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Newzoo trend report mom games

  1. 1. console console pc/mac pc/mac casual social mobile mmo retail digital retail digital websites networks devices gamestrend report MMO Games, Massively Popular Key facts on a highly competitive growth market © 2011 Newzoo games market research
  2. 2. MMO Games, Massively Popular. Key facts on this highly competitive growth market games market research About this Newzoo Trend Report At Newzoo, we are dedicated to providing the total picture when it US UK Germany France Spain Italy Netherlands Belgium Brazil Mexico Russia China Korea comes to the games market. This means we specialize in analyses Newzoo offers detailed market data and analysis on 13 Western, Emerging across platforms, business models and countries. Our Trend Reports and Asian countries. Countries are benchmarked on more than 200 topics. take a trend as starting point and give insight across topics and countries. Newzoo Report 2011 MMO Games Market Report Our data clearly shows that the market for MMO games is growing Available at in terms of number of gamers, share of people paying and money €990 / $1,390 spent. But…. the number of high-quality MMOs has, and still is, (Content on last page) outpacing this growth. Game and company revenues are therefore under pressure. It has become increasingly important to chose Client-Specific Analysis territories that have the greatest potential for a specific game. Newzoo Data Explorer Online Interactive Access Success can also depend on smart choices how to extend MMO to our Full MMO Dataset gameplay and IP to new “platforms”. We believe market intelligence is key in supporting these decisions. €1,250 per country The data and insights included in this free report and the full 2011 MMO Games Market Report are based on analysis of our own proprietary research amongst consumers, our database of publicly accessible data and exclusive access to business and tracking data through our clients and partners. Our topic reports include a limited number of company case studies. If you are also willing to share Also available: interesting data, please contact me. 2011 Games Market Revenue Report Free Infographics Free Newzoo Topic Report on DLC Peter Warman, CEO Newzoo,, +31 (0)20 6635816Newzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 2
  3. 3. Key Trends & Challenges. games market research Are Asian and Emerging markets showing us the future? The MMO games landscape has changed dramatically in the past five What role will Emerging Markets play? years in terms of business models, key players, quality as well as F2P MMO games are playing a crucial role in monetizing the number of games available to consumers. Consumer spending is up, Emerging Markets with “core”-type games as they cater to but revenues per game and publisher are very much under pressure. every budget. Global growth in MMO revenues, outside of Asia, What will drive growth and what challenges need to be faced? will come largely from countries like Brazil, Russia, Indonesia as well as the Arab countries, piggy-backing on the growth in How to market MMOs and optimize conversion? online connectivity. Do Free-to-play games attract players automatically? In this crowded Is cross-platform the way to further growth? market certainly not. Moreover, a big marketing boost at launch is not On average, a new MMO Game is launched every day of the enough. Even F2P games require continuous marketing. Just as year. Company revenues are stalling or even in decline because important: flexibility in business model, in time and per region. of the huge long tail of MMO games that consumers can pick Is Free-to-Play here to stay? from. In addition to attempting to develop the best-in-class Yes. MMO games have succesfully pioneered the business model that MMO game and conquering emerging markets, there are now dominates all platforms except consoles. F2P makes it easier to several other routes, MMO companies are taking to maintain attract a lot of players, key to MMO gameplay. It has also proven that steady growth. MMO publishers have a unique opportunity to it can bring in more revenues than P2P. Still, we foresee most game play a pioneering role in cross-platform and cloud gaming, publishers offering a mix of P2P and F2P bizz models and leaving the extending multiplayer gameplay to all consumer screens, choice to the player. More than half of P2P gamers also spend including mobile devices and TV. additional money on virtual items within the game, so these games Will Asian companies lead global consolidation? will continue to cater to the “whales”. Following Asian market leaders Nexon, PerfectWorld, Shanda How will traditional publishers do in the MMO market? and Tencent, a large number of Asian online game companies A game is no longer a product but a service. With an array of triple A are now focusing on the West and other regions outside of Asia. MMO games announced by publishers such as EA and Ubisoft, it will Not only to distribute games but also to invest. They will play a be interesting to see how well they play “the MMO game”. Big IPs big role in consolidation of the global MMO market. could help but are no guarantee.Newzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 3
