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James Cashmore
Director of Media and Entertainment, Google UK Ltd

Keynote: Being Found Online

Marketing Movies Online Conference
13th June 2012

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  1. 1. Winning theMomentsthat Matter13 June 2012James Cashmore, Director, Media & Entertainment 1 Google confidential
  2. 2. If You Build It, He Will Come2 Google confidential
  3. 3. Make a Great Movie3 Google confidential 3
  4. 4. Tell Movie Fans About It4 Google confidential 4
  5. 5. According to Procter & Gamble, shoppers make up their minds about a product in three to seven seconds, just the time it takes to note a product on a store shelf. This time lapse is called (by P&G) the “First Moment of Truth,” and its considered the most important marketing opportunity for a brand. — Wall Street Journal, 20055 Google confidential
  6. 6. The Traditional Mental Model of Marketing Traditional Box Office Word of Marketing Mouth6 Google confidential 6
  7. 7. The New “Four Moments” Mental Model Traditional Box Word of Marketing Office Mouth Which becomes the next person’s ZMOT7 Google confidential 7
  8. 8. A New Point of Decision As concerns about a volatile economy force consumers to be smarter about their leisure purchases, it is critical for studios to win at the zero moment of truth to excite movie fans about going to the cinema.8 Google confidential
  9. 9. “ Cinema chains are going to have to tread very carefully… consumers are starting to feel their custom is being taken for granted by by operators…the proportion of cinema-goers who think that tickets are too expensive has risen from just under two thirds to more than three quarters… This is a warning shot across operators bows that should be heeded, otherwise the industry runs the risk of pricing itself out of ” competitiveness. Michael Oliver, Senior Leisure Analyst Mintel, Cinemas-UK, May 2011Source: Mintel, Cinemas-UK, May 2011 9 Google confidential
  10. 10. Interest in movies online is increasing as movie fans turn to search to discover upcoming films Growth in movie related search queries 2009 - 2012 YoY growth 3x Searches for the +25% 2012 Olympics +49% 4x Searches for the +25% Queen’s Diamond Jubilee +48% JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DECSource: Google Internal Data, UK 10 Google confidential
  11. 11. Movie fans search throughout their decision making journey Movie queries fall into 3 core types: 1/3 2/3 generic title specific movie searches movie searches AWARENESS DISCOVERY ACTION examples: examples: new releases movie title trailers title + trailer movie sites title + dvd showtimes about the film title + cast/director title + reviewsSource: Google Internal Data, UK 11 Google confidential
  12. 12. Movie fans are searching across platforms All movie search queries by search platform Movie queries on mobile devices are rapidly accelerating and have caught up to YouTube in volume 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 ‘12Source: Google Internal Data, UK 12 Google confidential
  13. 13. Movie related searches across platforms are largely based on context and type of search 58% of total movie queries occur on Google.com 20% on YouTube 22% on Google Mobile SearchSource: Google Internal Data, UK 13 Google confidential
  14. 14. Movie fans search throughout their decision making journey 1/3 2/3 generic title specificmovie searches movie searches examples: examples: new releases movie title trailers title + trailer movie sites title + dvd showtimes about the film title + cast/director title + reviews 14 Google confidential
  15. 15. Interest in a film during launch Search query sequence during a movie release Theatrical Release showtimes, cinemas, tickets, local reviews merchandise trailer / discovery (cast, story, images, discovery DVD Buy DVD/ on- teaser trailer trailer release imdb, interviews) (cast, story, images, release date demand imdb, interviews) week fromlaunch -23 -17 -13 -11 -8 -6 -3 0 3 6 8 11 13 17 early awareness research & consideration purchase review & share Interest begins as early as 25 weeks prior to the theatrical Interest accelerates 3 Interest post launch is highly dependent release as people search for the the title and trailers weeks prior to release and on the film and shifts to reviews, peaks opening week as merchandise, and home ents search broadens to include local informationSource: Google Internal Data, UK, based on top 20 films of 2011 by UK box office 15 Google confidential
  16. 16. Interest in a film during launch Search query distribution by search platform All channels play an important role and they peak week of release Google Desktop search overtakes YouTube search in the weeks just before opening weekend Google Mobile search accelerates week of launch and becomes increasingly important throughout the home entertainment release YouTube Search leads initially as movie fans search for titles and trailers week fromlaunch -23 -17 -13 -11 -8 -6 -3 0 3 6 8 11 13 17 teaser pre-launch launch sustain home ents launchSource: Google Internal Data, UK, based on top 20 films of 2011 by UK box office 16 Google confidential
