How to Grow your Yoga Business with Social Media 3-29-2014


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As a yoga professional you’re an integral part of enhancing people’s health and well-being. In such a personal industry, it’s important to strategically market yourself to keep your students up to date, encourage them to attend your classes and be a trusted resource. With an abundance of digital technologies available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when creating a marketing strategy. At this workshop, you’ll learn how to navigate social media tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to attract more clients, grow your business and be a valuable resource in your industry all while maintaining your true integrity as a yoga professional.

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  • Remake prettier with yoga images
  • How many have a personal page?How many have a business page?
  • How many have a personal page?How many have a business page?
  • How many have a personal page?How many have a business page?
  • How many have a personal page?How many have a business page?
  • Pull up my own LinkedIn profile
  • How to Grow your Yoga Business with Social Media 3-29-2014

    1. 1. Presents: How to Grow Your Yoga Business with Social Media Presented by: Melodie Tao March 29th, 2014 La Jolla Yoga Center TWITTER @MyMelodie
    2. 2. Opening Meditation ~Set your intention for today~
    3. 3. About Melodie Tao Professional: • Company- Marketing Melodie • My Role- Marketing Consultant, International Public Speaker, Educator • Services- Consulting, Speaking, Workshops • Marketing Professor- National University, Platt College San Diego Background: • Traditional Media Experience- Radio, outdoor advertising, event production, promotions • Online/Digital agency experience- SEO, PPC, Social Media • Expertise: Marketing with an emphasis on digital technology and social media • Community Building, Brand Development Fitness: • Certified Yoga Instructor • Certified Barre Instructor • Certified Cycle Instructor • Experience- Creator of Digital Media Now for Yogis and TWITTER @MyMelodie, Event Hashtag: #DMNFITX
    4. 4. Today’s Topic How to Grow Your Yoga Business with Social Media Intention: Learn how to pack your studio and classes through social media strategies. Questions: • What comes to mind when you hear the word social media? • What to you hear in the topic? • How many people have Googled themselves? What did you find?
    5. 5. Importance of Today’s Topic • In the past, people would keep their personal lives completely separate from their business lives. Now this is virtually impossible, so today we’ll learn how to embrace social media to ensure we’re using it effectively for our business. • Working in an industry such as yoga and fitness is such a personal profession because you’re really helping the lives of many. Therefore it’s important to build a personal connection with our clients, students and customers. • Even though you may work for a studio or a larger company, it’s YOUR JOB to fill your class • People buy from other people
    6. 6. Inspire Students who are already in Class • Give students a reason to return- Work on poses, create themes, create an ongoing connection. • Ask students to come back • Ask students to bring a friend • Connect online
    7. 7. • Facebook is more personal but there are many opportunities to optimize your profile for your professional brand. • When logged on to your personal Facebook profile you can create and run a business page. • Check your privacy settings to ensure you’re only providing public information you intend to. • Check your privacy settings on each photo album. • Facebook constantly changes their privacy features so make a habit of regularly checking your settings. Update Your Personal Profile
    8. 8. Personal Profile: • If connecting with prospective clients on Facebook include your company and a brief description so client associate you with the company’s brand • Link personal page to your business page. Business Page: • Company information • Link back to your website • Links to your other social networks Personal Profile vs Business Page
    9. 9. DO NOT use a personal profile as a business page Correct business page:
    10. 10. LinkedIn • Ensure your personal profile is linked back to your company’s LinkedIn profile. • Contact Information: Include your company’s website. Under website listings choose “other” and write in the specific name for your company rather than just listing “Company Website”. • Under your job descriptions list specific accomplishments and actions that will benefit prospective clients. • Add multimedia: Photos, Videos, Presentations.
    11. 11. Twitter is a social networking known as microblogging. It enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". What is Twitter?
    12. 12. • Brand your background • Brand your Twitter bio • Provide value to your followers by posting useful information related to your company • Post educational tips related to your company • Retweet and reply to others so you’re actively engaging in conversation • Live Tweets: Post a tweets and photos during events • Job openings
    13. 13. • Photo sharing program and social network • Mobile based application. To sign up you must download Instagram on your smart phone • Enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter and then share it with other Instagram users they are connected on the social network. • Confines photos to a square shape, similar to Polaroid images. What is Instagram?
    14. 14. Instagram Tips • Best to use the same username for Instagram that you have on Twitter. Easier for people to tag you. • Utilize a few hashtags for each image to optimize exposure. You can comment with hashtags. • Take photos related to your brand that give people a glimpse of what you’re doing real time.
    15. 15. Instagram Hashtag Examples
    16. 16. Success Story • • • •
    17. 17. Thank You!• La Jolla Yoga Center • • Jennifer Pastiloff
    18. 18. Contact: 858-335-9421 Connect: Instagram: MarketingMelodie Google+: Namaste