Arista place project brief july 28 2011


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Arista place project brief july 28 2011

  1. 1. ARISTA PLACEARISTA PLACE Project BriefProject Brief July 28, 2011July 28, 2011
  2. 2. Project Type : Medium-rise residential development Unit type / mix : All 2-bedroom units (42-58 sqm unit floor area, 53-77sqm gross floor area) No. of buildings: Eleven (11) single-loaded, double-row configuration No. of levels : Six (6) residential storey building with one (1) level parking No. of Units : One thousand two hundred ninety nine (1,299) residential units Price segment : Php 2.08-3.47M range (net of cash & PDC discounts) Php 2.36-3.94M range (list price with VAT) Project Overview
  3. 3. Location map From Makati – Take EDSA all the way to Pasay. Once you passed Magallanes flyover, take the flyover that turns left to Tramo, also known as Aurora Boulevard, then turn right to Airport Road. Turn right to Sto. Niño St. Drive straight until you reach J.P. Rizal St. On your right is Arista Place. From Manila – Take Roxas Boulevard, upon reaching intersection of Coastal Mall, turn left to airport road. Turn right to Quirino Ave., then left to Sto. Niño St. Drive straight until you reach Arista Place on your left.
  4. 4. BUSINESS CENTER Makati Central Business District 8 kms. Bonifacio Global City 10 kms. Filinvest Corporate City 13 kms. COMMERCIAL Duty Free Fiesta Mall 480 meters Puregold 580 meters SM Sucat 3.00 kms. Mall of Asia 4.80 kms. Newport City/Resorts World 6.00 kms. HOSPITAL Olivarez Hospital 3.60 kms. San Juan de Dios Hospital 4.30 kms. Parañaque Doctors Hospital 5.30 kms. SM Mall of Asia Proposed PAGCOR Entertainment City Bonifacio Global CityMakati City Resorts World Manila Duty Free Casino Filipino NAIA Area Distances
  5. 5. SCHOOLS St. Paul Parañaque 670 meters Sacred Heart School 2.70 kms. Airlink Aviation School 2.70 kms. Manila Doctors College 4.80 kms. Southville Int’l School 6.70 kms. St. James School 8.30 kms. CHURCH Sta. Monica Church 150 meters St. Andrews Cathedral 670 meters St. Joseph Parish Church 1.40 kms. Baclaran Church 3.50 kms. OTHERS Casino Filipino/PAGCOR 780 meters Parañaque Post Office 1.20 kms. NAIA 1 1.20 kms. NAIA 2 3.00 kms. Future Nayong Pilipino Domestic Airport 2.70 kms. PAGCOR Entertainment City 2.70 kms. Aseana Business Park / Asiaworld 4.00 kms. NAIA 3 5.50 kms. Area Distances
  6. 6. UPGRADERSUPGRADERS DEMOGRAPHICS Decision makers, young start-up families between 30 to 45 years of age from Parañaque, Las Piñas and Pasay City, occupying from middle to top management positions in reputable companies, could also be entrepreneurs. They may already have a primary home, needing upgrade or are still renting. Primary Target Market
  7. 7. UPGRADERSUPGRADERS PSYCHOGRAPHICS These are families looking for an ideal home in Parañaque, where they have been familiarized already, that is accessible to everything significant to their family’s needs. They aspire to achieve a balance between work and home life. They are looking for a new home where their kids can grow up comfortably and have the same enjoyable childhood as they have. They love to spend time with their kids and try their best to have an open relationship with them. Primary Target Market
  8. 8. DEMOGRAPHICS Start-up young families or a married couple between late 20’s to 40 years of age with 1-2 kids, from toddler to elementary. They are currently living in the nearby cities of Parañaque such as Las Piñas and Pasay. FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERSFIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS and EARLY NESTERSand EARLY NESTERS Primary Target Market
  9. 9. FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERSFIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS and EARLY NESTERSand EARLY NESTERS PSYCHOGRAPHICS These are families aiming to have their first home; investing almost half of their hard earned savings in an effort to achieve their dreams. They are family oriented & low key individuals who value peaceful & simple living. They find happiness and contentment in the beauty of nature. Primary Target Market
