Marketing Campaign ROI Projection and Budget Workbook
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Marketing Campaign ROI Projection and Budget Workbook

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Use this spreadsheet to project marketing ROI for any type of campaign. Input your estimated conversion rates, sales unit projections, gross profit margin, expense projections and marketing costs......

Use this spreadsheet to project marketing ROI for any type of campaign. Input your estimated conversion rates, sales unit projections, gross profit margin, expense projections and marketing costs and view your projected return on investment.

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  • 1. www.marketingmo.comMarketing Campaigns This workbook supports the Marketing Campaigns subject at workbook is designed for use with specific exercises in the MarketingMO planning and management SaaS. If a worksheet has gray and white cells, the white cells inside thegray area are inputs and the results will be displayed in a printable format in the white area of the sheet. If a worksheet is all white, then the inputs and printable report are thesame. Some of the worksheets are linked to previous worksheets. Feel free to enter numbers into previous worksheet cell references if you havent completed the previous sheets.Calculations and formulas arent protected, so check blank cells on the report sheets before entering values.Some of the worksheets have tables with summary calculations at the end of the table. If you need to insert more rows, insert them in the middle of the data entry fields so the sumformulas capture the new fields. Some of the worksheets have hidden rows or columns for formula calculations and deleting them will modify some of the features. If you modifyworksheets and wish to return to the original format, simply download a fresh copy from your account at Marketing Campaign Quantitative GoalsThis worksheet will calculate how many marketing impressions or touches you need to reach your campaign goal, along with your total campaign conversion rate.This is the first metric required to calculate marketing ROI.Results Calculates the total number of impressions youll need, the total number of responses and all of your conversion rates throughout the sales process.6.9.b Campaign Revenue / Profit ProjectionsThis worksheet is linked to 6.9.a and will calculate the revenue and profit projections for your campaign. This is step 2 to calculating your campaigns projected ROI.Results Calculates the total projected revenue and profit produced from your campaign.6.9.c Marketing Campaign Budget & ROI AnalysisThis worksheet is linked to 6.9.a and 6.9.b (but can also function alone) and will organize your marketing campaign budget, project your initial ROI, and allow you toinput actual results to view your actual campaign ROI.Results Calculates your total budget, projected campaign ROI, and the maximum you can spend and still hit your ROI goal. Also matches your projections to your actual results.6.9.d Marketing Campaign Budget by MonthThis worksheet is linked to 6.9.c and is a report that organizes your marketing campaign budget by month.Results Calculates your total budget, projected campaign ROI, and the maximum you can spend and still hit your ROI goal. Also matches your projections to your actual results.6.9.e Marketing Campaign Media PlanThis worksheet outlines your campaign media projections: media to use, cost, impressions, response and converstion rate.Results Calculates your costs per impression, per response and per conversion.6.9.f Campaign ResultsMatches your campaign results to your original projections.Results Calculates your revenue, profit or value of customers resulting from your campaign.6.9.g Ad Response Rate TrackingAllows you to track your media and response rates for future reference.Results Averages your response rates for specific measurements.6.9.h Campaign Variable Test MatrixAllows you to record results from an a/b test.Results Calculates your cost per success criteria for each ad.6.9.i Improve Campaign ResultsReview how improvements to specific campaign variables affect your campaign metrics and results.Results Calculates how improved conversion rates impact your campaign.
  • 2. Marketing Campaign Quantitative Goals ProjectionCampaign Name 0Run Dates 0Prepared By 0DateBased on our conversion rate estimates, heres how many IMPRESSIONS & RESPONSES well need to generate in ourcampaign in order to reach our goal:Conversion rate estimate 0.00%Total impressions neededTotal responses neededBelow is the breakdown of projected prospects at each step in our sales process: # of prospects that Cumulative % of should reach this Step Step respondees who reach step (rounded up to this step (calculated) next whole number) 1 100.00%Total customers well generate at these conversion rates% of our impressions that will reach our goal% of our impressions that become customers 6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - a 2
  • 3. Campaign Revenue / Profit Projections Campaign Name 0 Run Dates 12/30/1899 Prepared By 0 Date 12/30/1899 % of new Total unit sales Total Total customers Products / services (Or just enter the projected projected who buy this total unit sales) REVENUE PROFIT item 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% TOTAL 0% 0.0 $- $-6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - b 3
