B2B Sales Tactics and Tools


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Sales Tactics and tools presentation geared at growing businesses and startups.

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  • Thanks for sharing. Outbound prospecting is so important for a more predictable sales process. We're currently using a sales prospecting tool called www.found.ly which grabs us the professional email address of our prospects in real-time, and also allows us to reach out to them using the internally built email automation tool. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else uses this system?
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B2B Sales Tactics and Tools

  1. 1. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caPresentation forSales Tactics and ToolsJune 12, 2013
  2. 2. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caAgenda• Introduction• Networking for Sales• Cold Call• Email• Prospecting Research Tools• Linkedin• Twitter• Social Media Tools• Sales CRM• Skype• Web demos• Content Marketing• Meeting Plan• Resources• Sales Peer2Peer
  3. 3. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caIntroduction• Mark Elliott co-founder• VA Partners provides Part-time Sales andMarketing• Almost 20 Years of Sales and Marketing• Worked with 60 clients over 6+ years• Created a $600,000 annual annuity stream for afinance company• Grew Financial client from 1 to 50 customers anddouble revenue• Closed over $100,000 in sales directly from SocialMedia Leads• Booked 100+ meetings using Social Media• Increased revenue for web based company by 50%
  4. 4. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caNetworking for Sales• People are there tomeet other people• Go to where yourcustomers andpartners are• Have a plan• Meet new people• Ask questions• Next steps• Connect on Linkedin• Follow-up
  5. 5. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caCold Calling• Do your research• Have a plan• Understand your goal• Benefits• Right time to call• Practice handlingobjections
  6. 6. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caEmail• Research• Subject line• Keep it short• Benefits• Next step• Tools available
  7. 7. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caProspecting Research Tools
  8. 8. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caLinkedin• Have a plan• Connections• Status Updates• 2ndConnections• Groups• Trigger Events• Signal• inMail
  9. 9. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caTwitter• Have a plan• Reinforce message• Connect withcustomers, partners,prospects• Share information• Interact• Ask for an email ortelephone number
  10. 10. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caSocial Media Tools• Web based• Search• Multiple Views• Lists• Schedule Tweets• Mobile
  11. 11. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caSales CRM• Accounts• Contacts• Activities• Opportunities• Notes• Leads• Share information
  12. 12. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caSkype• Free Calls betweenusers• Inexpensive longdistance• Connect to multiplepeople• See when people areavailable
  13. 13. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caWeb Demo• Presentations• Demos• Sharing documents
  14. 14. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caContent Marketing• Blogs• Whitepapers• Subject matter expert• Content for otherplatforms• Linkedin• Twitter• Newsletter• Drive more hits to yoursite• Downloads canbecome leads
  15. 15. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caMeeting Plan• Keeps the meeting ontrack• Ensure you are movingto the right goals andnext steps
  16. 16. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caGreat Sales ResourcesEntrepreneurs Tool KitPeer2PeerSales 2.0 BookLinkedin Group
  17. 17. @markeelliott melliott@vapartners.ca www.vapartners.caSales Peer2Peer• Next event in the Fall• Frequency• Move to monthly• Sales Topics