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  • Visually its more appealing to view the funnel in a normal configuration. To invert the funnel emphasise the difficulty of moving the prospect along your conversion path. The prospect must 'climb up' the funnel answering the micro yes's along the route. I know when I climb a long hill I get tired. Its the same with the conversion path. Make it short and sweet but answering and giving value along the way.
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  • This page is now serving as a directory. Some of our most effective pages have been directory pages and have been successful with even more than three options.
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: Tina & CherylFIRST HANDSHAKE (CAN’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS) - WHAT ACTION DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO TAKE - PROCESS LEVEL VPPrimary Audience: Adult learners (30-55) who are considering going back to school to finish their Bachelors degree in technology or business or to Further their education. Primary Objective: Help prospective students find more information on their program of interest Primary Sources of Traffic for homepage: SEO:50.05% (Google 58%) Referral:21.51% Direct: 27.38% Campaigns: 1.06% Keywords: (SEO) Majority of search volume comes from branded keywords. Non-Branded Keywords: (from highest to lowest) RN to MSN online, online computer science degree, rn to msn, nursing informatics, rn to msn online programs
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: EmirPrimary Audience: Anyone responsible or accountable for improving their organization's innovation processes and practices.Primary Objective: Drive traffic to the SG Navigator product, the seminars line-up, and the various consulting services and publications offerings.Primary Traffic Sources: SEO:stage gate process, stage gate, stage gate model, innovation best practices, innovation benchmark
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: AndyVP IS IN HEADER (IF NON-BRANDED KW…) - CONSIDER TOP CATEGORIES - DIRECTORY STYLE - TEST USING HP FOR CUSTOMER FAV CATEGORIESPrimary Audience: Medical Professionals that work in a clinical laboratory environment. (phlebotomists, microbiologists, pathologists)Primary Objective: Sell products and email newsletter signupsPrimary Sources of Traffic: Direct Mail, Catalogs, SEO: clinical lab supplies, lab organization, phlebotomy
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: AlexPrimary Audience: People working in salesPrimary Objective: to get people ineterested in buying the product.Primary Sources of Traffic: online meeting platform and our blog
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: KathiHEADLINE - 6 ROTATIONS - GET PEOPLE TO WHERE THEY NEED TO GO (BY CUSTOMER NEED) - SELF SELECT BANNERPrimary Audience: IT, project managers and architectsPrimary Objective: click through to product/solutions pages, ultimately driving salesPrimary Sources of Traffic: branded search and email blasts
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: AnthonyPrimary Audience: US residents 26-45 yrs old, 55% female, 45% male, avg annual salary $80,000Primary Sources of Traffic: Trip advisor check rates campaign
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: DustinREPITITION (OP EXCEL -> OP EXCEL) - NO IDEA WHAT YOU SHOULD DO - MICRO YES - CLARITY TRUMPS PERSUASION - PRIMARY GOAL SHOULD BE NEAR TOP (EVEN PUT WHITE PAPER ON PAGE)Primary Audience: C-Suite: usually CEO/CFO/COO, Male, 30-50 years old, Very educated, Married with family, Decision maker, User of technology,Primary Objective: Getting visitors to download a whitepaper relevant to one of the 3 funnels (Healthcare/Nonprofit/Business)Primary Sources of Traffic: SEO new site, still working on keywords
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: SarahPrimary Audience: analytics professionals from [electric power] utilities plus solution providers [vendors}Primary Objective: Education on industry events and get them interested enough to click through to other pages and registerPrimary Sources of Traffic: direct, our email ant other promotional pushes, referrals from partners, social media and SEO. keywords: utility analytics
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: Mary EllenWHAT DOES FRESH FINDS MEAN - VP SECTION AT TOP 100 PIX - WHAT VALUE DOES THE MAIN HERO PROVIDE (CONSIDER SALES/PROMOS) - APPEAL TO NEW VISITORS (COOKIE)Primary Audience: 30-50 year old womenPrimary Objective: Get visitors to buy the products offeredPrimary Sources of Traffic: Direct, paid search (fresh finds) and email.