  • 4. Marketing Campaign Budget & ROI AnalysisCampaignDate of budgetYear the campaign starts BUDGET ACTUAL Item NOTES Total (or enter Month Total (or enter Month incurred Units Cost per unit Units Cost per unit total) incurred total)[enter a heading] Choose Choose $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $-[enter a heading] $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $-[enter a heading] $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $-[enter a heading] $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $-[enter a heading] $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $-*Enter this total into the master budget in this month Total $- $- Total Enter your projected revenue (from b, or enter manually) $- $- Variance in expenses Enter your projected profit (from b, or enter manually) $- % over (under) ROI for this budget and profit level Enter the revenue you generated What is your normal goal ROI/hurdle rate? Enter the profit you generated Maximum you can spend on the campaign and still hit your goal ROI $- #DIV/0! ROI 6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - c 4
  • 5. Marketing Campaign Budget by Month This sheet totals your expenses (from the previous sheet) so its easy to enter into your master budget for the year. Campaign Date of budget Month Budget Actual NOTES Jan Err:504 $- Feb Err:504 $- Mar Err:504 $- Apr Err:504 $- May Err:504 $- Jun Err:504 $- Jul Err:504 $- Aug Err:504 $- Sep Err:504 $- Oct Err:504 $- Nov Err:504 $- Dec Err:504 $- Jan 1 Err:504 $- Feb 1 Err:504 $- Mar 1 Err:504 $- Apr 1 Err:504 $- May 1 Err:504 $- Jun 1 Err:504 $- Jul 1 Err:504 $- Aug 1 Err:504 $- Sep 1 Err:504 $- Oct 1 Err:504 $- Nov 1 Err:504 $- Dec 1 Err:504 $- Total Err:504 $-6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - d 5
  • 6. Marketing Campaign Media PlanPlan the number of impressions for each media and project results and costsHow many impressions do you need/want to generate?(Pulls from a if you completed it.)Here are the number of impressions to generate, estimated costs and estimated conversion rates Impressions Costs Response & conversion Estimated # of responses Cost projections Examples of media to use % of responses that Estimated will convert to your # of response rate Cost per OR Total cost goal # of Conversion Cost per Cost per Cost per impressions TOTAL COST impression for this media responses Results impression response Conversion planned In a, you used Heres the figure from 0% a: 0%Sales forceCold calling - - $-Sales activities - - $-Relationship activities - - $-TelemarketingOutbound calling - - $-Inbound call handling - - $-InternetOnline advertising - - $-Email campaigns - - $-Organic search - - $-Paid search - - $-Webinars - - $-Viral campaigns - - $-Ongoing email newsletters - - $-Social mediaTrade shows & eventsTrade show exhibits or events - - $-Seminars or events you create - - $-Events you sponsor - - $-PublicityProduct- or solution-related stories - - $-Distribute press releases (and optimize for the web) - - $-Speaking engagements - - $-Blogs - - $-Stories about your company - - $-Direct mailSimple sales letters or postcards - - $-Special mailpiece for a particular campaign - - $-Traditional mediaPrint ads - - $-Yellow pages - - $-Radio - - $-Television $-Outdoor - - $-Total - - - * $-Over (under) goal - #DIV/0! #DIV/0! Conversion Overall rate of *May show slight discrepancy due to rounding response responses 6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - e 6
  • 7. Campaign Results Compares campaign results to original projections. Campaign Date QUANTITATIVE RESULTS GOAL (from a if Over (under) Step Explanation (from sheet a) ACTUAL Variance used) goal 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL UNITS, REVENUE AND PROFIT If you prefer to track the number of new customers and their lifetime value, skip this chart and use the next. # of units Revenue per Gross profit per TOTAL Products / services TOTAL PROFIT sold unit (price) product REVENUE $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- $- Total - Total $- $- Projected Projected Variance - Variance $- $- Over (under) #DIV/0! Over (under) #DIV/0! #DIV/0! LIFETIME VALUE OF NEW CUSTOMERS # of new Lifetime value Total profit in Customer segment customers per customer* todays dollars - Total $- Projected* $- - Variance $- #DIV/0! Over (under) #DIV/0!6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - f 7
  • 8. Ad Response Rate Tracking Tracks the response rates for various ads. Success measurements used: 1 2 3 Number of responses Response rate (of TARGETED impressions) Total Total Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 3 Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 3 Ad name Publication Description Run date TARGETED impressions impressions # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 CURRENT AVERAGE #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0!6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - g 8
  • 9. Campaign Variable Test Matrix Evaluate two different ads to see which generates better results. Test one distinct variable at a time. Campaign Test dates Purpose of test Ad #1 Ad Description Ad #2 Changes from Ad #1 Criteria to measure success on the campaign For example, number of information requests or number of orders. Success criteria 1 Success criteria 2 Results AD # 1 2 Success criteria 1 Success criteria 2 Total cost of the ad Cost analysis Cost per Cost per6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - h 9
  • 10. Improve Campaign Results Displays how improved conversion rates can impact costs and results. Campaign Date Media cost of campaign Dont include ad production costs Enter the number Conversion rate Conversion rate (of Results you achieved (of previous step) total impressions) Improvement goals With improved conversion rates at different points, here are the results be with the same # of impressions. # of responses Conversion rate (of Results GOAL youd generate at previous step) goal rate - - - Cost comparisons Here are the resulting costs of the improvements. Cost per goal in Goal Current scenario Improved scenario6-9-marketing-campaigns-110902205909-phpapp02.xls - i 10