  4. 4. Key Take-Aways. games market research US F2P MMO market grows 24% in 2011 grossing $1.2bn Key take-aways Share of F2P and P2P of total Americans spend 26M hours per day in total playing MMO games spend (US) 2011 estimate MMO games. In 2011, total US MMO games consumer spend will grow 3% compared to 2011 from $2.5bn to $2.6bn. $1.2bn Free-to-play MMO games take 47% of all money spent on Consumer spend on F2P MMO games in the US, up from 39% in 2010. MMO games (US) The total US F2P MMO market has grown from $1.0bn to 53% 47% 2011 estimate Preference for $1.2bn: +24%. Free-to-play MMO games gross more revenues than Pay- Pay-to-Play Free-to-Play to-play MMOs in Asian (51%), European (53%) and (2010: 61%) (2010: 39%) Browser and/or Emerging markets (59%). Client-based Free-to-play MMO revenues for 7 key EU countries totals MMO games $1.1bn. Emerging Markets Russia, Brazil and Mexico (US) spend $0.4bn. Korea and China combined spend $2.2bn on Free-to-play MMOs. 16% 84% of American MMO gamers plays browser-based client only 43% MMOs. Almost half of these consumers also play client- 12% 41% only browser based MMOs. Asia has the highest share of client-based-only MMO of total consumer spend gamers with 24% for China and Korea combined. browser goes to MMO games and client 37% of F2P MMO gamers prefer SciFi/Space themed (2010: 11%) MMO games. This is 35% for P2P MMO gamers.Newzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 4
  5. 5. Key Facts. games market research F2P takes 47% in US, behind EU, Asia and Emerging Markets. US UK Germany France Spain Italy Netherlands Belgium Brazil Mexico Russia China Korea US Europe* Emerging* Asia* Share of F2P MMO games in total MMO spend (% and absolute), 2011 estimate 47% 53% 59% 51% F2P $1,2bn $1,1bn $0.4bn $2.2bn MMO Spend * As aggregate of the countries shown above. Preference for Browser and/or Client-based MMO games 16% 17% 15% 24% Box 43% 48% 48% 46% 41% 35% 37% 30% Only browser Browser and Client Only ClientNewzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 5
  6. 6. Case: Koram Games Ltd games market research Chinese Browser MMO Publisher Scores Outside China. Games 1 About Koram Games Koram Games Ltd. is an international IT company based in Hongkong that is Koram Games Ltd dedicated to creating high-quality innovative games for web browsers. The Corporate Address: company has successfully launched a number of award-winning titles. Most of 5118 Hopewell Centre 183 Queen’s the games are well received by critics and the international market. As of now, road East Wanchai HONG KONG Koram Games published nearly 60 games in 98 countries and regions and 2. include 16 different languages. The company has also developed popular Corporate structure and offices: casual games on social network sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Total Koram Games Ltd is based in Honkong with sub- global revenues are expected to reach $180 million in 2011. The data below companies in United States,Japan,Korea, focuses on Koram Games players and revenues from English-speaking Malaysia,Germany,the Vietnam office is under countries for its top 5 titles. construction. 3. Number of employees: 1,000+ Users from English-speaking Countries Per Game* Registered Users MAU 1. Three Kingdoms online 4.008.100 154.000 Total global revenues this year: 180 million US dollars Active users: DAU: 3 million, MAU: 15 million. 2. Clash of Kingdoms 1.194.100 347.400 4. 3. Chronicles of Merlin 356.600 276.800 Corporate website: 4. Dynasty Saga 347.600 132.100 Name of CEO: Yahui Zhou 5. Call of Gods 96.300 6.000 Total 6.002.700 916.300 Contact details overseas marketing director : 5. Name: Lei Lei Email: Revenues from English-speaking Countries Per Game* Total Revenues 1. Three Kingdoms online $ 7.479.200 2. Clash of Kingdoms $ 3.084.100 Koram Games CEO Yahui Zhou: 3. Chronicles of Merlin $ 687.800 “Turning business into 4. Dynasty Saga $ 835.200 pleasure is our business, * Data on Total Users and Total Revenues is for the English 5. Call of Gods $ 106.900 and our pleasure. “ speaking countries only. Total $12.193.200Newzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 6
