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  • Walk through the programme/structure
  • The size of the writing and the cogs roughly analogous to how important these things are. Example – party political canvvasers
  • Different likes, dislikes, rules, values, culture. Different Outcomes.
  • Where does your funder sit? Each will have different levels and kinds of commitment to you. Driven by COMMITMENT TO THEIR OWN GOALS
  • More Specifically – just business – same principle – money is at the business end.
  • Rank funders in terms of importance. Score your ORG on how well it understands their motivation
  • Institutions do not give you money. People give you money.
  • The most successful fundraisers work hard to build networks, make friends, exploit contacts and build warm relationships.
  • Do it quick. MORE IN DEPTH LATER
  • “ Execution options for Project Ultra” CIA? Black Op’s? No ‘The Prudential! The Man from the Pru!
  • It might no be because of the jargon – just because they are STUPID
  • Gives celeb something to do! Richard Hammond raised £194K for Yorks Air Ambulance. Sir Steve Redgrave raised £1.8 million for own charitable trust. But can be very small. MS Resource Centre – raised £250k from London Marathon in 2008 alone. If you run for them, a JG page is a requirement . Those runners that used JG raised 33% more than expected.
  • Employees nominate. Regular deductions at source. £5 costs basic rate taxpayer £3.90. 2% participation here. 35% participation in USA. Club promotes? Corporate relationships potential givers? Go to Module 3 of ‘Complete FR; 22 mins 10 seconds.
  • About £60 per month gets you: Contact and relationship management Online giving and email Event, member, and volunteer sign-up Acknowledgements and letters Dashboards and reports Up to 1,000 records
  • A company called Fundraising Initiatives have a product called ‘Lottery in a Box’. This is a syndicated lottery whereby a number of charities can invite membership from their supporters and the prizes are available to the membership as a whole. This system is fully managed, meaning less work for the charity, as all administration and recruitment is handled by the company. Monthly prizes up to £5k and quarterly prizes up to £20k are available. Just 50 players would bring in £5,000 per year.

Session1  principles and strategy tees nhs Session1 principles and strategy tees nhs Presentation Transcript

  • Good morning!
  • Fundraising and Marketing Workshop 2013
  • Getting started • Housekeeping • Introductions • Aims and structure • Key Principles (The 3 Cs) • The Fourth C
  • Housekeeping • Loos • Fire bell • Workbook • Phones
  • Your learning goals?
  • Evaluation
  • “Look, someone has to raise the money!!”
  • Fundraising is about Commitment …
  • 3 components of success
  • Key Funding Markets
  • The Funding Relationship Continuum Formal Informal Contract Service Level Grant Gift
  • The Corporate Funding Continuum Formal Informal CRM Sponsorship Grant Gift
  • Rank Them
  • Fundraising is about ‘Contacts…’
  • “the proposal does not stand alone. It must be part of a process of planning and of research, of outreach to, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate donors.” “The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing, 3rd ed. (New York: The Foundation Center, 2001), by Jane C.Geever.
  • Maximum Effectiveness Person to person by committed peers Committed peer to group with follow up by staff Peer to peer, specifically targeted letter Personalised mailing Targeted event or function General mailing Leaflet drop Minimum Effectiveness
  • How many rich people do you know?
  • How many people can you influence? 1 Person 6 People 31 People 156 People
  • 300 X 300 90,000 X 300 27,000,000
  • How trusts in the North East are linked by shared trustees Tyneside Trust Joicey Trust Carr- Ellison Tyne and Wear Foundation Hadrian Trust Millfield House Brough Charitable Trust Willan Trust
  • How trusts in the North East are linked by shared trustees (2) Manning Trust St. Hilda’s Trust William Leech Charity Rothley Trust John Bell’s Trust Continuation Trust
  • Appeal anatomy 1: Highland Hospice • Target: £600,000 PA Revenue plus £1,000,000 capital appeal • Staff : One appeal fundraiser and one revenue fundraiser. Acted as secretariat/administration. • Strategy: Chair- Chartered Accountant with links to high net worth individuals. Supported by committee to bring in contacts, organise events and ask for money. Each committee member had a ‘sphere of influence’. Research showed 300 trusts- lists were circulated to committee members. • Outcomes: Raised £243,000 from trusts and £46,000 from companies in 21 months. 52 personal introductions/letters of support from committee members produced 65% of positive responses and raised £157,450.
