Marketing Communication-2.2 - MarCom-mix
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Marketing Communication-2.2 - MarCom-mix Marketing Communication-2.2 - MarCom-mix Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing Communication Marketing Communication-mix Part TWO out of Four (2.2) Danny Abramovich Marketing Plan Specialist 1 MarCom-2
  • Course Introduction, Main Topics Background: CB ü Human Communication ü Marketing Communication Creativity Integrated MarCom Global IMC 2 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Communication Tools Marketing Communication Tools Direct Interactive/ Advertising Marketing Internet Marketing Sales Publicity/Public Personal Promotion Relations Selling 3 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Communication Tools Sale Promotions - value (price)-related activities to generate short-term sales. Direct Marketing - reaching customers directly. Personal Selling - develop relationships, persuade and create leads into sales. Interactive/ Internet - interactive media which allows a two-way flow of information in real ¿ Publicity/ Public Relations - non-paid com. Advertising - paid mass communication. 4 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Intermediate Summary Models & Tools 5 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Sale Promotions 6 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Sale Promotions J L J L J L 7 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Direct MKT Demassification – Focus is Demassification – Focus is Toward Micro-markets Toward Micro-markets Higher Costs of Driving, Traffic Higher Costs of Driving, Traffic and Parking Congestion and Parking Congestion Consumers Lack of Time Consumers Lack of Time The Convenience of Ordering Convenience of Ordering From Direct Marketers From Direct Marketers Growth of Direct Marketing Growth of Customer Databases Growth of Customer Databases 8 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4Direct MKT J L J L J L 9 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4€ Selling Prospecting and Qualifying Pre-approach Approach Presentation and Demonstration Basic Steps Handling objections in Personal Closing Selling Process Follow-up 10 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4€ Selling J L J L J L 11 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Interactivewww Web 1.0 March 2006, NBC Universal acquired 12 MarCom-2 for $600M
  • 2. MarCom4 Interactivewww Web 2.0 13 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Interactivewww J L J L J L 14 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Major PR Tools News Web Site Speeches Special Public Events Service Activities Corporate Written Identity Audiovisual Materials Materials Materials 15 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Publicity-PR J L J L J L 16 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Exhibitions 17 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Exhibitions J L J L J L 18 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Sponsorships 19 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Sponsorships 20 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 Sponsorships J L J L J L 21 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 ADVERTISING Definition: Advertising is any paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. 22 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 ADVERTISING Informative Advertising Inform consumers or Persuasive Advertising build primary demand Build selective demand Advertising Objective Specific Communication Task Accomplished with a Specific Target Audience During a Specific Period of Time Comparison Advertising Reminder Advertising Compares one brand Keeps consumers thinking to another about a product 23 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 ADVERTISING Controversial? 24 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 ADVERTISING Advertising Objective: Specific communication Task accomplished with a Specific Target Audience During a Specific Period of Time 25 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 ADVERTISING 26 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom4 ADVERTISING J L J L J L 27 MarCom-2
  • 2. MarCom! 28 Issue: Creativity MarCom-2
  • Marketing Communication Marketing Communication-mix Part TWO out of Four (2.2) Danny Abramovich Marketing Plan Specialist 29 MarCom-2
  • r 3 Chapte rate d In teg ting e m ark cation uni c om m