Knowledge Production Models in MaFI, rev 1 Mar 2014


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Brief description of the two models that MaFI will be piloting to produce and share useful knowledge from the discussions generated by its members every year.

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Knowledge Production Models in MaFI, rev 1 Mar 2014

  1. 1. leveraging the knowledge of MaFI to change the world two models to capture, synthesise and share the best discussions created by MaFI members -1 April 2014 - an initiative of
  2. 2. as MaFI grows, more knowledge is produced by its members… … making it harder to keep up with their best ideas and experiences
  3. 3. useful knowledge that MaFI members produce and share on LinkedIn every year … … must be shared with others outside of MaFI too
  4. 4. but the best of this knowledge must be edited and synthesised
  5. 5. this is why we will pilot two models to synthesise and share the knowledge produced by MaFI members: #1: Led by MaFI Members & #2: Led by Post-Grad Students NOTE: in both models the Top Influencer of The Month Awards will play a key role
  6. 6. Model #1: Led By MaFI Members • the winners and runner-ups of the Top Influencer of the Month Awards produce a draft synthesis and… • SEEP provides support with (for example) professional writers, proofreading, graphic design and dissemination • to convert the draft into an engaging, reader-friendly and appealing document that will target mainly practitioners worldwide
  7. 7. Model #1: Led By MaFI Members
  8. 8. Model #2: Led By Post-Grads • Top Influencer of The Month discussions with the highest scores are made available on the SEEP website a short description of the question, problem or idea that started the discussions are made available • post-grad students identify discussions that may add value to their research they get in touch with MaFI to access the full text. We get information about who they are, their supervisors and the purpose of their research. We follow them up to see how they did. (Continues…)
  9. 9. Model #2: Led By Post-Grads (Continued…) • if their research got high marks, was innovative or has potential to add value to the field of inclusive market facilitation SEEP provides support with (for example) peer-reviewers, professional writers and editors, proofreading and graphic design • the student’s work becomes a relevant, peer-reviewed paper of a high enough standard to be published in a specialised journal
  10. 10. Model #2: Led By Post-Grads
  11. 11. final considerations • opting-out MaFI members will be informed of the discussion threads that will be made available to post-grad students on the SEEP website. Unless members explicitly request that their comments be taken out or edited, it will be assumed that it is OK to share them outside of MaFI • collaborating with universities and supervisors MaFI will proactively engage and collaborate with relevant and reputable universities and supervisors to help them promote model #2 amongst their students