  • Champions • Church • Celebrity • Local Politics • Statutory authorities • Customers/users • Academe • Business • Media • Expert NGO’s
  • • Prince Charles • Reception 80 guests • £75,000 to restore Cotswold canals Waterways Trust
  • The Glasgow Cup •Amnesty •Paul McStay (Celtic) •Ally McCoist (Rangers) •5-a-side • £6,000
  • Money Influence
  • Communication Fundraising is about …
  • Communication Getting the balance right – Take 1 “The situation at this football club remains the situation at this football club and that will continue to be the case until such time as the situation changes” – English Football Boss Peter Kenyon commenting on a possible change of manager.
  • Communication Getting the balance right – Take 2 “We are a cherry tree in a garden filled with hungry finches. Our heavily laden boughs offer rich pickings for the siskin and the linnet, though thankfully the rosy hued crossbill is more interested in the pine nut”- Yugoslav Football Boss Haka Flugg commenting on a possible change of manager.
  • “Read over your compositions, and where ever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out!” Samuel Johnson
  • What goes wrong with language?
  • Jargon
  • “The resources allow a fluid response to mobilise our assets based on analysis that is inputted to HQ.” A Northumbria Police spokesman commenting on the new motorbikes bought by the force
  • Cambridgeshire police produced a leaflet with ‘the most pointless headline in history’ according to Campaign for Plain English – “police continue to target offenders”
  • “a multi-agency project catering for holistic diversionary provision to young people for positive action linked to the community safety strategy and the pupil referral unit”? A Go Kart Track
  • Birmingham professor David Booth He applied for a £170,000 grant to unlock the mysteries of ‘the cognitive measurement of consumer criteria for manufacturer parameter values in biscuit texture’. In other words, the link between a biscuit’s texture and the pleasure from eating it. Safeway advert for new store in Chapel-en-le-Frith ‘Ambient replenishment controller’ ‘to install a component into the structural fabric’. From an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) document describing the laying of a brick.
  • Message from Planet Zog Re: Annual Report text Dear Mark I’m not entirely sure that the text for the annual report Section ‘New Directions’ tells the whole story. Could you therefore replace the text: ‘We work together in partnership with other organisations to create and deliver educational and learning opportunities for local people.’ With: ‘The shift in strategic direction is encapsulated in the conceptualisation of the Action Zone, which is an holistic, integrated action research response to tackling problems of social disadvantage inner cities through learning.’
  • Phrases that came out of a workshop at Shotton Hall in 2006 help G.P.s understand their patients ‘shizcourtlopzagayn’ ‘thebairnsfullacahd’ ‘Avebeenabitootakilter’ ‘Thelasssezshizfhallinwrang’ ‘Avebrowtmeganniescakky’
  • Complex
  • Orwell’s Golden Rules of Writing “Ask ‘what am I trying to say? … Ask ‘could I have put it more shortly? … Never use a figure of speech that you are used to seeing in print … Never use a long word when a short one will do … If it is possible to cut out a word, always cut out a word … Never use jargon if you can think of an everyday equivalent” George Orwell
  • Acronyms
  • Youth Opportunities Building Scheme Supporting Hartlepool In The Environment Stabling and Habitation Implementation Team Urban Partnerships. Stanley Hall InitiativeTeam. Community Resource Education and Employment Centre. www.UPSHITCREEC
  • Good Language  Simple  Direct  Natural  Visual  Focused
  • Core Costs
  • Just Giving 8,000,000 people 7,500 charities have raised £485,000,000
  • Christmas is coming! The Coco Ball: •200 people x £60 = £12,000 •Auction = £10,000 •Raffles and games = £3,000 Total: £25,000 Profit: £20,000
  • Payroll Giving and Tax Effective Giving
  • Blackbaud: eTapestry
  • Lottery in a Box
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Net outlay of £10,000
  • Outlay of £22,000