  10. 10. ARISTA PLACE isARISTA PLACE is What: An Asian Tropical themed, medium density condominium village Where: In Sto. Niño, Parañaque within proximity to places of interest (work, school, shopping malls and business centers) that offers true resort-living community How: Through lush landscapes and refreshing water features Who: For the upgraders and young start-up families Why: Aspiring to live in a secure environment with abundant amenities When: In a time of increasing environment congestion in the city Value Proposition Statement
  11. 11. Safe Haven Arista Place is a gated and secured community development that has an exclusive amenities and facilities for a more relaxed living to encourage residents to interrelate and blend harmoniously with the community. Reasons To Believe
  12. 12. True resort living with complements of lush landscaping Arista Place presents areas for socials, interactive and passive activities that will enhance the well-being of its residents. 1. Multi-purpose function rooms 2. Entertainment 3. Game room 4. Fitness gym 5. Swimming pools 6. Jogging trails 7. Basketball court 8. Indoor badminton court 9. Thematic gardens with lush landscapes 10. Play field areas Reasons To Believe
  13. 13. Worry-free travel and real convenience Arista Place is close to NAIA terminals giving efficient time management for frequent travelers; for individuals who frequently go to malls and other places of interest, Mall of Asia Complex, Newport City and the reclamation area development of Aseana Business Park and Asia World City, which will include government projects like PAGCOR Entertainment City and the Bagong Nayong Pilipino. Arista Place is also accessible via major thoroughfares such as Sucat Road, Lawton Ave., Andrews Ave., SLEX and C-5 extensions. Public transportation is not a problem as there is an easy access to public utility vehicles. Reasons To Believe
  14. 14. Reliability and Stability A smart investment decision avowed by DMCI Homes’ commitment to quality workmanship spanning over 50 years, intending only to deliver high standard products and first-class services, and true value-for-money deals that offer superior products at its best. Reasons To Believe
  15. 15. ARISTA is Greek word for “best”. The logo, in horizontal orientation, features an illustration of plants and water placed beside the project name. The plants and water represent the landscape and resort-like amenities found in the project. Horizontal orientation Vertical orientation Project Name & Logo
  16. 16. Building names Superlative words were chosen as building names which have the same meaning or can be identified with the name Arista, which means best. 1. Grande - means "large" or "great“ 2. Apex - summit 3. Vincere - Italian word for “win” 4. Alta – latin origin which means “high”, elevated. 5. Magnus – means great 6. Alpha – first letter of the Greek alphabet. It has a value of 1. 7. Optima - most favorable conditions or greatest degree or amount possible under given circumstances. 8. Ultima – farthest point 9. Palmaris – excellent 10. Melhor – means “best” 11. Prima - Latin word, meaning “first” or “chief”
  17. 17. Site Development Plan 10. Melhor 11. Prima 9. Palmaris 8.Ultima7.Optima 6. 6.Alpha 5. Magnus 4. Alta 3. Vincere 2.Apex 1.Grande Project in Focus No. of Buildings: Eleven (11) Mid-rise Building No. of Units: 1,299 residential units No. of Parking Slots: 269 open parking slots 663 covered parking slots No. of Service Areas: 1,299 units Land Area: 45,430 sqm Total Saleable Area: 77,596 sqm Unit Saleable Area Ratio: 1.32 Density: 285.93 units/ha Outdoor Amenity Area: 11,539.95 sqm Parking Ratio: 71.75% N
  18. 18. Inspired by tropical and resort lifestyle concept, Arista Place offers • exclusivity and resort-type of living in the metro. • building façade characterized by earth-toned colors to provide that soothing and relaxing feeling. • high pitched cable roofs, horizontal lines (trellises) • long overhung roofs not only meant for aesthetic appeal but moreover to provide shade during hot day lights. Asian Tropical Themed Architecture
  19. 19. Outdoor Amenities
  20. 20. Lounge & Kiddie Pools
  21. 21. Palm Promenade Garden Trails Multi-purpose court
  22. 22. Play Space 1 : Toddler to pre schoolPlay Space 1 : Toddler to pre school Play Space 2 : School age childrenPlay Space 2 : School age children Play Space 3 : Exercise and trainingPlay Space 3 : Exercise and training Play Space 4 : Open field and passivePlay Space 4 : Open field and passive recreationrecreation Integrated Multi-level Play System
  23. 23. 6. River Treatment N
