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Lift for houses and restumping process –
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Lift for houses and restumping process –


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Get to know about home lifting, elevation, shoring, leveling and grants here. We are certified technicians who help to raise your home with road home grant.

Get to know about home lifting, elevation, shoring, leveling and grants here. We are certified technicians who help to raise your home with road home grant.

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  • 1.  Houses are distorted and crooked if there are stump problems. It is the foundation of the house, and the stumps are rotting, the house will likely be misaligned or unleveled. This is the primary reason why some house owners decide to do a restumping job and overall renovation to improve the whole look of the house. Stumps are affects the safety factor house. If there is massive damage to the stumps of the house and the structural soundness of the buildings. Stumps made from timber usually get damaged easily when they start to attract termites. Termites could be attacking the foundations of the house unnoticed, only showing signs when the damage is already huge.
  • 2.  Stump damage can affect the overall appearance of the house. Because the floors and walls are unleveled due to defective stumps and the doors and windows may not close properly because of the crookedness of the house. In raising a house and restumping, the restumping service uses hydraulic equipment to lift my house and repair the stumps. Stumps are replaced with a rot resistant material and durable steel columns are applied to hold the raised house in place.
  • 3.  House Lifts to bring the house to a higher elevation. This treatment is recommended for houses lying on flood prone areas. Lift my House will help to avoid property damage and other problems caused by floods. Restumping services will be able to formulate solutions for homes that are having problems with defective stumps. House raising is also a great way to gain extra space in the home. The ground floor can be used as parking space or a place for a garden shed. House renovations can be done properly if all the structural portions of the house are considered, including the stumps of the house. Lifting a House is a great way of starting renovation if a house is suffering from stump defects or if it is lying on a flood- prone area.
  • 4. House stumps are selected to better standard and are constructed to withstand the harshclimate. When restumping your home you can choose from any of the following qualitybuilding products:  Concrete house stumps  Steel house stumps are  New wooden house stumps In all cases, it is possible to repair house stumps. Restumping with your choice ofconcrete, steel or timber stumps, depending on your home’s foundation. concrete housestumps are prefabricated and reinforced in 25mpa concrete. Steel house stumps are dura-galvanised or for further protection can be hot dipped galvanized. wooden house stumps aretreated in an Arsenic solution which makes them resistant to termites or water and rotting.
  • 5. Thanks For VisitingLift For Houses And Restumping Process – Avoid Stump Problems At