Bruce / The Seminar: Made by Many


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Marketing departments and advertising agencies are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory where 'Be creative' or 'Make better advertising' are the wrong answer to challenging new questions. Networked media and the social web are disrupting markets and rewiring the way we buy and use products; they also create new possibilities to add services to product, co-create with customers and build new value. Here lies the need for the radically new solutions to unfamiliar problems. William Owen talks about how we embrace disruptive innovation and turn it to competitive advantage and what that means for agency - client relationships and ways of working.

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Bruce / The Seminar: Made by Many

  1. 1. Hello
  2. 2. We make new stuffout of the internet
  3. 3. We make things that havelong-term value for people because they are useful, inspiring & sustainable
  4. 4. “an inherently unethical and, frankly,poisonous endeavor that sees peopleas sheep to be manipulated, thatvaunts style over substance, anddeems success to be winning awards”Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path
  5. 5. mass media model big fat media client Ad creative Media buyer channel
  6. 6. fragmented media model channel channel channel channel channel channel Agency channel channel media client Agency buyer channel Digital channel media Digital Agency buyer agency channel channel channel channel
  7. 7. networked media model Agency Agency Agency Agency channel client channel channel channel Media buyer channel Agency channel channel
  8. 8. FROMpaid media modelof buying attention“trad advertising-like objects” TO earned media model of making stuff useful, playful & sustainable “objects that are more like products & services”
  9. 9. Be creative!?(aka old solutions to new problems)
  10. 10. Kingsmill Bread Confessions
  11. 11. McCain’s Rustic Oven Chips
  12. 12. Gap’s new infinite canvas Denim site
  13. 13. Gareth Kay - Goodby Silverstein
  14. 14. “Ideas that do” Stop communicating products & start making communication productsGareth Kay, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  15. 15. Ac t like a start-up
  16. 16. old culture new cultureknown problem unknown problemslow, linear fast, agilesales-focused user-focusedcomms solution multi-disciplinary
  17. 17. a bigger playing field
  18. 18. communication
  19. 19. exchange usecommunication interfaces data applications processes assets business model
  20. 20. strategy andservice design
  21. 21. interaction design
  22. 22. technical designand development
  23. 23. Integrated
  24. 24. Iterative
  26. 26. Incremental
  27. 27. Iterative
  28. 28. Evidence/ Metrics Driven
  29. 29. Actionable metrics not vanity metrics Pirate metrics... AARRR RETENTIONACQUISITION ACTIVATION REFERRAL REVENUE Dave McClure
  30. 30. In the latest turn of its wheel,strategy becomes about howto make existing institutions as innovative as start-ups Walter Kiechel III, The Lords of Strategy
  31. 31. Ac t like a start-up
  32. 32. 12 weeks from concept to delivery
  33. 33. in 3 months visitors 333,000 countries 191 av. time on site 5.5 mins press coverage reach £6.8m paid media budget £0increase in trenchcoat sales 85%
  34. 34. “the audience is prepared to take thehuge trouble to be styled andphotographed and upload theirpicture for consideration to beincluded in the site – it’s an incrediblyintimate form of engagement.”Juliet Warkentin, WGSN
  35. 35. 6 million
  36. 36. Learning• The whole team learns• What we learn is communicated to clients• What we learn is documented• Metrics are important
  37. 37. Simple & visual Very, very fastSelf-organising teamsTrusting individuals No siloes
  38. 38. This is an ongoing experiment(But we can iterate our way to success)