Protecting your-home-from- flood-damages-using-house-raising-methods


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Get to know about home lifting, elevation, shoring, leveling and grants here. We are certified technicians who help to raise your home with road home grant.

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Protecting your-home-from- flood-damages-using-house-raising-methods

  1. 1. House Raising House raising is a solution that of elevating the house to a higher level to prevent it from flooding. Protect a house from floods or other damages to which low lying areas are highly prone. The main objective of home raising is flood avoidance and people whose houses are not necessarily in a flood hazard area.
  2. 2. Consideration factors for house raising The area of the house The elevation sought The number of stories Live load on the roof and beams
  3. 3. Types of House raising methods Pier House Raising Concrete Slab House Raising Slab Separation
  4. 4. Pier House Raising Coastal areas mainly used in these types of Pier homes. It provides support to the floor joists and this is how the home is raised above the ground level. Each pier is well supported by a chain wall. Customized straps are used to attach the structure to the piers.
  5. 5. Concrete Slab House Raising Concrete slabs are also used to raise the house from the ground. It is burrowed along the grade beams. Concrete pilings are then inserted till the refusal point and along the grade beams. It is important to exercise to performing a slab elevation as a wrongly elevated slab can succumb to the pressure of the house and crack. These pilings form the support for the concrete footing. On an average each of the slabs weighs about 180 tons.
  6. 6. Slab Separation In Slab separation the slabs are separated from the structure of the wall, lifted and put on piers and a sub floor is constructed. This process is more expensive. Result of this house is more stable and strong enough to weather the storms. It also makes room for changing the interior walls and even raising the height of the room walls. This technique is more appropriate for houses that have bottom walls can be removed from the slabs without damaging the other walls.
  7. 7. Advantages of House raising House raising gives the classic style of the home Uplifting comfortable for Inside the raised floor home Extended living space adding usable living area to your home outdoors Simple foundation with a raised floor system makes leveling or repairs simple Protect your house and reducing flood problems in flood prone areas Protect and control pest problems in house raising.
  8. 8. Thanks For VisitingProtecting Your Home from flood damages using house Raising methods At