Types of-foundation-repair-methods-used-in-home-raising


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Types of-foundation-repair-methods-used-in-home-raising

  1. 1. Foundation RepairFoundation repair is cracks in exterior walls or foundationwalls or interior walls or ceilings of home, or if the doors or windows ofyour home does not open or close properly. Improper foundation settlingis the main factor responsible for the need of going for foundationrepairs. The basic types of home foundation repairs are always used incommercial property based on the age and style of the house, soilconditions of the property. Two of the most successful ways offoundation repairs areSlab jackingHydraulic jacking.www.southernelevations.com
  2. 2. Slab JackingSlab jacking involves adding grout under a slab or beam. Butthe amount of sand must be perfect while adding grout.Hydraulic JackingHydraulic jacking involves steel posts through unstable soiland using Hydraulic jacks to stabilize weakened concrete slabs. Piers areinstalled to support your home from further damage if your homefoundation has some problems. The two main types of piers used forfoundation repair are friction piers and point bearing piers.www.southernelevations.com
  3. 3. Advanced Methods Of Home Foundation Repair Concrete press piling Steel press piling Bellbottom piersConcrete press pilingConcrete pressed piling involves drilling of concrete piers.The method involves drilling holes to a depth of 9-12 feet below theexterior, and then filling with reinforcing steel and concrete. The methodfurther involves topping concrete spacers and shims over the pouredconcrete.www.southernelevations.com
  4. 4. Steel press pilingSteel press piling method involves settling hollow steel piles in theground through a turning press-in method. Steel press piling method isconsidered as the best method as it provides long lasting support.Bellbottom piersBellbottom pier method involves drilling a hole in the ground, andheavy concrete into the hole and then using that to lift off of.www.southernelevations.com
  5. 5. Maintain your FoundationBecause the cost of foundation repair is soexpensive, keeping an eye on your base is critical in problems that maycrop up. Dry areas require intervallic watering of the ground close totheir foundation in order to keep the moisture content reliable. Properdrainage is important so that water is not allowable to collect along thefoundations sides. Make sure your downspouts are moving water awayfrom your base by 3-4. Trees are not planted closer than their ultimateheight.www.southernelevations.com
  6. 6. Protecting Your HomeCertified foundation repair experts can professionallyaddress common issues connected with the foundations of buildings. Thisis often a need when your home raising is not well insulated and there isbasement flooding causing leaks and cracks in the foundation. This is anemergency situation; make sure your home does not reduce in marketvalue and that it is safe to live in.www.southernelevations.com
  7. 7. Thanks For VisitingTypes Of Foundation Repair Methods Used In HomeRaisingFor more information visit our site :www.southernelevations.com