  17. 17. Two Points of Decision in the Zero Moment of Truth To see a movie To go to the cinema17 Google confidential
  18. 18. How to win at ZMOT 1 Maximise Trailer Views 2 Create Interest 3 Capture Local Demand18 Google confidential
  19. 19. How to win at ZMOT 1 Maximise Trailer Views 2 Create Interest Deciding to 3 Capture Local Demand see a movie19 Google confidential
  20. 20. How to win at ZMOTDeciding to 1 Maximise Trailer Viewsgo to thecinema 2 Create Interest 3 Capture Local Demand20 Google confidential
  21. 21. MAXIMISE TRAILER VIEWS 1 Movie fans’ attention is getting harder to grasp with TV alone and also difficult to measure MOBILE CONTENT ACTIVITIES WHILE WATCHING TV Use apps Search for unrelated info during program Search for unrelated info during ads Search for info related to ads Search for deals related to ads 66% use their DESKTOP/LAPTOP 46% use their TABLET 49% use their MOBILESource: Nielsen “Mobile Connected Device Report”, US, Feb 2012 21 Google confidential
  22. 22. GOOGLE SOLUTION1 Maximise views of your trailer with paid media across platforms How to distribute your trailer using Google PYV / TrueView Video CTP Video Video Asset Content Media Ads Search Banner to Video Mobile Seed Paid Earned Burst Campaign: 1 – 2 Weeks Google Platform22 Google confidential
  23. 23. MAXIMISE TRAILER VIEWS 1 Be present on each platform when they are most critical in movie fans’ decision journey teaser pre-launch launch sustain home ents launch Go big leading up to release by using video ads across search, Sustain early display, video, interest with paid and mobile media across YouTube, Google Use display Search and Display Maintain interest remarketing on by maximising desktop and Kick off interest search and mobile mobile to release Tease/test your with the YouTube the DVD trailer early on YouTube Homepage week fromlaunch -23 -17 -13 -11 -8 -6 -3 0 3 6 8 11 13 17 23 Google confidential
  24. 24. MAXIMISE TRAILER VIEWSYouTube AdsYouTube Homepage, TrueView In-Stream, TrueView In-Search Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Watch the official trailer here and play the official movie game by Madgascarthemovie | 1.212.324 views teaser pre-launch launch sustain home ents launch24 Google confidential
  25. 25. MAXIMISE TRAILER VIEWSDisplay Ads on Desktop, Mobile & Tablet teaser pre-launch launch sustain home ents launch25 Google confidential
  26. 26. CREATE INTEREST2 Create Interest and buzz around your movie Give them more! Recommendation: Movie fans search Sustain interest and more when studio create buzz after the assets are released initial trailer drop by and demonstrate an releasing new assets. appetite for more content Consider new digital channels such as Google+ and mobile sites/apps. Promote assets with paid media.26 Google confidential
  27. 27. CREATE INTERESTMuppets Hangout Video27 Google confidential
  28. 28. CAPTURE LOCAL DEMAND3 Be top of mind opening weekend to capture movie fans as they decide to go to the cinema Movie Queries with Local Intent Generic local movie queries (showtimes, movie times, cinemas, buy tickets online) 56% Of generic movie queries with local intent occur on mobile devices. Title local movie queries (e.g. harry potter tickets, harry This is a valuable audience potter showtimes) interested in going to the cinema in real time. -17wks launch 17wks28 Google confidential
  29. 29. CAPTURE LOCAL DEMAND3 Capture local intent with Media Ads on Desktop & Mobile Search teaser pre-launch launch sustain home ents launch29 Google confidential
  30. 30. INTRO TO HOME ENTSConnect your theatrical and home entertainment mediastrategies to drive more retail sales Use display remarketing to release your DVD to a targeted audience: •  Drive awareness for movie audiences who were exposed to or interacted with your theatrical campaign, OR •  Drive awareness for movie audiences who were not exposed to your theatrical campaign theatrical launch Home Ents Release30 Google confidential
  31. 31. Summary of Recommendations 1 Distribute your trailer across all platforms Movie fans are multi-channel and multi-platform à ensure your media is as well 2 Create & sustain interest by releasing new content Movie fans respond to studio released assets and demonstrate a desire for more 3 Capture local demand with search and mobile Maximise exposure with paid media when movie fans are deciding to go to the cinema 4 Connect your theatrical strategy with your home ents Drive efficiencies across channels using remarketing31 Google confidential
  32. 32. Thanks!James Cashmorejcashmore@google.com32 Google confidential