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Advertising research online resources

  1. 1. Advertising Research: Online Resources
  2. 2. Uses of Syndicated Researcho Media Exposure Top Ten Broadcast TV Programs (Week of November 17, 2008) Rank Program HH Network Rating Viewers (000) 1 Dancing with the Stars ABC 12.5 19,631.0 2 Dancing with the Stars Results ABC 11.4 17,590.0 3 CSI CBS 11.3 18,446.0 4 NCIS CBS 10.9 17,990.0 5 Criminal Minds CBS 10.2 16,334.0 6 CSI Miami CBS 10.1 15,464.0 7 Grey’s Anatomy – Thu 9 PM ABC 10.1 15,913.0 8 The Mentalist CBS 9.8 15,844.0 9 NBC Sunday Night Football NBC 9.5 15,168.0 10 Two and a Half Men CBS 9.3 15,184.0Source: Nielsen.• Gross impressions: the actual number of people who watched the program
  3. 3. Uses of Syndicated Researcho Media Profile Houston Chronicle Readership Profile Characteristic % Read Yesterday Index All Adults 28.0 100 Men 29.6 106 Women 26.4 94 18-24 7.2 26 25-34 18.0 64 35-44 21.0 75 45-54 33.1 118 55-64 38.8 139 65-74 56.5 202 75+ 70.4 251 Source: The Media Audit.• Index: Indicator of likelihood to read the newspaper
  4. 4. Uses of Syndicated Researcho Target Audience Profile (MRI)o Target Audience Media Profile (MRI)o Media Expenditure (Ad$pender)
  5. 5. Online Resourceso Search engine marketing (SEM): An advertiser is bidding on keywords so that its ad appears in a relevant context.o Search engine optimization (SEO): the method to have your brand appear organically when a person types in a relevant search term
  6. 6. Online Measurement: Mediao To understand the audience of a specific commercial Web site • Metered tracking technology: the metered tracking through means of an online panel • Telephone surveyso Track their panelists on a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year basis
  7. 7. Online Measurement: Mediao ComScore Networks • Tracks over two million continuously measured Internet users on a worldwide basis (e.g., demographic analysis of who is visiting specific sites and of their online purchase dynamics, and surfing and buying activity of consumers)o Nielsen//Netratings • Provides measurement of both home and work users with its 28,000 metered panel (e.g., unique visitors to a site, page views, time spent on a specific site, demographics, and site trends)
  8. 8. Online Measurement: Media Source: ComScore
  9. 9. Online Measurement: Media Source: ComScore
  10. 10. Online Measurement: Media Source: Nielsen//Netratings
  11. 11. Online Measurement: Campaigno Third-party ad servers provide tools to measure impressions, clicks, and conversionso Provide the specific behavior of the ad and a longer term brand view of online campaignso Atlas Solutions & Doubleclick • Track the cost per action of online ad campaign • Provide direct results of online ad campaignso Dynamic Logic • Uses an online panel that can be divided into a control and test group to measure the brand impact of online ad campaigns
  12. 12. Online Measurement: Campaign Source: Doubleclick
  13. 13. Online Measurement: Web Site Optimizationo Site-side analytics track who is coming to the Web site and how long people are staying there.o Google Analytics • Produces reports that companies can use to redesign their Web sites to sell more effectively or to elicit a specific response. • Tells the company which search words generate the most visits of the highest conversion rate.
  14. 14. Online Measurement: Web Site Optimization Source: Google Analytics
  15. 15. Social Mediao Facebook, MySpace & LinkedIn • Can be tracked with some of the aforementioned research tools they also offer a wealth of research possibilities in their own right
  16. 16. Emerging Mediao Nielsen BuzzMetrics • Used extensively by television networks to monitor the “buzz” that a program’s storyline is generating • Provide measurement of consumer-generated media
  17. 17. Industry Trade Organizationso Organizations that directly serve the industry: • ANA – Association of National Advertisers • 4As – American Association of Advertising Agencies • AAF – American Advertising Federation • AAA – American Academy of Advertising • PRSA – Public Relations Society of America • DMA – Direct Marketing Association • IPR – Institute for Public Relations
  18. 18. Industry Trade Organizationso Some of the key media organizations: • TVB – Television Advertising Bureau • RAB – Radio Advertising Bureau • NAB – Newspaper Advertising Bureau • IAB – Internet Advertising Bureau • MPA – Magazine Publishers Association • OAAA – Outdoor Advertising Association of America
  19. 19. Government and Nonprofit Organizationso Federal Trade Commission (FTC) • The major regulator of advertising for products sold in interstate commerce • A key source for ensuring that advertising message is fair and an be substantiatedo Food and Drug Administration (FDA) • Works with manufacturers on proper labeling and disclosure of informationo Pew Research Center (
  20. 20. Question Answer&