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Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas ha desarrollado una de las herramientas más precisas para realizar análisis modal: El Vibrómetro láser VELA

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has designed one of the most accurate tools for performing modal analysis: Laser Vibrometer VELA

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Aries Laser Vibrometer, VELA

  2. 2. ARIES LASER VIBROMETERINGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 4 Product Line / Features 5 Applications 6 Software Package 8 Aries Acoustics Vibration Solutions 9 Technical Data© Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A. Madrid. 2011. All rights reserved. || 3
  3. 3. ARIES LASER VIBROMETER SpecializingINGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. in Laser Vibrometers and Modal Analysis INTRODUCTION Vela head SD Vela controller SP mass-loading the target. As a result, VELA shows modal parameters including natural frequencies, damping, and mode shapes in a fast, reliable, and easy way. The optimization of vibration and acoustic characteristics is a high priority in product PRODUCT FEATURES development labs. This demand for improvement is reflected in continuous development of new analysis tools and Vela controller SD Zero-mass loading, non-contact vibration sophisticated vibration measurement measurement. Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has designed one technology. The Laser Doppler Vibrometer PRODUCT LINE of the most accurate tools for performing holds the current gold standard for Compact design. modal analysis: LASER VIBROMETER VELA. experimental vibration measurement and VELA-SP: Laser Vibration Sensor, single Easy and simple to use. modal analysis. Measurements offer critical point laser vibrometer. VELA can be directed towards vibrating feedback for design model validation, Accurate and fast measurements, objects that are difficult to access, too small, manufacturing process control, finished VELA-SP-U: Laser Vibration Sensor, single regardless of surface reflectivity. or too hot to attach a physical transducer. product inspection, and predictive point laser vibrometer, upgradeable to VELA also measures the vibration without maintenance of in-service equipment. scanning vibrometer. High frequency vibration measurement (up to 40 kHz). VELA-SD: Laser Scanning Vibrometer, multipoint laser vibrometer (surface Low amplitude vibration measurement vibration). (3 nm). VELA- S3D: Laser Scanning Vibrometer Natural Modal Analysis and Operating 3D, measurement and visualization of 3D Deflection Shapes calculation. vibration characteristics.4 || ARIES LASER VIBROMETER || 5
  4. 4. ARIES LASER VIBROMETER MeasuringINGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. solution for several applications APPLICATIONS  EROSPACE: Ground vibration testing, A  UTOMOTIVE: Operational vibration shapes A MEDICAL SCIENTIFIC: Eardrum diagnostics  UDIO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Speaker A experimental modal analysis, material engine and brake development, acoustic and insect communication. Biomedical design and musical instrument design and fatigue testing, noise, vibration, and optimization of vehicle components, applications as breathing control. (guitars, violins). Sound field visualization. engine testing. chassis vibrations, quality control, and Optimization of deflection shapes. industrial process control. HOME AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS:  ILITARY: M Landmine detection, noise Washing machine, refrigerator, compressors  ODAL ANALYSIS: Mechanical structures, M detection, aging aircraft.  IVIL ENGINEERING: Buildings and bridges C and data storage quality control. turbine blades. modal analysis. Measuring structural dynamics.6 || ARIES LASER VIBROMETER || 7
  5. 5. ARIES LASER VIBROMETER Natural modalINGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. analysis and ODS animation SOFTWARE PACKAGE ARIES ACOUSTICS VIBRATION SOLUTIONS FOR SD AND S3D PRODUCTS:  he calculated mode shapes and the natural T modes in animation can be displayed.  atural modal analysis and operational N deflection shapes (ODS). Universal data output format for data  Aries Laser Vibrometer, exchange to other commercial vibration requency Response Function (FRF) is F analysis S/Ws. calculated and displayed. arious forms of scanning mesh can be V easily generated. Sound Source Façade Anechoic Chamber  Model analysis of an aluminum plate Predictive Maintenance Acoustic Camera8 || ARIES LASER VIBROMETER || 9
  6. 6. INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. ARIES SPAIN Pº Castellana, 130 28046 Madrid, SPAIN Tel.: +(34) 915 70 27 37 Fax: +(34) 915 70 27 66 ENGINEERING CENTRE Avda. Vía Láctea, 1 28830 S. Fernando de Henares (Madrid) SPAIN Tel.: +(34) 916 78 20 90 Fax: +(34) 916 77 11 85 ARIES USA 505 Montgomery Street 10th floor San Francisco, CA 94111 USA Tel.: +(1) 415 874 37 33 Fax: +(1) 415 874 37 34 ARIES CHINA Silver Centre, 1388 Shaan Xi North Road 200060 Shanghai, CHINA Tel.: +(86) 216 149 83 35 Fax: +(86) 216 149 81 30 Ref: