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Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective? New research reveals how customers read emails today
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Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective? New research reveals how customers read emails today


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Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective? …

Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective?
New research reveals how customers read emails today

Picture your next email send.

Are you confident when your ideal customer sees it in her inbox, she’ll open, click through and buy from you? If you are, how can you be sure?

• Are you using the right template?
• Are you using too many images?
• Do you have too much or too little copy?
• Should your email be more personal? Or more corporate?

On this clinic, we explore a recent email experiment with an international media company. The marketers there pitted a typical trendy email design with a straightforward letter-style email to a list of millions of names.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Chris
  • Shawn“Our tests have not shown a difference between an email coded as text+imagesvs image-only (using link map if needed). Have you tested this? Coding is faster using a template & single image containing all text+images & works across all email clients. “
  • Theresa“We are using letter-style emails and are curious to hear what you think. Our current response levels are about average on opens and clicks, but we are not reaching our goal of getting requests to speak with the expert.”
  • Linda
  • Maeghan
  • MiraHow would you change - the text to achieve higher click through rate and sharing?- the subject line to achieve higher open rate?The subject line was: "If a 10 year old can understand it...", (24% open rate,12% click rate)Thanks!
  • KathyHow do we keep our letters from going to spam mail even though customers requested or gave permission for us to send?
  • Juan
  • Lisa
  • Becky
  • Transcript

    • 1. Are Letter-Style Emails Still Effective? New research reveals how customers read emails today
    • 2. We’re sharing on Twitter! #Webclinic
    • 3. Today's Speaker @FlintsNotes Dr. Flint McGlaughlin – Managing Director, MECLABS Flint McGlaughlin is the Managing Director of MECLABS Group. The organization has partnered with key market leaders including The New York Times, Microsoft Corporation, and Reuters Group. Dr. McGlaughlin also serves as the Director of Enterprise Research at the Transforming Business Institute, University of Cambridge (UK), as the Chairman of the Board of Governors for St. Stephen’s University, and as a Trustee for Westminster Theological Centre. Dr. McGlaughlin originally studied Philosophy and Theology at the University of London’s Specialist Jesuit College. Today, his primary research is focused on enterprise as transformative agent. His work has won multiple awards and has been quoted in more than 13,000 online and offline sources.
    • 4. Experiment: Background Experiment ID: TP2137 Record Location: MECLABS Research Library Research Partner: [Protected] Research Notes: Background: A large international media company focusing on increasing subscription rates. Goal: To increase the number of conversions based on the value proposition conveyed through the email. Primary Research Question: Which email will generate the highest conversion rate? Approach: A/B multifactor split test
    • 5. Experiment: Control CONTROL: Promotional style email • Uses popular design principles to create balance and hierarchy on the page. • Heavy use of images and graphics to catch the reader’s attention. • Multiple call-to-action buttons for increased points of entry.
    • 6. Experiment: Treatment TREATMENT: Letter style email • Designed to look and feel more like a personal letter. • Limited use of graphics and images. • One call-to-action button Subject Line: Get Unlimited Access to [Product] with Home Delivery
    • 7. Experiment: Side by side Treatment Control Subject Line: Get Unlimited Access to [Product] with Home Delivery Subject Line: Open this now for Special Savings VS. 181% Increase in Conversion
    • 8. Experiment: Results 181% Increase in conversion The overall conversion rate increased 181% due to a clearly stated value proposition. Conversion Rate Treatment – Letter-style Email 0.04% 0.12% Relative Difference 181% Control – Standard Email ! What You Need to Understand: By limiting the amount of graphics, and focusing on engaging the customer in a conversation, the treatment outperformed the control by 181%
    • 9. Why? Subject Line: Get Unlimited Access to [Product] with Home Delivery Why did the letter-style email win?
    • 10. Effective Email Messaging F Key Learnings 1. An email message is not a monologue; it is a dialog. People don’t buy from emails; people buy from people. 2. If the marketer can learn to participate with the prospect’s conversation, they can guide it (with messaging) towards a satisfactory conclusion (the purchase). 3. Therefore, effective email messaging requires one often overlooked skill on the part of the marketer: Empathy.
    • 11. Effective Email Messaging Empathy: For the marketer, empathy is their ability to discern – through listening and hearing – the ontology (nature or being) of the customer. • Selfishness, if a benign version, is the primary driver of sales velocity. It is the selfishness of the prospect which empowers the transaction. • The concept, selfishness, has a negative connotation. But this can be unfortunate…how can a self be faulted for being self(ish)? In one sense, selfishness is essence(tial).” • Empathy enables the marketer to identify with the market and experience its “selfishness”. Empathy is the marketer’s intuition. • The marketer does not eliminate their self; we seek to empty ourself, identifying with the "self" of the prospect – This paradoxical move enables us to achieve that empathetic messaging which powers true conversion.
    • 12. Effective Email Messaging Problems with the promotional style email: • The control is not empathetic toward the customer. Commanding the customer to act in the subject line and CTA. • Feels like a promotional email, therefore customers feel like they are being marketed to, not communicated with. • The email is relying on a design approach to grab the customers interest, rather than a conversation. Control Subject Line: Open this now for Special Savings
    • 13. Effective Email Messaging Why the personal style email won: • More conversational in the subject line than control. • Empathizes with the customer, using a personal email style, the customer feels like they are having a conversation. • The design is crafted into one clear message. Treatment Subject Line: Get Unlimited Access to [Product] with Home Delivery
    • 14. Summary Control Subject Line: Open this now for Special Savings Treatment • With the use of empathy, we were able to craft an email message which… 1. Connected to the recipient in a personal way. 2. Engaged the participate in an actual conversation. 3. Increased email response by 181%. Subject Line: Get Unlimited Access to [Product] with Home Delivery
    • 15. Live Optimization Email Style Tests
    • 16. BECOME A CERTIFIED EMAIL MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Email Messaging Online Course • Build strong lists • Craft effective emails • Connect Clicks to Sales Save $100 before 10/31 Discount Code 478-OC-3002
    • 17. Live Op Don Johnston Inc. Primary Objective: Announce new products and drive sales #WebClinic
    • 18. Live Op Health Enhancement Systems Primary Objective: Get employee wellness managers to our website #WebClinic
    • 19. Live Op MosquitoZone International Primary Objective: Drive to landing page to request case study presentation #WebClinic
    • 20. Live Op United Way Toronto Primary Objective: Direct marketing campaign to renew annual donations #WebClinic
    • 21. Live Op Primary Objective: Drive to landing page to request case study presentation #WebClinic
    • 22. Live Op Positive Money Primary Objective: To get people to watch and SHARE new video #WebClinic
    • 23. Live Op BarnettPRO Primary Objective: Get potential clients to commit to advertising in The Weekender #WebClinic
    • 24. Live Op VisiTrack Primary Objective: Generate contacts #WebClinic
    • 25. Live Op Collin College Primary Objective: Provide information needed to make a registration decision #WebClinic
    • 26. Live Op GruntWorx Primary Objective: Information on “what is the product” and free trial #WebClinic