posts per day • 77,000 views SAP Social Engagement in 2012: 140,000 likes, comments, retweets, etc. 1,400,000 clicks
  • 10. SAP’s challenge Understanding how social media works around the world Can’t be viewed in many areas of the world There is a difference in promotions…
  • 11. What it is you want to accomplish? It comes down to empathy… Where is your audience? How do I engage with them?
  • 12. SAP’s challenge Understanding how social media works around the world ACT LOCALLY
  • 13. SAP’s challengeQuestion from #SherpaWebinar Jeff Any thoughts on how to drive email newsletter sign- ups through social media?
  • 14. Activities that use social media, social software and social networks to enable the more efficient, effective and mutually useful connection between people, information and assets. These connections can drive business decisions, actions and outcomes across the enterprise. What is social business? – MIT Sloan School of Management “ ”
  • 15. SAP in Social Business Sales team “If you’re not there, someone else is taking your customers from you.” – Todd Wilms This allows teams to have impactful, late-stage conversation, enabling them to achieve greater results and engage with more customers.
  • 16. B2B Social Media: SAP Latin America boosts followers 900% [Part I]: B2B Social Media: SAP Latin America boosts followers 900% [Part II]: Case Study
  • 17. SAP in Social Business Sales team SAP found by utilizing social business techniques, customers are now more informed when they engage with a sales person.
  • 18. • SAP team focused on Slovakia Banking, which had its own social media presence with a small following • Consolidated into a SAP Finance Channel to promote many conversations and cross-educate on topics • Steering people away from “small microcosms” and toward broader communities Example: SAP Slovakia Banking Before: Overly specific, alienating and dividing audiences After: Unifying, bringing in people of diverse interests
  • 19. Example: Latin America
  • 20. SAP’s challengeEmpathy and Research What is our goal? What are we trying to do? Where are we trying to grow? Where are the people?
  • 21. Example: Latin America 34 different social media accounts with no real strategy Language is important, not country 20% Promotional material vis-à-vis 80% value added info 4 Facebook accounts 4 Twitter accounts 2 LinkedIn accounts Consolidate to engage with a wider audience, create good content, educate 24 accounts shut down over 6 months No real strategy
  • 22. Visit Agenda Announcement Todd Wilms Head of Social Strategy SAP Adriel Sanchez VP, Demand Generation SAP Save $300 Before July 31
  • 23. | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW Next Steps Need it today Call: 1 (877) 530-1555 Email: Sign up for a demo
  • 24. Across SAP’s 233 global Twitter accounts, @SAPBrasil is ranked number 10 in followers and engagement. @SAPLatinAmerica is number 19. Example: Latin America Latin American subscribers to SAP’s internal social media community has increased 25%. A campaign featuring a social app targeting specific buying centers drove over 12,000 visitors and a 15% engagement rate. Across SAP’s 112 global Facebook accounts, SAP Latinoamerica ranks number four, and SAP Brasil ranks number five. RESULTS For SAP Latin America, one year after implementing a formal social media strategy, the metrics show the value in an organized social effort: From February to December 2012, followers on external social media sites grew from just over 10,000 to close to 95,000. That number is now over 100,000, an overall lift of 900%. Across the region, there is a 17% interaction rate.
  • 25. Creative Sample: Pinterest
  • 26. Know yourself Sellupanddowninto theorganization Knowthat“socialisnot theanswertoevery question” Develop replicable best practices Develop the framework for your programs Develop the right goals and objectives Sell up and down into the organization Find your audience (social listening) Set the right goals and set them early Think “long-term” for social Know that “social” is not the answer to every question
  • 27. Review your social history The Lesson: Realistically gauge the resources you have and the resources you need before launching. Review your history Identify the right mix of strategy, tactics and channels Learn from mistakes Strategy
  • 28. Replicate process everywhere Guidance Hands-on Approach Prioritize Projects Recruit Help
  • 29. Adjust and focus programs that have already been established Produce a content strategy and editorial calendar Distribute legal and branding guidelines Devise a cohesive strategy Identify the talents on your team Save your blueprint Tweak/launch pilots
  • 30. Social media is part of the self-educated customer Shopping cart? How do customers get to the shopping cart? Offline ?
  • 31. of the world’s athletic footwear >86% >79% of the world’s chocolate production of the world’s motorcycle production >82% households use energy more responsibly with Smart Grid solutions >30,000,000 people work more safely using People Safety solutions >2,000,000 >77% of the world’s beer production >50% of the world’s packages couriered Over 65,000 employees in 128 countries provide . . . SAP customer facts…
  • 32. 55%of marketers said “Developing a methodical social marketing strategy.” Only 19%of organizations have a formal process for developing a social strategy. What are the most frustrating challenges to social media marketing effectiveness?
  • 33. • 73% of sales reps who use social selling techniques met their quota in 2012, whereas “non-social” reps meeting quota ranged from 43% down to 15% (Aberdeen) • Revenues from customers engaged in social communities are 19% higher than non-social customers (IDC) Why is social media important? Reach customers primarily through social means No Yes Newly Yes 20% 18% Revenues Spending Social selling attributed to … McKinsey 2013 McKinsey 2013 38%
  • 34. To make: •47 products •28 industries •128 countries successful in the social media world. SAP’s challenge
  • 35. Benefits of a Social Business Strategy Effectively engage customers Establish an efficient model when, where and how they want for engaging customers Improve insight into audience needs Create mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships
  • 36. Time Warner drove a 605% increase in job seekers in just two months using social recruiting (with Success Factors) Starbucks drove 157,000 new product ideas from its social collaboration Results of Social Business Dell’s social-selling initiative drove $200 million in new revenue in 18 months Capital One drove time-to-service of its supplier network from days to minutes using collaborative networks
  • 37. Company Outcomes Digital culture across the organization Establish governance and training for success Identify “high- impact” areas of the business to focus for “quick wins” Define tools and technology to enable transformation More nimble, reactive marketing organization Relevant content creation and dissemination