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Channel Services Group (CSG) provides global sales and marketing solutions to large technology companies to increase channel revenue. Our OPENLINE call center solutions, BLUEROADS SaaS software suite, and CHANNEL INTELLIGENCE professional services teams deliver results. We have been helping our clients grow their channel partners, deploy partner facing lead distribution and deal registration systems, and scale globally since 1997. Channel marketing executives select CSG to extend their capacity and ensure the success of their teams and their initiatives.

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Channel Services Group

  1. 1. CHANNEL SERVICES GROUP<br />August 5, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Channel Services Group (CSG), the leader in channel partner marketing and sales solutions, delivers innovative indirect channel sales strategies for technology based companies. <br />CSG’s highly agile OPENLINE services and BLUEROADS SaaS software suite empowers enterprises and their indirect selling partners to gain channel efficiency, performance and predictability directly resulting in increased sales revenue.<br />About csg<br />
  3. 3. Leading Companies Select CSG<br /><ul><li>Business characteristics
  4. 4. High price point
  5. 5. Complex product
  6. 6. Sold as part of a solution
  7. 7. Through VAR, dealer, agent, reseller
  8. 8. Depend on channel for 50%+ of revenue
  9. 9. Business challenges
  10. 10. High channel conflict
  11. 11. Low forecast visibility or accuracy
  12. 12. Low opportunity conversion rates
  13. 13. Low lead conversion rates
  14. 14. Limited lead performance visibility
  15. 15. Inability to leverage key influencers</li></li></ul><li>Solutions and Services Overview<br />Channel Business<br />Process Review<br />and<br />Design Channel<br />Program Planning, <br />Design Channel<br />Best Practices<br />and Methodologies<br />Channel Development<br />Highlighted Sentence<br /><ul><li>Bullet
  16. 16. Bullet
  17. 17. Bullet </li></ul>Channel Enablement<br />Channel Sales<br />Partner Retention<br />Lead Management<br />Deal Registration Management<br />Lead Referral Management<br />
  18. 18. OPENLINE Services Overview<br />Improving Performance Across the Channel Lifecycle<br /><ul><li>New Reseller Recruitment
  19. 19. Competency Recruitment
  20. 20. Competitive Recruitment
  21. 21. Partner On-Boarding
  22. 22. Enroll & Renew
  23. 23. Train, Enable & Execute
  24. 24. Go To Market Campaigns
  25. 25. Adoption & On-Boarding Online Profile Completion
  26. 26. Training Recruitment
  27. 27. Event Recruitment
  28. 28. Event Reminders
  29. 29. Lead Nurturing
  30. 30. Lead Distribution
  31. 31. Lead Management
  32. 32. Account Development
  33. 33. Sales Lead Qualification
  34. 34. Opportunity Closure Analysis
  35. 35. Incentive Validation
  36. 36. Marketing Research
  37. 37. Renewal Processing
  38. 38. Performance Surveys
  39. 39. Retain, Reward or Weed
  40. 40. Partner Satisfaction</li></li></ul><li>CSG’s Blended Solution<br />Blend of onshore and offshore expert call center agents based in the US and Makati, Philippines<br /><ul><li> Onshore program management
  41. 41. Consolidated reporting
  42. 42. Onshore quality assurance
  43. 43. Mentor program and training
  44. 44. Low turnover
  45. 45. Educated workforce
  46. 46. Reduced costs extend the reach of your budget
  47. 47. You pick the blend</li></li></ul><li>BLUEROADS Solution Overview<br />BLUEROADS maximizes channel sales revenues for medium<br />and large corporations with complex mission critical channels through Partner Opportunity Management (POM) programs<br />and modules that are designed to:<br /> Increase opportunities<br /> Increase win rates<br />Shorten sales cycles<br />Maximize closing margins<br />
  48. 48. Driving Revenue & Business Alignment<br />Renewal<br />OpportunityWin/Loss<br />Opportunity Management<br />OpportunityCreation<br />Routing<br />Lead Acquisition<br />SalesQualification<br />Marketing Qualification<br />Lead Nurturing<br />Cross-Sell/Up-Sell<br />PARTNER OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />REFFERALS<br />LEADS<br /> OPPORTUNITIES<br />REVENUE<br />OpportunityCycle<br />Lead Cycle<br />RetentionCycle<br />SalesSystems<br />MarketingSystems<br /><ul><li> Ease of use for vendor and partner
