Digital Media Companies for the New Digital Landscape


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Presentatie Chas Edwards tijdens Future of Online Advertising, June 2007

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Digital Media Companies for the New Digital Landscape

  1. 1. Digital Media Companies for the New Digital Landscape Publishers, Ad Networks and Conversational Marketing Chas Edwards Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer Federated Media June 2007
  2. 2. Agenda • Emergence of “Conversational Media” • Marketing Challenges • A Move Toward “Conversational Marketing”
  3. 3. New Sites Born Every Minute
  4. 4. Just Like Print, Websites Run Gamut
  5. 5. Leaders Emerge, an independent conversational Digg media site surpasses all other Tech News CNET brands in 6 Months. Wired PC Mag
  6. 6. “Social Media” or “Traditional Media”? Three social media sites enter the top 15, dwarf the others in terms of growth
  7. 7. Better Question: Where are my customers and where are they most engaged?
  8. 8. BW Says Blog is More Influential than BW
  9. 9. Less Reach, More Influence has 20,000 in-bound links, twice iVillage’s 12k and 5x Upon clicking, the user is presented with the Sphere widget, bridging the gap between traditional and conversational media: that of Babycenter’s 4k
  10. 10. Reach Giving Way to Engagement Buying Lots of Impressions Reach is getting easier -- Google and ad networks Standing Out from the Noise Impact is harder than it’s ever been
  11. 11. Impact Through Conversational Marketing
  12. 12. Tap Authors & Hosts, Be Relevant Microsoft ran two types of ads. Author and copy Standard Author- performed copy assisted 60% copy better.
  13. 13. Co-Branding Leverages Affinity Co-branded and “author-driven” creative performed over 4x the industry standard
  14. 14. Turn Ads Into Content Symantec ads featured an RSS feed of content updated daily. Unlike most ads, the Symantec creative did not experience ‘fatigue’. In fact, Symantec saw a 300% spike in response several weeks into the campaign RSS Ad Click Through % Typical Ads Time
  15. 15. Co-Branded, Author-Driven Invitations to Conversation “Author Driven Creative” FM Authors contributed their own definitions of “The Human Network” which were featured in the ad units.
  16. 16. Human Network Hub: Vote or Edit Wiki Readers participated by voting for the definition they liked best.
  17. 17. Participants Share Their Experiences “Human Network” Added to Wikipedia Participants Share Experience on their Blogs #2 Organic Result on Google
  18. 18. Enlists Ask A Ninja The Ad Spot: After each of the 9 episodes, the Ninja invites viewers to visit and enter in the word “Ninjuice”
  19. 19. Ninja’s Viewers Follow His Lead The Search Query: “Ninjuice” Viewers go to (or click on screen in previous slide) and enter the word “Ninjuice” into the search box
  20. 20. Conversion Is Off the Charts The Pay Off: Bonus Ninja video. Among total viewers of the sponsored Ask A Ninja episode, 8.3% watched the ad spot, queried “ninjuice” at and clicked to watch the bonus video
  21. 21. Intel Underwrites Digg Product Dev Digg Arc The Intel sponsored Digg visualization application.
  22. 22. Intel Drafts Off Digg’s Self-Promotion Efforts Digg’s CTO, Daniel Burka announced the news on Digg’s blog and posted it to (screenshot). Within an hour it was, in the Digg parlance, “made popular” as members began Digging the story at a rapid rate. As of 5/21 (week after launch), there have been 1330 Diggs to this story! Among the comments, the one that most speaks for other community members (based on the number of Diggs the comment received) is this: “Mmmm more eye candy. So much cooler than comment threading, or searching, or being able to delete comments.”
  23. 23. Best Practices • Locate Your Brand Communities Don’t worry whether the site is social or traditional  • Follow The Leaders, Partner With Them This requires relationships that bots can’t provide  • Add Value To Existing Conversation The conversation is theirs, not yours  Good conversations involve listening, not just talking 