Agile Market Research with Social Media Flowchart


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You want to get ahead of the competition and start your product launch off with razor sharp precision and a lead on success but may not be sure how social media can help you do that. You don’t have to struggle to launch successful products, find your market niche or price what you sell.

This flowchart outlines the approach to social media for market research, as part of our full ebook, Agile Market Research with Social Media, which you can download here:

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Agile Market Research with Social Media Flowchart

  1. 1. Community Ebook / September 2012 Agile Market Research with Social Media How to Navigate the Market Research Process 2 3 RESEARCH DEVELOP 1 Research and collect data DEFINE Develop the plan for your over a set period of time using research. Determine what the criteria you outlined in tools you need, where your the Definition process. This Define the challenge, problem potential data pool is, and is where you will see the data or goal. Use the resulting what questions to ask. Set us flow into your spreadsheets “elevator pitch” to direct the measurement tools you and metrics reports from all of your research and make it need to track the data you the platforms and places you actionable and tight. get and get your spreadsheet are conducting research. Tag dashboards prepared. and track everything. 4 STUDY & 6 ANALYZE 5 DECIDE Study and Analyze the data you REPORT have collected. That will help Decide! Remember, the you determine the strengths Report your findings to your decision may be how to launch and weaknesses of your team. Be as complete as or package a product but product, service, marketing plan possible, and cite your sources your research might also lead or competitor in a space. Be where you can. Be prepared you to table an idea before comprehensive and thorough to defend how you conducted losing money and time on as you sift through the data. your research and to show the development. Look at the Pay attention to detail, nuance integrity of your data. research with an analytical, and sentiment to better predict open mind. the success of your goal.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN 1 888 672-3426 / Copyright © 2012 Salesforce Radian6 [ 11 ]