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: JoycePrimary Audience: College studentsPrimary Objective: For students to search and buy their course materials and/or register their access code(s)Primary Sources of Traffic: AdWords: (discount/cheap textbooks, etextbooks, ISBNs), course syllabi, professor announcement.
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: IgorWHERE IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO CLICK (INTUITIVE CTA, DON’T MAKE ME THINK) - YOGA WEBSITE - VP TESTING AND DEVELOPMENT (JACK OF ALL TRADES?) WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT - EMPHASIZE GUARATEE (LOCATION, SHAPE, COLOR, PROOF) - REMOVE ENTIRE TOP SECTION Primary Audience: Small/Medium Business OwnersPrimary Objective: Get people interested in our online marketing servicesPrimary Sources of Traffic: search and social
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: JohnPrimary Audience: Homeowners looking for window replacementsPrimary Objective: Establish credibility of brand and either direct them a form fill or call in inquiry.Primary Sources of Traffic: Blend of direct and SEO, direct response ads, radio, TV
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: CraigPrimary Audience: People traveling to PortlandPrimary Objective: Get visitors to book a roomPrimary Sources of Traffic: Organic and paid search
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: KathySIMPLIFY TOWARDS THE OBJECTIVE (BANNER, SECONDARY ITEMS) - PROCESS LEVEL VALUE - CREDIBILITY - FLIP PHOTO FOR EYEPATHPrimary Audience: Consumers interested in buying a boat or learning about boatingPrimary Objective: To drive people to a DVD order/download or to request info from boat Manufacturers using the selection toolPrimary Sources of Traffic: Google SEM (boating, find a boat, buy a boat)
  • Assigned:JONSubmitted by: GregPrimary Audience: Home owners or property managersPrimary Objective: Have users call or fill out price quote formPrimary Sources of Traffic: PPC (lawn care dallas, lawn maintenance companies, etc..)
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: ThomasNAVIGATION DIFFICULT TO FIND - LITTLE DIFFERENTIATION BETWEEN THE CTAS (NEW ARRIVALS, TOP STYLES…) - TOO MUCH STUFF (BOXES, CTA’S,) MAKE IT CRYSTAL CLEAR WHAT I SHOULD DO (AND IF I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT…MAKE THE SECONDARY OBJECTIVES SIMPLE AND MINIMAL) - HOW DO PEOPLE SHOP? (FIGURE THAT OUT THEN REPLICATE IT ON THE PAGE)Primary Audience: African-American women ages 30 – 65, upper-middle income, w some college educationPrimary Objective: Help customers find the product they are looking for quicklyPrimary Sources of Traffic: SEO: 79% New Visitors 21% Returning Visitors 57.4% Search Traffic 24% Referral Traffic 14.25% Direct Traffic 4.35%
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: JayPrimary Audience: Electronics ConsumersPrimary Objective: Funnel visitors to products they are interested inPrimary Sources of Traffic: Typed/Bookmarked, SEO (keywords = some iteration of our name)
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: ChrisCOMPLEX CTAS (REMEMBER YOUR GOAL) - DO PEOPLE CLICK ON THE BRANDS? - REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM LOGOS TO THE SEDOND SET OF BEST SELLERS - GIVE WAYS TO SHOP (NEED, PRODUCT TYPE, BRAND) Primary Audience: Golfers interested in and willing to spend Money to improve their game through lessons and training devices. (M/F, 35+)Primary Objective: Drive traffic to individual product pages ultimately to have the customer complete a transactionPrimary Sources of Traffic: Email blasts, SEO and AdWords drive traffic directly to individual product pages. Keywords: relate to “golf training aids”
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: DavidPrimary Audience: Small/Medium Business OwnersPrimary Objective: Office professionals (admin assistant, office managers school/church secretaries and purchasing specialists.) Not the business owner.Primary sources of Traffic: AdWords: office signs, nameplates, door signs, room name sign
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: CamilleMAIN PRODUCT VP AND DESCRIPTION IS BURIED (LOCATION, FONT SIZE) - THE CATEGORIES ON LEFT - DO YOU NEED A TOP NAV - DO YOU NEED THE FULL CATEGORIES AT THE BOTTOM - VP STATEMENT IS LONG WINDED AND DOESN’T SEEM CUSTOMER CENTRIC (TELL ME HOW EASY TO PUT UP, LOW COST, PERFECT GIFT, FEATURES) - CONSIDER A ROOM DESIGNER TOOL (BUILD, VISUALIZE, PRICE…DO IT WITH YOUR CHILD)Primary Audience: Parents who want to decorate their kids roomsPrimary Objective: To help customers find what they needPrimary sources of Traffic: Organic (Kids Murals, children's murals, etc.)
