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  • What about their personal brand is working? What about their business brand is working? Is this cohesive?Activity: What do you need to add or change on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Pull up my own LinkedIn profile
  • How many have a personal page?How many have a business page?
  • What should be on your personal page to optimize your business brand?What should be on your business page? Write down what changes you feel you should make on your Facebook personal page and business page
  • Digital Media Now- Integrating Social Media

    1. 1. Presents: Digital Media Now How to Integrate SocialMedia Into Your Marketing Wednesday December 7th, 2011 If tweeting about the event Host: @MyMelodie Event: @DigitalMediaNow Event Hashtag: #DMNWeb1
    2. 2. About Melodie TaoProfessional:• My company: Marketing Melodie  Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Educator  Services: Consulting, Speaking, Seminars, Corporate Training workshops• Marketing Professor  National University  Platt College San DiegoBackground:• Traditional Media, Interactive marketing : Radio, outdooradvertising, events, promotions• Online/Digital agency experience (SEO, PPC)• Featured Marketing & Social Media Speaker at National &International conferences/events Ask Questions by Tweeting with the hashtag #DMNWeb1 Host: @MyMelodie Event: @DigitalMediaNow
    3. 3. Today’s Topic How to Integrate Social Media Into Your MarketingIntention: You will learn how to Leverage the power of your other marketingtools by understanding how to effectively integrate social mediaHere’s why we have this intention: Social Media needs to be cohesive withthe rest of your marketing campaigns. It’s something that enhances yourmarketing strategy, but should not take the place of other marketingchannels.How to Integrate Social Media into:• Other Forms of Digital Marketing• In Person Events• Traditional Media
    4. 4. Important TermsWhat do I mean when I say…Social Media: Web-based and mobile technologies to turn communicationinto an interactive dialogue. This type of marketing creates a 2 wayconversation between the business and consumer and allows consumers tocreate user generated content by contributing.Marketing Campaigns: A specific, defined series of activities used in marketingor using new marketing channels and methods. (SEO, Email, Social Media)Marketing Strategy: A foundation for executing your marketing campaigns.This process allows an organization to concentrate its resources on thegreatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitiveadvantage. Important to have a strategy before jumping into social media.
    5. 5. Incorporating Social Media intoother forms of Digital Marketing
    6. 6. Digital Marketing: SEOWhat is SEO?SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility ofa website or webpage in a search engine by the "natural" or un-paid(organic) search results• SEO goes hand in hand with Social Media• Search engines pick up “real time” information and results that are created through Social Media• Blog posts create fresh, new content for your website on a regular basis which is picked up on by search engines• Strategically utilize keywords in your Social Media updates• Link keywords in your blog posts
    7. 7. Digital Marketing: SEOExample of linking keywords in a blog post from
    8. 8. Digital Marketing: Email2 Types of Email Marketing, 2 Opportunities to integrateSocial Media• Personal Emails sent out from your Business Account- Emails you are sending out directly to another recipient• Email Marketing Campaigns- Emails you send out with a specific message to consumers. Usually sent out to many people at once on your email list.
    9. 9. Digital Marketing: EmailPersonal Emails• Integrate Social Media into your personal emails by including a link in your signature
    10. 10. Digital Marketing: EmailEmail Marketing Campaigns• Include clear call to actions in your email marketing campaigns• Include clear links/Social Sharing buttons to your social media networks Social Sharing Buttons
    11. 11. Incorporating Social Media into In Person Events
    12. 12. In Person Networking Events• Include links to your social networks on your business cards• Connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn immediately after the event and mention where you met them.
    13. 13. Conferences• Do research on who’s going to be attending beforehand and reach out to people on Social Media that you’d like to meet.• RSVP that you’re going to be at the event on Facebook and LinkedIn and share with your connections• Find the official hashtag for the event/conference you’re going to. Tweet that you’ll be there with event Hashtag and include the Hashtag in all tweets relating to that conference.• Hashtag- Allows you to track specific events and topics. At conferences, it’s a great way to find out and connect with others who are already there.• Connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn immediately after the conference and mention where you met them.
    14. 14. Incorporating Social Media into Traditional Media
    15. 15. Traditional Media- PrintMany types of print marketing are still relevant today:Brochures, flyers, Magazine/Newspaper ads• Include Social Media icons and write out your URL names for each icon next to the icon so readers can easily connect with you online• QR Codes• Make print material available virtually online Include the URL next to the icon
    16. 16. Traditional- Radio• Stop repeating the phone number over and over again at the end of a Radio Ad. People are not going to remember the number or call you right away. Instead repeat your website• In addition to your website, mention to find you on Facebook and Twitter. Say the URLs. People are much more likely to remember this than a random phone number TV/Videos• Include a visible URL of your website.• Include a visible URL or your Social Media URLs
    17. 17. Public RelationsWhat is Public Relations (PR)?Public Relations: The practice of managing the communication betweenan organization and the public to gain exposure of news to target-audiences.Public Relations Activities: Messaging, Press releases, Speakerships, MediaRelations including trade, local, national and online publications.• Social Media Press Releases- When creating a press release, your social media version should be customized for the web. Social Media press releases have sharing features, a specific tweet that readers can post, links within the press release etc. PitchEngine is a useful site• Teaser Posts: Create excitement about your upcoming PR appearance. Whether it’s a mention in a magazine, a radio interview or television appearance, let your community know exactly when and where they can see your company in the media! Post anticipating tweets and Facebook updates a few days out.• Blog post follow up: After your PR appearance, draft up a quick blog post with information about your feature. If it’s a TV clip, see if you can obtain a file of the clip to host on your own YouTube and embed in your blog post. If it’s a radio appearance, get an audio of your airtime. If it’s an article, link to the online version of the article.
    18. 18. Next Digital Media Now Webinar• Wednesday January 4th, 2012 at 10am PST.• Cost: $39 ($29 if you pre-register today) You’ll be sent additional information to confirm your spotTopic: Make More Money with Social Media in 2012Leverage your social networks to attract new clients and strategicpartnerships to grow your business and make more money in 2012.• Build alliances and partnerships through social media• Effective time management on Social Media• Community Building tips• Strategic branding
    19. 19. Thank You If tweeting about the event Host: @MyMelodie Event: @DigitalMediaNow Event Hashtag: #DMNWeb1