  7. 7. Key Demographics. games market research 85% of American MMO gamers are younger than 35. Age & Gender split for MMO gamers in US, Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets (2011) 2% 4% 51-65 51-65 13% 31% US 36-50 10-20 15% 30% Emerging Gender 36-50 10-20 Gender 33% 39% 54% female 51% female 21-35 67% 21-35 61% Age male Age male 4% 51-65 17% 36% 18% Asia** Europe* 36-50 10-20 Gender 25% 10-20 36-50 Gender * Figures for 27% Europe are an 43% female 37% ** Consumer aggregate of the 49% 21-35 73% 57% female 63% research in 7 EU countries 21-35 China and Korea male 21-35 male mentioned in Age Age focused on 15 to this report. 50 year olds.Newzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 7
  8. 8. Key Consumer Preferences. games market research Genre as well as individual game popularity differ per country. MMO Type Popularity Fastest growing* F2P MMO games % of F2P and P2P MMO gamers (China & Korea) September – October 2011 US 1. League of Legends | Riot Games 2. Wizard101 | Kingsisle 3. Age of Conan Unchained | Funcom Europe (incl. Russia) 1. World Of Tanks | Wargaming 2. Grand Fantasia | Aeria Games 3. League of Legends | Riot Games RTS Role-Playing Shooter Action/Adventure Sports Latin America MMO Genre Popularity F2P MMO gamers 1. Shaiya | Aeria Games % of F2P and P2P MMO gamers 2. Priston Tale | Hazit Online Games (China & Korea). P2P MMO gamers 3. World of Tanks | Wargaming * Highest Player Acquisition Growth Rates within IQU’s 80M player profile dBase. in co-operation with Fantasy SciFi/Space Realism Anime/Cartoon HistoryNewzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 8
  9. 9. Full Report Content. International comparison and country-specific data About the 2011 MMO Games Market Report Country-specific data: The 2011 Newzoo MMO Games Market Report provides fresh insights and data on key › Popularity various platforms, including MMOs Western, Emerging and Asian markets from a consumers perspective. The thirtheen › Popularity MMOs, amongst various age groups countries are US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, › Popularity F2P vs P2P, age and gender split Mexico, Russia, China and Korea. A 80+ page report with key metrics per country that › Popularity Browser based vs Client based, age and gender split will give you the numbers you need for market analysis and strategic decision making › Play frequency MMO games, F2P/P2P split Main uses: market sizing, international roll-out strategy, effective local marketing. › Money spent on MMO games › Number of MMO games played, gender split The report is split up in two sections. › Popularity MMO portals International: overall trends and comparison of EU, US, Emerging and Asian › Prefered type of MMO (RTS, RPG..), gender split Markets on key metrics. 14 pages (PDF). › Prefered type of MMO (RTS, RPG..), age and gender build up Country-specific data: detailed data pack on MMO game preferences for each of › Prefered MMO genre, gender split the 13 countries. 25 graphs, 5 pages per country (PDF/Newzoo Data Explorer). › Prefered MMO genre, gender split, age and gender build up › ‘Timing’ – When are MMO games played, gender split up › ‘Social setting’ – With whom are MMO games played, gender International: split up › What is the size of the MMO games market? In terms of players, money spent, › Hobbies and general interests, F2P/P2P split share of total games wallet, time spent and number of people that spend › Active usage of an iPad, F2P/P2P split money: the “payers”? › Current work situation, F2P/P2P split › How do Free-to-play and Pay-to-play MMO games compare? In terms of › Home situation, F2P/P2P split players, payers and total/average spending. › Cross platform behaviour of MMO players › How do Browser and Client MMOs compare? In terms of popularity amongst players and payers. Buy online for €990 ($1,390) › How popular are various MMO game genres and types? Genres: Fantasy, Sci- Fi/Space, Realism, Anime/Cartoon, History. Types: RTS, Role-Playing, Shooter, Action/Adveture, Sports/Simulation. For client-specific analysis of our complete dataset we offer access › What is the position of MMO portals? Use and popularity of online MMO through our Newzoo Data Explorer on MMO topics for €1,250 per portals offering a range of MMO games. E.g. international portals: Bigpoint, country. Gamersfirst, PlayNC, Nexon, GameForge, gPotato, PerfectWorld, AeriaGames and local champions in Korea and China. Contact Newzoo, Wybe Schutte,, +31 (0)20 6635816Newzoo Trend Report | MMO Games, Massively Popular | November 2011 © 2011 Newzoo | | 9