  24. 24. Clubhouse Amenities
  25. 25. Open Lounge Entertainment Room Function Hall Game Room
  26. 26. Indoor Badminton Court Fitness Gym
  27. 27. • Balconies in all units • Garden Atriums • Single-loaded Corridors • Breezeways • Scenic Elevators Other Building Features
  28. 28. Assistance in payment of basic utilities Turnover Assistance 24-Hour Roving Security Property Management Office Services
  29. 29. Facilities maintenance and general up keep of common areas and landscape Oversee operations of commercial and other services such as water station & laundry in the community Property Management Office Services
  30. 30. Floor Level Plan
  31. 31. No. of Units per Floor: 7 List Price: 2.36-2.49Mn
  32. 32. No. of Units per Floor: 7 List Price: 2.62-2.79M
  33. 33. No. of Units per Floor: 2 List Price: 3.37-3.57M
  34. 34. No. of Units per Floor: 2 List Price: 3.72-3.94M
  35. 35. Floor Finishes Living, Dining & Kitchen Ceramic tiles with baseboard Bedrooms Vinyl Planks with baseboard Balcony Ceramic tiles with pebble washout Toilet Unglazed ceramic tiles Wall Finishes Interior Walls Painted finish Toilet Painted plain cement finish above tile Ceiling Finishes Living, Dining & Kitchen Painted plain cement finish Bedrooms Painted plain cement finish Toilet Painted ficem board ceiling Kitchen Area Granite finish countertop with cabinet system As per Ref# DC-011-07-026 Turnover Finishes
  36. 36. Toilet & Kitchen Fixtures 42 sqm. 48 sqm. 51.50 sqm. 58 sqm. Water Closet Top flush, one-piece type Lavatory Under counter type lavatory Under counter type for Toilet and Bath 1 and 2 Kitchen Sink Single Bowl Single Bowl with Drain Board Kitchen Faucet and Fittings Lever Type Shower Head & Fittings Exposed Bath and Shower Mixer Soap Holder White, Recessed Type As per Ref# DC-011-07-026 Door Entrance Door Wooden panel door on metal jamb Bedroom Door Wooden door on metal jamb Toilet Door Wooden door with louver on metal jamb Balcony Door Aluminum framed glass panel (with insect screen) Windows Aluminum framed glass panel with insect screen (except awning windows) Finishing Hardware Main Door Lockset Lever type keyed lockset Bedroom Lockset Lever type keyed lockset Toilet Lockset Lever type privacy lockset Turnover Finishes
  37. 37. 2 . A p e x Bldg Unit Type # of Units / Slots Unit Area (sqm, more or less) Gross Area (sqm, w/ Service Area & Balc) LIST Price (As in Pricelist) Low High Grande 2BR Inner 42 42 53.00-54.50 2.37 Mn 2.49 Mn 2BR Inner 41 48 59.50-62.50 2.62 Mn 2.80 Mn 2BR End 12 51.5 68.4 3.37 Mn 3.57 Mn 2BR End 12 58 77.0 3.72 Mn 3.94 Mn 107 Parking 47 12.50 12.50 450 k Bldg Unit Type # of Units / Slots Unit Area (sqm, more or less) Gross Area (sqm, w/ Service Area & Balc) LIST Price (As in Pricelist) Low High Apex 2BR Inner 42 42 53.00-54.50 2.37 Mn 2.49 Mn 2BR Inner 41 48 59.50-62.50 2.62 Mn 2.80 Mn 2BR End 12 51.5 68.4 3.37 Mn 3.57 Mn 2BR End 12 58 77.0 3.72 Mn 3.94 Mn 107 Parking 47 12.50 12.50 450 k Total No. of Units released: 214 Total No. of Parking Slots released: 94 Pricelist Summary
  38. 38. B. Payment terms and Discounts for MRB Projects •Minimum down payment of 15 % of List Price with discounts and pay terms stated in the Memo#FIN-09-09-002 dated September 11, 2009. C. Implementing Guidelines •Acceptance of reservations by Documentation Group will commence on August 11, 2011 •Checks issued be should be payable to “DMCI-PDI”. •Unit Reservation Fee is PESOS: Twenty Thousand (Php 20,000,00). Parking Reservation fee is PESOS: Ten Thousand Only (Php 10, 000.00). •To manage the demand for Parking Slots, buyers may only purchase one (1) PS per residential unit. Formal announcement/s will be made should guideline be revised. •Regarding documentation, a buyer may request for a copy of the Master Deed and Unit Plan, subject to company policy and delivery timetable. Item Date I. Effectivity Date of Pricelist August 11, 2011 (Thursday) II. RFO Date Grande & Apex – March 2014 A. Selling Program Selling Program, Payment Terms, Implementation Guidelines
  39. 39. DISCLAIMER: In its continuing desire to improve the project, DMCI Homes reserves the right to change produce features, prices and terms without prior notice and approval. Floor plans and perspectives depicted in this presentation are for demonstration purposes only and should not be relied upon as final project plans.
  40. 40. End of Presentation THANK YOU!