  49. 49. Sophisticated lead and opportunity matching
  50. 50. All deal, lead and partner data “actionable”
  51. 51. Easy to model complex processes
  52. 52. Fully internationalized</li></li></ul><li>Key Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Designed specifically for indirect selling organizations – not an SFA derivative
  53. 53. Easy to model complex channel organizations
  54. 54. Easy to create, modify and EOL complex rules, programs and business processes
  55. 55. Easy to use for both vendor and partner
  56. 56. Leverages all object data for intelligent matching, eligibilities and alignment
  57. 57. Built in channel best practice business processes</li></li></ul><li>Closed Loop Lead Management<br />Pull<br />Shark Tank<br /> Accelerate sales cycles<br /> IncreaseClose Rates<br />REFFERALS<br />ENSURE MARKETING INVESTMENT CONVERTS TO REVENUE<br /><ul><li>Bullets
  58. 58. Bullets
  59. 59. Bullets</li></ul>REVIEW & MATCHING<br />ROUTING<br />DELIVERY<br />LEAD CHARACTERISTICS<br />Company: Ford<br />Contact: Jim Smith<br />Division: Fleet Leasing<br />Co. Size: Enterprise<br />Industry: Automotive<br />Region: Midwest<br />Product Interest: 2200XL<br />Lead Source: Exec Conf<br />Region<br />Company size focus<br />Productauthorization<br />industry focus<br />Program level achievement<br />Pre-existing relationships<br />Co-Marketing campaign?<br />Named Accounts<br />Duplicate Checks:<br /><ul><li>Account
  60. 60. Opportunity
  61. 61. Lead</li></ul>Push<br />Distribute<br />Exception processing<br />Previous sales success<br />Lead validity<br />Qualification<br />Assign<br />DEALS<br />REVENUE<br />MarketingSystems<br />
  62. 62. Multi-Dimensional Deal Registration <br />Improve cross-sell and up-sell<br />Maximize closing margins<br />$<br />$<br />$<br />LEADS<br />REFFERALS<br />REDUCE CHANNEL CONFLICT AND INCREASE PIPE<br />OPPORTUNITY CHARACTERISTICS<br />Company: Ford<br />Contact: Jim Smith<br />Division: Fleet Leasing<br />Co. Size: Enterprise<br />Industry: Automotive<br />Region: Midwest<br />Deal size: Units/Revenue<br />Product Interest: 2200XL500G<br />Partner Level: Silver<br />APPROVALS<br />MATCHING<br />SELLING<br />Single<br />Multiple<br /><ul><li> Parallel
  63. 63. Serial</li></ul>Automatic<br />Guidance<br />Time Based<br />Line item<br />Sales Guidance<br />Product/Campaign Tips<br />Alerts<br />Audit trail<br />Opportunity <br />updates/ closed-<br />loop feedback<br />Named Accounts<br />Duplicate Checks:<br /><ul><li> Account
  64. 64. Opportunity
  65. 65. Leads </li></ul>Program ParameterCheck<br />REVENUE<br />PARTNER ELIGIBILITY<br />Sales Systems<br />
  66. 66. Influencer Lead Referral<br />Surface more opportunities<br />SURFACE OPPORTUNITIES FROM BROAD PARTNER BASE<br />REVIEW & MATCHING<br />APPROVAL<br />INCENTIVE<br />REFERRED LEAD CHARACTERISTICS<br />Company: Ford<br />Contact: Jim Smith<br />Division: Fleet Leasing<br />Co. Size: Enterprise<br />Industry: Automotive<br />Region: Midwest<br />Product Interest: 2200XL<br />Lead Source: Independent Consultant<br />Email alerts<br />Dashboard review/approval<br />Multiple submitters<br />Full submitter visibility and audit<br />Incentive in any “currency”<br />Incentive @ any stage of Lead/Sales Cycle<br />Named Accounts<br />Duplicate Checks:<br /><ul><li> Account
  67. 67. Opportunity
  68. 68. Lead</li></ul>Lead ReferralProgram ParameterCheck<br />REVENUE<br />DEALS<br />LEADS<br />MarketingSystems<br />
  69. 69. BLUEROADS Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Ease of use for vendor and partner
  70. 70. Sophisticated lead and opportunity matching
  71. 71. All deal, lead and partner data “actionable”
  72. 72. Easy to model complex processes
  73. 73. Guided selling and Up-sell / Cross-sell
  74. 74. Fully internationalized</li></li></ul><li>Contact<br />Joby Pearson, VP Sales <br /><br />Jason Hardy-Smith, Senior Director Product Marketing <br /> <br />Stacey Schuneman, Director Business Development <br /><br />Channel Services Group 5000 148th Ave. NE Redmond, WA 98052<br /><br />