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Digivate Credentials

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  1. 1. Digivate Credentials 2011
  2. 2. Digivate– Full Service Ecommerce and Online Marketing– Our mission is to maximise your online ROI– We do this by offering enlightened strategic thinking combined with market leading ecommerce technology & marketing know how– Multi-channel direct marketing and retail background
  3. 3. The Senior Team– We are 23 people in total based in Covent Garden, London– Will Gotley – Managing DirectorWill cut his ecommerce teeth at Innovations and the Arcadia Group. Will is a passionate ecommerce technologist and co-founder of Digivate– Mark Bodoano – Marketing DirectorA co-founder of Digivate, Mark has a rare commodity more than 15 years of ecommerce and online marketing experience.Combined with this Mark has a deep understanding of direct marketing, retail, mail order and CRM gleaned from hisexperience at Innovations and the Arcadia Group. Marks role at Digivate spans the provision of online marketingservices, however his key specialisms include paid search marketing (PPC), affiliate and email marketing. Mark has a BSc inComputer Information Systems, a Diploma in Direct Marketing and is a Google AdWords Professional.– John Phipps – Operations DirectorJohn has substantial experience in delivering ecommerce and web applications. He has over 12 years of experience indelivering high profile and high revenue websites. His background is in major high street retailing, including Staples andComet. He joined buy.com in 1999 and then became Head of Web Development for the John Lewis Partnership, deliveringmultiple websites for them including johnlewis.com.– David Harling – Director of Search and Social MediaDavid has a vast amount of search and social media experience. He has successfully delivered search strategies across awide variety of sectors including online gaming, financial services, fashion and retail. David demonstrates an impressiveunderstanding into the importance of SEO to a business and integrates a fully measurable ROI offering
  4. 4. Why Digivate– Digivate’s key staff come from a multi-channel retail background and have been generating online response for over 12 years– Our primary focus is ecommerce and online marketing– Response and ROI drive everything that we do– We know how to exploit the synergies of being a full-service integrated online agency– We are experts in the industry leading Magento ecommerce technology– Enhanced opportunity to develop more valuable client relationships
  5. 5. Digital Services– E-commerce website design, build, hosting and support– Website CMS design and build– Online marketing • Affiliate Marketing • Email Marketing • Paid Search Marketing (PPC) • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Social Media Optimisation (SMO) • Brand Reparation Management • Feed Management & Optimisation • Re-marketing
  6. 6. E-Commerce– Over 12 years of high profile ecommerce delivery and build experience– Core strength in customer focussed approach and relationship building– Three key areas of the team • Client services • Design and Creative • Development and technical architecture– Strong experience in usability based design to deliver maximum revenue– Technical strength in delivering bespoke components
  7. 7. Email Marketing– Email marketing strategy and planning– Creative concepts and design– Build and development– Data + Segmentation– Campaign execution– Analytics and campaign reporting– Best of breed ESP technology– CRM & DM expertise– Great client retention– Strong ROI focus– Campaigns from £500-£1500
  8. 8. Paid Search Marketing (PPC)– Strong accountable ROI based offering– Integrated search team of 7– Proven track record– 3 month initial PPC test contracts– Strong retail, fashion and financial sector experience– Best of breed cross-network reporting and campaign optimisation tools– Impressive client retention and development– Typical commercial model 15% of media spend with £1000 per monthly minimum
  9. 9. Affiliate Marketing– Fully managed out-sourced agency service offering– Program development and launch– Creative and banner set design– Affiliate recruitment– Relationship development– Brand representation monitoring– Analysis and reporting– Typical investment from £1000 per month plus percentage of sales.
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)– Strong accountable ROI based offering– Integrated search team of 7– Proven track record– Bespoke multi-faceted campaigns– Ethical and natural approach– Significant use of social media and online PR– Analytical and results driven– Great client retention and development– 6-12 month initial contracts– Typical investment from £2000 per month
  11. 11. Social Media Optimisation– Facebook is now a more popular site worldwide than Google– Over 25 billion tweets were sent on Twitter in 2010– An essential medium of a brands digital communication– Dynamic way of keeping with the buzz around your brand and react in real-time with your customers.– Social media campaigns allow for fresh and innovative ideas to take shape and enable engagement with your audience like never before, using Flash, Video and crucially user participation– A multitude of social media strategies can be adopted; • Customer service tool • News medium • A source of relaying brand information and promotions to your audience.
  12. 12. Brand Reputation Management– Brand monitoring across social media– Response and sentiment tracking– Analysis of brand presence across search engines– Formation of keyword model designed to magnify positive search listings and hide negative listings– Utilising video, images, PR, Blogging and social media– Monthly tracking and analysis of search presence
  13. 13. Partners
  14. 14. Examples of Our Work
  15. 15. Get in Touchwww.digivate.com