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: DavidPrimary Audience: Existing customers of the bank (both Business and Retail) Secondary Audience: Potential customersPrimary Objective: Cross sell products and services to exisitng and new customersPrimary sources of Traffic: Exisiting customers, native search, and Adwords: (mortage rates, refinance, refi, HELOC)
  • Assigned: ADAMSubmitted by: BiancaINTERESTING APPROACH (TESTIMONIALS) - WOULD BE AWESOME TO CLICK THROUGH AND SEE ACTUAL SITE (OPEN NEW TAB) - RADICAL APPROACH (ONE PRODUCT WITH FEATURES…CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEBSITE) - COULD DO MUCH OF THE WORK ON THE HOMEPAGE - CONFLICTING CTAs (GET A QUOTE AND OUR PRICE) - MAIN CTA CART BEFORE THE HORSEPrimary Audience: Small business owners in AustrailiaPrimary Objective: Get people to request a quote for a website.Primary sources of Traffic: SEO. Keyword: Web Design Company
  • Assigned: JONSubmitted by: JockPrimary Audience: New car buyersPrimary Objective: Get visitors to fill out the quote formPrimary sources of Traffic: SEO
  • Homepage Optimization Applied

    1. 1. Home Optimization Applied:Learn how to replicate a 331% lift on your own site(Special live optimization Web Clinic)
    2. 2. Join the conversation on Twitter #webclinic #webclinic
    3. 3. Today’s team Daniel Burstein Jon Powell Director of Editorial Senior Manager Content Research and Strategy Adam Lapp Associate Director Optimization & Research #webclinic
    4. 4. Background and Test Design Experiment ID: MTCA Microsite Test Location: MarketingExperiments Research Library Test Protocol Number: TP1560Research Notes: Background: Migraine Treatment Centers of America offers an innovative long-term migraine treatment solution to people suffering from migraines. Goal: To increase leads from the website Primary Research Question: Which value exchange strategy will result in a higher conversion rate? Approach: A/b multifactor split #webclinic
    5. 5. ControlExperiment: Control• The control homepage casts a broad net and attempts to capture all lead types with a single message and CTA. #webclinic
    6. 6. Experiment: Treatment Treatment• The treatment accounts for three major lead types with three evenly weighted columns. 6 #webclinic
    7. 7. Experiment: Side-by-side Control Treatment 7 #webclinic
    8. 8. Experiment: Results 331% Increase in lead rate The Treatment generated 330.6% more conversions than the Control Verison CR Rel. diff Stat. Conf Control 1.6% - - Treatment 7.0% 330.6% 99%  What You Needsequence of the three primarythe value proposition and CTA to the thought to Understand: By matching prospect types, the treatment generated a 331% higher conversion rate than the control. #webclinic
    9. 9. What we discoveredF Key Principles 1. Too often, marketers confuse the objective of a homepage with the objective of a landing page. 2. In most cases, the objective of a homepage should be to get various prospect types on the correct path up the inverted funnel. #webclinic
    10. 10. The goal of the Marketer is to move the Prospect Up, Not down, the Funnel. 10#webclinic
