Free marketing plan sample of an entertainment retailer, FNAC, by
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Free marketing plan sample of an entertainment retailer, FNAC, by



Free marketing plan sample by marketing plan now:

Free marketing plan sample by marketing plan now:
A plan of a French entertainment retailer, FNAC



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Free marketing plan sample of an entertainment retailer, FNAC, by Free marketing plan sample of an entertainment retailer, FNAC, by Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing Plan Sample fnac november 2009 2
  • Chapter 1.Fnac : an international entertainment retail chain offering cultural andelectronic products; the largest retailer of its kind in FranceFoundation: André Essel and Max Théret, 1954Majority shareholder: PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute)Area served : France, Belgium, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain,Switzerland, and Taiwan (where it is now known under the name Fayaque)Number of locations : 207 (63 outside of France)Core value: offering a diverse range of products, impartial advice, productsup to standard (independent test centre) 3
  • EnvironmentWe assume that FNAC is mainly influenced by theeconomical, social and technological environmentseconomical 4
  • 5
  • Market segmentation Very broad group of clients: all ages, interested in culture and technology, quality sensitive1 Based on questionnaire and own assuptions 6
  • SWOT 7
  • The company differs from its competition with a"unique brand positioning based on the exaltation of pleasure to discover the diversity of cultures and technologies”1 high technology product and the culture but cold atmosphere inside the store 21 8
  • Chapter 2. New Product Development StrategySet up inside cafes for those who desire to grab the book from ashelf and before buy, read a bit of it sipping caffe and eattingsome cake 9
  • Targeted audience next year People who want a rest from work/school ina cultural surroundings (after work or evenduring their lunch break) Direct Distribution Channels 10
  • To minimize the perceptual gap of coldness next year we wouldtry to convert FNAC into more comfortable place by setting upcafes 11
  • Chapter 3. We decide to develop our product in close collaboration with three national newspapers; thanks which we will strentchen perception of FNAC Cafe Libération (socialist leaning) Le Figaro (capitalist leaning) L’équipe (Sport) Maintaining Current Situation in the Market Some traditions in FNAC store:Free concerts of local music groups Famous Artists’ reception for session of dedicationsà We have to continue this kind of activities 12
  • Enhanance service marketing principlesImprove after sales service à appoint a meeting with after-sales manager à extra hours to solve your problem (7 -9 p.m.) Buy > 50 € (for books & music) get --> free coffeemembership card = one free coffee per months Happy hour (3 p.m. – 4 p.m.) = -30% discount on cakesFor all guests comming between 10 a.m. – 11.a.m.à free newspaper 13
  • FNAC Cafe promotion à „ Delight yourself in FNAC Cafe” street campaignWhen: 2 weeks befor opening + 2 weeks afterWhere: streets, storesHow: flyers,stickers on the books,CD’s DVDsCultural place (forum) à mails to membership card owners about events ,telemarketing (reservation in advance), free cultural calendars banners inside the shop 14
  • Budget assumption : 50 % of the yearly sales forcast (50% * 35 280) Resources Usages Cooperatives direct € 1 764,00 € 1 764,00 bodies marketing short-term indirect € 1 764,00 € 1 234,80 loans marketing new product self € 14 112,00 € 7 056,00 development - - advertising € 5 292,00 marketing - - € 529,20 research - - non-alocated € 1 764,00 total € 17 640,00 € 17 640,00 15
  • Chapter 4.Control committee => => meets every month* Stuff who deal with clients, Monthly changes 16
  • 17
  • Sources of information1. Questionaire – Caroline Seddini (13.11.2009), .2. Web sites: 18
  • 19