The Social Media Trends from Wimbledon 2013


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An overview of the key trends to emerge from Wimbledon 2013.

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The Social Media Trends from Wimbledon 2013

  1. The Social Media Trends from Wimbledon 2013 July 8, 2013
  2. Key findings Wimbledon generated a colossal 5,421,626 posts over the past two weeks Evian secured the highest number of brand mentions at over 750, following the launch of its new bottle design and baby app campaign Andy Murray was man of the match through online conversation, generating 960,000 more posts than his opponent Djokovic Bradley Cooper soared above his peers in the celebrity stakes, even generating 13,400 more than Gerard Butler who sat next to him
  3. Wimbledon 2013 – Total volume Wimbledon generated over 5 million posts over the past two weeks. That’s an average of 361,441 posts per day. Conversation reached its peak at 5pm on Sunday, when Andy Murray ended Britain's 77-year wait for a Wimbledon men’s champion, generating 515,845 posts that hour alone. 0 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 1200000 1400000 1600000
  4. Top Brands (by mentions) at Wimbledon 2013 Evian secured the most online mentions this year with over 750 original posts, thanks to the launch of its new bottle design and snowballing popularity of its Evian baby app campaign. Overall sentiment surrounding Evian was mixed, with some people posting Evian baby parodies. Nevertheless, these more playful interactions seemed to work in Evian’s favour, as they helped the brand to further the reach of its overall campaign. For example, South African star Caspar Lee garnered 712 retweets for his post on Sunday: IBM also secured 408 mentions thanks to its sponsorship deal and close affiliation with the British team this year.
  5. Most Mentioned Player at Wimbledon 2013 Andy Murray’s win earned him the trophy for man of the match across online mentions, soaring above his opponent Novak Djokovic with over 960,000 more posts.
  6. Most Mentioned Celebrities at Wimbledon 2013 Bradley Cooper stole the show in the celebrity stakes, securing over 65,000 mentions through his appearance at the men’s final – 13,400 more than Gerard Butler who sat next to him. Meanwhile Pippa Middleton’s multiple appearances garnered 1,744 more online mentions than her royal sister, with her outfits earning praise on fashion blogs and social media outlets.