    11. 11. The Inverted Funnel1. The funnel is often presented as one potentially useful analogy for marketing. It is in fact, the primary analogy. All marketing should influence a decision.2. The funnel analogy distorts g = 9.81 m/s2 reality. People are not falling into your funnel, they are falling out. The funnel must be inverted.3. People don’t travel down the center of the funnel. People are climbing up the sides. #webclinic
    12. 12. The Inverted Funnel (Ma)YES Y Sales Call (Mi)YES (Mi)YES The Message (Mi)YES Landing Page (Mi)YES (Mi)YES Business Software Suite #1 On-Demand. 6459+ World Clients Award-Winning Solution. Free Trial www.XXXXXXXXXX.com/Business PPC Ad (Mi)YES 12 #webclinic
    13. 13. What we discoveredF Key Principles 1. Too often, marketers confuse the objective of a homepage with the objective of a landing page. 2. In most cases, the objective of a homepage should be to get various prospect types on the correct path up the inverted funnel. 3. One way to accomplish this objective is by shifting our homepage approach to a directory page. #webclinic
    14. 14. The Goal of a Homepage Control: “Landing Page” Approach Conversion Rate Prospect Type 1 General Lead Prospect Type 2 1.6% Prospect Type 3 14 #webclinic
    15. 15. The Goal of a Homepage Treatment: “Directory Page” Approach Conversion Rate Prospect Type 1 Prospect Type 2 Lead Type 2 7.0% Prospect Type 3 15 #webclinic
    16. 16. Today, we are going to learn how to optimize a homepagethrough live optimization with our research analysts. 16#webclinic
    17. 17. Live Optimizationhttp://www.americansentinel.edu/ 17 #webclinic
    18. 18. Live Optimizationhttp://www.stage-gate.com/ 18 #webclinic
    19. 19. Live Optimization www.marketlabinc.com 19 #webclinic
    20. 20. Live Optimizationhttp://www.salescrunch.com/ 20 #webclinic
    21. 21. Live Optimizationhttp://www.xenos.com/xe/home/ 21 #webclinic
    22. 22. Live Optimizationwww.caribbeanhotels.com 22 #webclinic
    23. 23. LiveOptimizationhttp://www.operational-strategies.com/ 23 #webclinic
    24. 24. Live Optimizationhttp://www.utilityanalyticsweek.com/ 24 #webclinic
    25. 25. Live Optimization www.freshfinds.com 26 #webclinic
    26. 26. Live Optimizationhttp://www.cengagebrain.com 27 #webclinic
    27. 27. Live Optimization www.webmaxformance.com 28 #webclinic
    28. 28. Live Optimizationhttp://windoronline.com/ 29 #webclinic
    29. 29. Live Optimization http://spyonlies.com/ 30 #webclinic
    30. 30. Live Optimization http://www.hotelfifty.com/ 31 #webclinic
    31. 31. Live Optimization http://www.discoverboating.com/ 32 #webclinic
    32. 32. Live Optimizationhttp://experiencelawncare.com/ 33 #webclinic
    33. 33. Live Optimization http://wealthyhair.com/ 34 #webclinic
    34. 34. Live Optimizationhttp://www.vanns.com/ 35 #webclinic
    35. 35. Live Optimization www.playbetterstore.com 36 #webclinic
    36. 36. Live Optimizationhttp://www.webofficesigns.com/ 37 #webclinic
    37. 37. Live Optimization http://create-a-mural.com/ 38 #webclinic
    38. 38. Live Optimizationhttps://www.providentbanking.com/ 39 #webclinic
    39. 39. Live Optimization www.web123.com.au 40 #webclinic
    40. 40. Live Optimizationhttp://www.click4gap.co.uk/ 41 #webclinic
    41. 41. MarketingExperiments.com/subscribe 42