The Enchanted Loom reviews Daniel Amen's book, *The Brain in Love*


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Widely renown psychiatrist Daniel Amen take a neurobiological look at sex, romance and a broad range of topics that generally fall into the category of love.

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The Enchanted Loom reviews Daniel Amen's book, *The Brain in Love*

  1. 1. The Enchanted Loom Teasing sturdy threads from neuroscience masterworks
  2. 2. Teasing 10 threads from Daniel Amen’s …
  3. 3. Thread 1: In the brain, the sensory area of the foot is right next to the sensory area for the clitoris. Unknowingly, women often feel that buying shoes is like foreplay. (pg. 6)
  4. 4. Thread 2: Sex reduces stress. People who have fulfilling sex lives are less anxious, less violent, and less hostile. (pg. 11)
  5. 5. Thread 3: Problems with the Prefrontal Cortex result in a “Jiminy Cricket Deficiency Syndrome:” poor judgement, diminished con- science, impulsivity, desire to seek excite- ment, short attention span, poor time man- agement, lack of empathy. (pg. 26)
  6. 6. Thread 4: Sexual release can help people go to sleep. Orgasm causes a surge in oxytocin and endorphins that may act as a sedative. As most women know, men often go to sleep shortly after sex. (pg. 16)
  7. 7. Thread 5: Romantic love and infatuation are not so much an emotion as they are motivational drives. They are part of the brain’s reward system. These feelings intensify to compel lovers to seek mating partners. (pg. 59)
  8. 8. Thread 6: Why do some men constantly live with the discomfort of a wandering eye? It may have something to do with vaso- pressin, which has been found in male voles to make for stay-at- home dads vs. one night artists. (pg. 67)
  9. 9. Thread 7: If you stand to someone’s left, you are pro- cessed more in his right brain hemisphere, the happier side of the brain. (pg. 77)
  10. 10. Thread 8: Perhaps as many as 8-10% of sexually active adults have had significant sexual experience with an animal at some point in their lives. (pg. 131)
  11. 11. Thread 9: From birth, girls are more sensitive to touch, and as an adult, a woman’s skin is at least 10 times more sensitive than a man’s. Women like and need to be touched more than men. (pg. 81)
  12. 12. Thread 10: Men think about sex more than women because the part of the brain responsive to sex hormones is two and a half times larger in men. (pg. 84)
  13. 13. Thread 11: When men took a performance-enhancing drug, women liked sex better. They lusted more. Orgasms were more intense. Women’s bodies reacted as if they were receiving the drug. (pg. 174)
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