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Search Engine Optimization Review
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Search Engine Optimization Review


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This was a presentation given to the Marketing Team suggesting improvisations on the current website

This was a presentation given to the Marketing Team suggesting improvisations on the current website

Published in: Travel, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Search Engine Optimization: Introduction + Education + Analysis
  • 2. What Is SEO ?• Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating or updating a website to improve the site’s ranking in organic search results, with the objective of increasing the volume of quality traffic.• This must be done on-page (site architecture, link structure, content, keywords, title tags, etc.) and off page (link building.)
  • 3. SEO requiresTime + Education +Resources
  • 4. The Value of Search Engine Optimization
  • 5. Search Engine Market Share So what do all these numbers mean?
  • 6. If your keyword ‘Cheap Flight’ has got 10,000 searches from India • 10,000 searches/day X 90% Google market share X 10% CTR X 5% conversion rate X $100 transaction amount = $4,500/day or around $1,642,500/year. • Make sense now?
  • 7. How does Google Decide What Web Pages Rank the Highest? • The basic formula for search algorithms is this: Relevance + Popularity + Trust = Healthy Search Engine Rankings
  • 8. Relevance : The degree to which Popularity : The relativethe content of a web page importance of a web page(document) returned in a search determined by the number of linksmatch the user’s search terms. to that page from elsewhere on the web. Popularity increases withRelevance increases if the search every new link.term appears multiple times on apage, particularly if it appears in Search Engines measure not onlythe title of the page or heading who is linking to a certain site ortags (H1, H2, H3.) page and how many links exist, but what the referring web pages say about that page (anchor text.)Trust :The relative value of links andcontent. As we discussed withPopularity, the more websites that link toyour content the more popular yourcontent is determined to be.
  • 9. Search Engine Spiders Search engine spiders/robots are computer programs (e.g. “GoogleBot”) that methodically browse/crawl/spider the internet.
  • 10. How does your website looks to a spider?• UAEEXCHANGE• MAKEMYTRIP• YATRA
  • 11. 5 Important Aspects of SEO
  • 12. Broad algorithmic elements to Google’s rankings
  • 13. SEO AUDIT
  • 14. • Start by signing up for a Webmaster Account with each of the major Search Engines
  • 15. • Go to Google Webmaster Tools• Create a Google account if you don’t already have one• Verify your site• Set your correct geographical target• Set your preferred domain• Enable image search (may drive traffic, but will unlikely be useful)• Create and upload XML sitemaps• Identify issues• Look at your external links• Look at the GoogleBot crawl rate• Look at the search phrases• Be alerted to duplicate titles
  • 16. Usability OverviewVisual Design | browser compatibility | Custom 404 Error page
  • 17. Accessibility / Spiderability Review • Look through the eyes of a SE spider • Robots.txt file • Navigation location • Breadcrumbs • Clicks-from-homepage • Broken Links
  • 18. URL Review• URLs should be descriptive, contain relevant keywords, and leave out non-essential• Drop Sessions ID’s from URLs• Directory depth• Use hyphens in page names, not underscores
  • 19. Redirect Review• 302 Redirects• Canonical Homepage URL issues
  • 20. Title Tag Review• Title tag need to be optimized• Unique• Descriptive• Relevant• Should be less than 65 characters long.
  • 21. Content Review• High-quality unique content• Human-focused• Heading Tags• Keyword optimized - one keyword per page• Internal links – Using keyword optimized anchor texts• Enough Content - Every page should contain 200+ words of HTML text.
  • 22. Duplicate Content Review
  • 23. Link Analysis
  • 24. Home Page Review• Cheap Flight Booking or Hotel Booking or Tour Packages or Forex/Visa/Insurance - Understand our Primary Service and classify the site• No Clear Navigation – This make the whole scenario confusing• Clean up the design – Check out an award winner• No Call to Action
  • 25. Lot of offering confuses the user Booking What ? No Hotels !!! No Tab !!! Bad Call to Action Is this interesting to a visitor?No landing page Associates : Can be an icon link with no follow
  • 26. Home Page Recommendations• Categorization- Flights > Domestic | International• International Air Fare Deals | Domestic Flight Deals• Compare price and list top 5 cheap domestic flight deals• Compare Price and list top 5 international flight deal• International Airlines list | Airlines Schedules• Domestic Flight Schedules from City• Footer Links – Itemize links based on Domestic Flights, International Flights, Travel Help and Support• Clean up by Removing irrelevant topics from home page• Moving topics to Banner Ads – Hotel Deals, Holidays etc• No Follow external links, User pages, Registration etc• UAE EXCHANGE FINANCE to UAE EXCHANGE TRAVELS
  • 27. Page Cache• >• Both versions are cached and still driving traffic
  • 28. Action Plan1. Structural changes2. Keyword Research3. Content Development4. On page Optimization5. Social Media Optimization – Facebook Fan page, Twitter etc6. Linkbait + Viral Content Creation7. Blogging and Engagement with the Blogosphere8. Public Relations9. Direct Link Purchases from Individual Sites/Webmasters10. Widgets and Embeddable Content11. Social Voting Portals (Digg, Reddit, Mixx, etc.)12. Social Bookmarking Services (StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.)13. Contacting Webmasters or Sites with (Non-Paid) Direct Link Requests
  • 29. SEO requiresTime + Education +Resources
  • 30. Contact Details:mark@brawnycode.comseo@brawnycode.comSkype: markcijo-bd